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Interview with Silver Wolfie

Alternative model & cosplayer from Poland

Cover credits: MuA: Dorota Małecka Makeup, Photo: Andrzej Bernaś, Blouse: Long Clothing, Septum ring:

I think that Poland is the capital of the Alternative modelling, because once again I am honored to chat with another charming, beautiful and very unique lady from that lovely country.

Once again, I am so much honored to interview one of those beauties and very talented girls. She is an amazing model and cosplayer, whose photos can leave you speechless and breathless. We all know her by the pseudonym Silver Wolfie, but I believe that you would like to know a little more about her life and career, so keep reading!

1. How did you choose your pseudonym “Silver Wolfie”? What does it represent to you?
In Indian astrology I’m a Wolf. I’m creative, gentle, sympathetic, generous and sensitive. Also it’s very strong related with my childhood, but it’s a story for next time 🙂 Why Silver? I love silver wolves and I have silver husky, so that’s the only reason 🙂

2. When did you decide to start with your modeling career and what made you fall in love with an alternative modelling?
I was an alternative spirit since I remember. When someone said “no”, I did it anyway. I always run, never walk. I’m individual not only in my wardrobe.
In the beginning, I was taking pictures. Then I was posing for my friend just for fun. When I was hearing that I look good as a model, I started to think about it.
In 2013 I’ve had my first professional photoshoot for one great Polish photographer. Then one of alternatives stores in Poland decided to work with me and that’s where it started.

3. Do you remember your very first photo-shoot and can you share some details and feelings about that?
Like I said in previous question, my first professional photoshoot took place in May 2013. I must say that I wasn’t so stressed, because I knew a photographer and make-up artist. We’re still in good relationships 🙂 I was excited that finally I can do something that will help me start alternative modelling.

4. How do you find all that preparation for shootings that sometimes lasts for hours? Do you enjoy creating new look with perfect make-up, matching jewelry and clothes?
I love planning photoshoots. Especially when stylization is very demanding. I’m looking for inspirations everywhere around me – in nature, my friends, other beautiful and talented artists. Sometimes photoshoot can take whole day but I know that it was totally worth it.

5. I’m aware of the fact that you have done hundreds of photo shootings, but do you have your favorite shooting and the least favorite one?
It’s really hard to choose only one. I really love all those photo shoots for Black Garden store, because we did them with really great team. Also I have very positive memories with all cosplay shoots, especially with last ones done with Christian Gschweng in Germany.
The least fav one is a pin up photoshoot, I added only 2 portraits from it. I worked with very talented MUA and hairdresser and photographer cheated us. I’ve had those 2 portraits from his facebook fan page anyway. I don’t like to think about it and people like him, because it happened a few times.

6. I wonder are there any aspects of a modeling career that you haven’t explored yet and are there some things that you would always avoid?
I would love to travel to more countries and meet people around the world.
I would love to work with the stores that I didn’t work with yet. I love to travel 🙂
I avoid posing totally nude. I’m not afraid of my body, but it’s not a target that I’m focused on. If girls wants to do this, this is theirs choice and it’s fine. I’m not saying that I’ll never do this for some campaign, but not for a random photographer for sure.

7. Beside your impressive modeling career, I can see that you are amazing cosplayer. Can you tell us little more about your love towards cosplay and that chapter of your career?

I was starting as a cosplayer before I started modelling. When I was 12 or 13 those cosplays were really bad and sometimes funny. I always wanted to do this for real like I’m doing it right now, but cosplay is a very expensive hobby.
That’s why I don’t have time for it very often. But it’s slowly changing which makes me happy.
I love games, comics, movies, fantasy and sci-fi literature, I’m a singer and dancer, so cosplay is just made for me! It’s a perfect way to be your fav character for that one moment. And it’s doesn’t matter how old you are and what’s your size or shape. Cosplay is fun and is for everyone 🙂

8. Since you have done so many awesome cosplays of super heroes, I just need to ask you this: if you could choose to be one Super hero girl for one week, who would you be? I’m between Cat woman and Deadpool’s partner, Domino 🙂
Cat woman and Domino are really cool, sexy and badass!
I would love to be Loki, especially from newest comics when Loki is a woman and he isn’t anymore God of Lies, but he’s Goddess of Tales now. He’s much closer to me now than he was before.

9. Can you tell us something about your personal life and how would you describe yourself?
I am free in my wildness. I am a wanderess, a drop of free water. I belong to no rules and to no city.

10. Are you more a book – person or a movie – person? Which one is your favorite book/movie?
I love both, but books are having much more details and in movies sometimes you feel that something is missing in a story. Ohh, it’s a very hard question, I have so many favs books and movies… I just can’t tell you the only one. Latest book I read was ‘I inquisitor, touch of an evil’ by Jacek Piekara – I’m not sure if this book is in English because it’s Polish fantasy writer. But if you’ll find his books, I highly recommend to read them 🙂
And last movie I watched was Deadpool of course! I love this movie and Deadpool so much!

11. Does the music play a big part in your life and what music genres do you prefer? Do you have your favorite band or singer? Do you attend a lot of concerts or you prefer enjoying in music in home atmosphere?
Music is very important thing in my life. I’m a singer and all those vibes are very important thing. I’m not close-minded to any genres, but I prefer many genres of metal like gothic metal, folk/pagan metal, etc. Also I like post hardcore, industrial, and many others.
You can find me on
I like concerts, but usually I don’t have much time for them because I’m studying on weekends. So much more often I spent enjoying musing at home 🙂

12. What is your everyday casual look? Do you prefer full make-up or simple, basic make-up, such as: powder, eyeliner and lipstick and you’re ready to go?
Second option is totally me – I’m travelling very often and also I was practicing parkour and that taught me to be always ready to run. So I like more casual dark style in my everyday life.

13. Back to the Modeling theme – we know that you can perfectly “pull out” every single style of alternative modelling. What inspires you and gives you strength to be such an amazing model?
Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I’m just doing what I love to do.
Like with music, in modelling I also love many styles. I like to try them, if they’ll be close to my heart then I’m staying with them quite longer. Usually nature, old stories, games, travels and fantasy stuff is the most inspiration to me. But not only those of course 🙂

14. Is there some particularly special model who inspires you and who is your very personal favorite?
I totally adore Beatriz Mariano, she’s so beautiful and awesome girl. She’s an inspiration to me.

15. Do you have some tips for models who are just starting with their modelling career and who find you very inspiring?
No matter what others will tell you or what they’ll speak about you- don’t give up. But also don’t take anything too personal. If someone’s telling you what you should correct and it’s not a hate-speech, then think about it. Listen to the people who are more experienced and learn from them. Have a huge distance to yourself and to the world and you’ll succeed.

16. Beside, amazing modeling and cosplay career I know that you are fantastic photographer as well, so can you tell us more about your love towards that art?
I always wanted to catch all those beautiful moments and places around me. That’s why my first photographs were landscapes and many different things.
Later I started photoshoots with people and now I’m fashion photographer and also self-photographer. Many photos on my modelling fan page are made by me.

17. Do you have some special plans for shootings and tutorials in future that you would maybe like to reveal in this interview or just give us a hint?
I’m planning to do a recordings on YouTube, like I said I love to sing, so I would like to try it. And about shootings… you’ll see!

18. As we all know that old saying: “Time flies when you have fun” we came to the end of this interview, so what would be a message that you would like to leave to your faithful fans and our dear readers?
Thank you all for being with me all these years and also huge thanks to all new followers and people who like my work. I’m here because of you and for you. And as long as you need me, I’ll still be there.

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