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Interview with Sire Plague

Alternative model, stage writer, director, stage & movie actor, sideshow performer and creative/art director

Cover credits: Photo/Edit/MUA/Styling/Props: Tommy Liddell

Gabriel Nilsson also known as Sire Plague is more than just an alternative model, he is great multi-tasking postmodern artist who lives in Sweden. He is: stage writer, director, stage & movie actor, sideshow performer, official model for Vampire Freaks and creative/art director. His strong and creative personality reflects in his modelling career giving us very unique and artistic photos and leaving us speechless and in love with his art and look.

1. I have to say once again that your career is so wide and very impressive, so tell me where do you find your inspiration for all these types of art?
From a little of dis ’n’ that! Most of my visions come from dreams, spontaneous boosts and music. For an example, when I see something either impressive or rather terrible I tend to come up with ideas to make something similar but put my own twist on the whole image and actually make a concept out of it. Sometimes I just have a very detailed and specific thought that I want to (the very least) try to replicate in a physical image, sometimes it’s spot on, sometimes it’s just ”accurate”! I’m very strict about putting the right credits on every one of the pieces I publish (either if it is photography or other art related work), because I feel that it should be known how much effort it actually takes to create even the smallest piece of art.

2. When did you start with your modelling career and what inspired you to become an alternative model?
This is pretty ironic, because I never actually chose to become a model! I was asked back in 2013 by a Stage-Photographer I know, to take some darker and stylish photos, since my style is contrasted with a little bit of Goth and a little bit of Gatsby. Back then it never occurred to me that photography was an essential way of putting up smaller creations on the radar that wouldn’t really fill the theater.
So after that session I was totally hooked and decided to continue making photographic art, but by my own standards and conditions. (There to say, if it’s my project) So in short, I’m my own model and my own director in those occasions.

3. Is it harder for male models to promote their work, achieve more followers and get positive feedback from websites and pages which promote models?
O’boy! IF it is! Alternative male models don’t really get that kind of attention, and there aren’t too many sites or communities that support us. So often we got to work as a one man show! Now, personally I’m not a person who takes hard on criticism, in fact I embrace criticism, because in either way it fuels my inner artist fire. But the way and reason some people criticize is just hilarious and hypocritical. Blaming me for ”copycatting”, for ”not looking gothic enough”. So yes, harsh criticism exist against male models, as well as against female models.

4. When did you take your first professional photos and can you tell us little more about that experience?
Back in year of 2013. with this Stage Photographer. We both understood each other’s nods, so the job wasn’t hard at all. And the results were looking good! (For a first time) I believe that, because of my semi-long time experience on stage, being the center of attention is nothing new and nothing I’ve ever had a problem with, (even the times I screwed up, I still remain concentration and focus) it makes it easier for me to perform.
Little Trivia: I actually overslept that same day, so I had to do a 5 minute quickly with my make-up, my lipstick became horrible, so I had to use my facial expressions very cautiously or my face would look like a road killed cabaret performer!

5. How do you choose theme for your shootings? Do you have some kind help or you create all the ideas and concepts by yourself?
The majority of time the themes are already in my head, so I tell the photographer what I want and sometimes even how I want it angled/lightened/zoomed/etc.
And if I have a specific concept in my head, I don’t want any interference when it comes to the matter of the purpose. But sometimes it depend whether the reliance is on me or any other part. A great example is with my fiancée and I, we are shooting together very often, but even though if I come up with ideas I still want to hear her saying in it, since it involves her as well. And we’re both control freaks when it comes to our art!

6. How do you find all that preparation for shootings that sometimes lasts for hours?
It’s very 50/50, sometimes I improvise solutions for the preparations, and sometimes I don’t plan anything until I have the right materials. And I always try to have a plan B if something should go wrong, which believe me it has, a few times to much! But let’s just say those were ”common mistakes” back in the early days and move on to the next question….! (Laughs!)

