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Interview with N.C. Photography


Fantasy and alternative photographer from Greece

Every photographer creates its own fairy tales with the magic that comes from the camera and what I love the most about this photographer is the fact that she can bring all those amazing fantasy creatures into life.

Her name is Aphrodite Balta, she comes from Greece. In her high school years she has fallen in love with the photography and she decided that she is going to do what she loves the most, so after her high school graduation she decided to go to college and study photography.

She turned her dream into reality, because her work in beyond all fantasy and beauty.  I believe, after this interview she will have an army of followers and admirations who will love her work as much as I do.

1. I mentioned that you fell in love with the photography, but what made you start loving that type of art?
Art have always been a part of my life. As a child I used to draw and actually wanted to be a painter! But one day a friend asked me to take pictures of her for her blog and something just clicked. A couple of months later I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in photography, so I bought my first camera and it all began.

2. Do you remember your very first shooting and model and can you share some interesting details from that day?
My first shooting ever was with a friend of mine who was a fashionblogger. I was 16 and she was 17 at the time. We went to the center of Athens which was crowded as always. That made it kind of hard for both of us because it was our first shooting ever and having strangers looking at us made us quite nervous. It was both a fun and educative first experience.

3. Which is your favorite type of photo-shoot and why?
Spontaneous photoshoots. There are times where I’m just hanging out with my friend  and inspiration hits me. I dress her up and walk around our town and take pictures. No pressure, just having fun creating.

4. What is your biggest inspiration for all your ideas and concepts?
There is a variety of things that inspire me. A person, a dream, a place, an experience, a fairytale or even something as simple as a colour!

5. Who is your favorite photographer and what made you choose him/her?
That’s such a hard question! There are so many talented photographers out there it’s impossible for me to pick just one. I love Margarita Kareva, Bella Kotak, Kyle Thompson. A.M. Lorek is also amazing. All her photos have such a unique lighting and texture that it’s impossible to confuse her work with someone else’s. That’s a very admirable quality to behold.

6. Have you even won in the photo-competitions and received awards for your photos?
To be honest I’ve never entered a competition! But I may in the future.

7. What is, in your opinion, the biggest compliment and respect that photographer could receive?
When someone tells you that they get the feeling you were trying to show through your work. And what I said above about A.M. Lorek.

8. Can you tell us something about your personal life? Who is Aphrodite when she isn’t making amazing photos?
Well, my personal life is not that interesting! As a 21 year old I usually hang out with my friends, play video games, read. I also love travelling and exploring new places. Travelling gives you a unique type of freedom and cultrural understanding that really gives you a different perspective on life.

9. How much have you and your life changed since you first started working as a photographer?
Quite a lot actually. Working with various professionals I learned things and faced situations I never thought I would. All these experiences, pleasant or not, helped me grow and mature both as a photographer and as a person. Also, I met many wonderful people like Kathy from Nocturne Jewellery or more recently Marianthi from Mystic Thread and Mary De Lis.

10. What do you consider your biggest career highlight so far?
Well, I’ve been active as a fantasy photographer for roughly two years now, so I think the highlights are yet to come. But if I had to choose I’d say the publications on Dark Beauty Magazine and all the collaborations I did.

11. Can you share some photographer wisdom and advice for people who also love photography and consider starting their career in that type of art?
First of all be prepared for some hard times. It’s  hard out there for photographers (and artists in general) who want to make a living from their art. There will be times when you’re going to feel underappreciated, underrated and sometimes clients will be harsh on you especially if you are a rookie. Despite all that, we still have to do what we love. So, do not stop  learing new things that will help your progress as a professional artist. Watch photoshop tutorials, learn photography techniques and choose wisely the people you collaborate with.
Last but not least, be yourself. Do the kind of photography you want to do. Following trends is undoubtedly helpful more often than not but your personal style is what will make you stand out.

12. Do you have some special plans for shooting in future that you would maybe like to reveal in this interview or just give us a hint?
Well, I’m moving to another country so there is going to be a change in sceneries and models! Also, I’m planning some new, more organized projects. It may take some time before I publish them though since I will be busy settling into my new home.

13. How do you feel when you see your work posted on our Facebook page and other similar pages?
It’s wonderful to see others enjoying my work and it puts a smile on my face. Thank you all!

14. It was more than my pleasure to chat with you, so to end this interview: what would you like to leave as a message to your fans, followers and our readers?
It was my pleasure as well. Thank you all for supporting the work I and all fellow photographers do! Keep doing what you love and always be you.

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