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Interview with Silky

Gothic/alternative model from Portugal

Cover credits: Clothes: The Gothic Shop, Jewellery: The Black Cat Jewellery Store

Barbara Pereira also known as Silky is an amazing Portuguese gothic/alternative model. She is one of those models whose smile can make your day brighter and make you feel better. I know that she loves books, adores animals, but if you want to know a little more about this lovely lady, well, stay tuned 🙂

1. When did you decide to start with your modeling career and what made you fall in love with an alternative modelling?
Well… My dad and my grandmother loved to photograph me as a child and I loved that too. I remember to get all dress up with my grandma dresses and long skirts. I have such amazing and fun memories from photography in my childhood. When I was a teenager I start doing some creative photos of myself and I studied art so photography was a natural thing to me.
A couple of years ago, Margarida, from Dark Skies Online Store invited me to take some pictures for her store. We had the most wonderful time working together and that made me love the alternative style and photography even more. I start working alone in my own productions and I have now so many brands and stores working with me that I started to look at it as more than a hobby.

2. Do you remember your very first photo-shoot and can you share some details and feelings about that?
Yes!! So well!! I was so afraid because I never had to do something so professional. I decided to leave my insecurities behind and have fun!

3. How do you find all that preparation for shootings that sometimes lasts for hours? Do you enjoy creating new look with perfect make-up, matching jewelry and clothes?
I love to think about every single aspect of the shoot. I prepare my suitcase in the night before to have shore that I don’t forget anything. I look for inspiration everywhere around! In my books, nature, cinema… Sometimes I overthink in some aspects but in the end, when we see the results, we know that everything was worth it.

4. I wonder are there any aspects of a modeling career that you haven’t explored yet and are there some things that you would always avoid?
I love to do different styles. Victorian, Romantic Vampire, Pin-up… I want to do as much as possible because it is so fun! It is an amazing experience and I feel so lucky to be able to do it!

5. I would like to know what your personal favorite Gothic style is. What inspires you and gives you strength to be such an amazing model?
Oh thank you so much for your kind words! I don’t have a favorite, every single one of them is such an inspiration for me but I like to do things in my own style 🙂

6. Is there some particularly special model who inspires you and who is your very personal favorite?
My girl crush is Threnody in Velvet. She is such a beauty and amazing model and I love her photographer career as much! But I have also some favorites like Ophelia Overdose, Sister Sinister and Eleine.

7. Besides your impressive modeling career, I know that you also write a blog on Althemy website, so tell us little more about that.
I’m just starting but I already have so many plans, I just need the time! For now you can see some fashion reviews about my favorite brands and stores. You can read more about the product details and ideas for an outfit.


8. We know you as a model with the perfect look and breathtaking photos, but can you tell us a bit about you and your personal life? Who is Silky behind the cameras when she is just herself?
Just a simple girl who is in love with her life. I love to go out with some friends for a coffee or simply go to the park with my dog Loki. I absolutely love to read!
I studied design and Art History. I start riding horses at the age of 11/12 and that has been a big passion since then. I can’t live without chocolate milk. My favorite fruit are cherries and my favorite smell is cinnamon!
I love to travel and get to know new cultures, special their food! And I do all of this with the love of my life, I think I couldn’t ask for better!

9. Does the music play a big part in your life and what music genres do you prefer? Do you have your favorite band or singer? Do you attend a lot of concerts or you prefer enjoying in music in home atmosphere?
I know it’s strange, but actually no! I love music but it’s not one of my “things”. However, I have a favorite band that I listen all the time – System of a Down.

10. As I mentioned before, I know that you are true book lover, so I am very interested to find out which one is your favorite genre, writer and book, if you can “separate” only one from all the favorites?
I love vampire novels, some of my favorites are from Sherrilyn Kenyon and J.R.Ward. They created two very different worlds, but both of them are so complex, fun and dramatic! I really enjoy staying at home, having a cup of tea and reading for a bit, it is very relaxing for me.
My favorite book has the name of my favorite character of all time “Acheron” (Parthenopaeus), but I also enjoy the classics from Anne Rice, Edgar Ellen Poe, Lewis Carrol and so many others. In a very different style, I also enjoy reading Karen Marie Mooning book.

11. Name 3 thing that you simply cannot live without every single day.
Loki – my dog. Books, Chocolate milk.

12. I know that you are an animal lover, so I would like to know are you planning to do some photo shooting with those amazing creatures?
Indeed! I have some plans for future shootings with my ferret and my little dog (Laughs!) I always look for new themes for my photoshoots and I have such an amazing time with them that I decided to try. Loki is such a handsome and photogenic little guy. He actually featured in my last photoshoot for Rockabilly Pinup UK!

13. Back to the modeling theme, what do you consider your biggest career highlight so far?
I love every single brand and store that I work with. I have the happiness to say that I only photoshoot things that I am in love with until this moment and I think that you can see that in my pics.
But The Gothic Shop? I work with them. Can you believe it? Because I can’t! I feel so honored to be able to work with such amazing people that trust my work and let me be creative. This had to be my highlight career!!

14. What is your everyday casual look? Do you prefer full make-up or simple, basic make-up, such as: powder, eyeliner and lipstick and you’re ready to go?

I’ve never used make up before start modeling. It was a very strange thing to me but now is like part of my routine. I normally use only foundation and eyeliner, super simple. But I love lipsticks too! So when I have a day off or when I’m on a date with friends you can see me smiling in some dramatic lipsticks colors

15. How much have you changed since you first started as an alternative model?
I think the real difference is that I’m confident now. At first I was so insecure about my body… I really didn’t like anything in me and I still look the same but I know now that we don’t have to be perfect to look beautiful. It was a long journey but photography helped me feel better about myself and look at the world with a different perspective.

16. Do you have some special plans for shootings and tutorials in future that you would maybe like to reveal in this interview or just “feed” us a small hint?
I look forward to my collaboration with Dragons Chain! You need to visit their page and see their amazing pieces. Such a unique style!

17. It was true pleasure and honor for me to chat with you, so to end this interview: what would you like to leave as a message to your fans, followers and our readers?
My followers and fans are a big part of the reason why I’m able to do some great works. They are so good supporting me! To all of you, guys, a huge thank you! Thank you for all the messages and kind words that you always have to me. I really appreciate it from all my heart.
I want to do a special thank you to Sil, from Gothic & Amazing, a real friend for all the hours. Thank you so much sweetie! You are a real awesome woman! And thank you Gordana for such an amazing and interesting interview! I absolutely love it! The Gothic and Amazing Team is really awesome!!! <3

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