7. Is there some particularly special model or artist who inspires you and who is your personal favorite?
Not really in the beginning. I was pretty inspire-less in the youth, even when I started put my pieces together as an individual, becoming goth, create a personality and all, I still had no inspiration source until later years when I actually have been searching for influences and artists to enlighten me with a wider spectrum. But some artists I have followed, that have influenced me and my work, but they are too many to count. But models…..hmm, that’s a tricky one, I’m afraid that I have to skip that one.

8. Among all those various types of arts, can you choose your very favorite one? Can you tell us little more about that part of your life?
Well it always has been Script Writing and Stage Directing, it was what I started with and that’s what I’m doing at the moment. For the credit I do love doing photoshoots from time to time, so it is nothing I will stop doing. But there something so satisfying about running your own group of talented artists and watch how you together build up something grand, something bombastic, and then show it for people to enjoy.
To get a lasting expression based on a vision that started in your head, and is now on stage for a limited time, so better make it good!
So, yes, creating stage work is what I do and want to keep doing, because theater is something that so barely is highlighted and is more seen as luxury performances (which is fine to a certain degreed) but there is just so much more to theater that movies cannot give, the intimate deliverance, how you can feel the energy onstage from where you sit. It has that little extra magic that makes it feel more real.

9. I mentioned before that you are official model for Vampire Freaks, so can you share some details about that?
That was actually my fiancée who talked me over to join! She told me that there was this grand community who supports alternative models. And since she’s a lovely lady with that sparkle in her eye, I couldn’t resist but to apply!
Unfortunately I can’t tell you that much about the cult in itself, since it has an application policy. But it works like any other social network, but specifically in the cult there’s more to it.

10. Can you tell us something about your personal life? How would you describe yourself apart from being an artist? Who are you when you are just Gabriel?
Somewhat reserved. Not shy or in the dark, but I’m very cautious when it comes approaching people, I’ve had some really bad experiences in my days, so I’m a little picky about letting people in my life too easy.
That’s not to say that I am rude or anything, I always carry my gentle manners along wherever I go. Beside my social life, I’m just plain creative, pretty much a workaholic, but I’m always open to meet new people and make acquaintances.

11. Does the music play big role in your life? Which genres of music do you love the most and do you attend a lot of concerts or you prefer enjoying in music in home atmosphere?
There MUST be music in my life for me to even exist! When I’m home, on way to work, at work, whenever I have a moment for myself. There’s not much effort put on attending concerts, but I have seen Deathstars and Marilyn Manson live. I listen to: Industrial Rock/Metal, Instrumental/Soundtracks & Swing Jazz ’n’ Blues

12. What does your pseudonym “Sire Plague” represents to you?
It represents two attributes of who I am today. ”Sire” for me being very old fashioned and old-ish young. (I grew up a little too early) ”Plague” is one of the more unique insults I’ve been entitled since childhood. (Side note: I also chose that because of a chronic lung disease I carry)

13. Who is your biggest support, that gives you strength and wakes up your inspiration and will to work as hardest as you can?
My followers/fans, my closest ones and my fiancée.

14. I also mentioned that you are stage/movie actor. What roles have you played so far?
The mentionable ones are: Alex DeLarge – Clockwork Orange (theater), Frollo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame (theater), Matt – Bang! Bang! You’re Dead! (theater), Lars Klein – Sound of Darkness (theater)
I have my full resume on my page for more to see.

15. How much have you changed since you first start building your career and what is your biggest career highlight so far?
A lot! Very much! The experiences I’ve got are numerous! Not only have it helped me as an artist, but also helped building me as a person. One of my biggest career highlight must’ve been when I collaborated with Tommy Liddell. (Former Liddells Memoires)
Because we had so much in common when talking style and imagery. When I came over I had one concept, ONE. And he had like four! So on 1,5 day we managed to shoot FIVE sessions! It was sick, and I loved it! Other than that; My first submission to a magazine was with my fiancée, and we submitted to Gothesque Magazine with the theme ”Sleeping Beauty” and we even got the front cover!

16. It was more than my pleasure to chat with you, so to end this interview: what would you like to leave as a message to your faithful fans, followers and our dear readers?
Don’t turn down your work because of what others say or try to tell you! An artist creates what HE wants, not what other wants!
But stay humble and open minded! ”Art is the question, not the answer”

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