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Interview with Lycilia Art

Published alternative photographer from Germany

Lycilia is an amazing talented and passionate photographer from Germany, she is a published artist makes many great collaborations that result in famous pictures that everyone knows. So we thank her for taking some time to let us know her and her work better .

1. How would you describe yourself?
I always find it hard to describe myself, so after pondering what to say for a few hours, I decided to just ask a good friend of mine, André – here’s what he said:

“Despite all her internet fame, Lycilia is very down to earth, but extremely passionate about her work. She puts a lot of effort and time into her shootings, even for non commercial works. When it comes to post production, she has great skill for learning new techniques and incorporating them seamlessly into her own style. She’s also the kind of friend you call when you need dating advice, feel down or in the mood for a karaoke session on Skype.”

Except for the fame part – I don’t consider myself to be famous – I think this describes me pretty well.

2. How did photography enter your life?
Mhh… I do not really remember how and when photography entered my life. I’d always loved to take pictures of me and my friends, when I was a teenager, but left out the whole flower and architecture stuff, most of my friends were crazy about. It was always about photographing people and at some point I just took it more seriously. The first “real” shooting was with my sister at some industrial backyard with my mom’s camera, since then I didn’t possess a camera. Some weeks later I plundered my bankbook and bought a Canon Eos 400D. That was in 2007 and from that point the project “Lycilia-Art” came into existence and grew constantly.

3. Why alternative photo-shooting do you feel related to alternative lifestyle?
I feel strongly related to alternative lifestyle – especially gothic –, which also has an effect on my pictures. I like dark romantic as well as colorful fantastic pictures; in fact anything that is not 0815.

4. I see you make very different type of shoots, studio shoots, event shoots, fantasy and alternative shoots… So do you have a favorite type of photo-shoot?
The shootings I enjoy most are the fantastic ones, outside in nature with available light. It’s sometimes not easy, because there are so many factors that can’t be calculated, but these are usually the most creative and inspiring sets.

5. Are you involved with the creative part of the photo-shoot, like picking a theme getting the right model the right clothes the right set or are they   just job proposals?
Most of the pictures on my website are noncommercial work, not for making money, but for the sake of art. Photography is my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings in a creative process. Therefore nearly all themes, the styling and setting are chosen by me.

6. From all the great pictures you have I bet it’s hard to choose a favorite, but do you have one shoot that you hold more dear if so why?
There are a lot of shoots I really enjoyed and many pictures I like, for different reasons. I like all my old pictures, because they show how I started and my development as well as the new ones, who are obviously “better” considering the quality. Most of all I love the results from my cooperation with Johanna Macht. She is a great designer and I feel really honored that she sent me her beautiful dresses to shoot them. For the shooting with ScaryMissMary I also created my first headdress ever and I’m really in love with the results.

7. How do you choose a model to work with?
First of all the model has to be down-to-earth and friendly. A good relationship is very important to me.  Furthermore I’m very focused on interesting faces, good expressions and especially on eyes.  A model shouldn’t be extremely thin, curves are welcome.

8. With all your amazing pictures you must have a lot of models wanting to work with you but is there a model you would like to work with in the future?
Of course there are some models I’d love to work with, because they are really inspiring. Unfortunately most of them come from far away countries. A German model I’d always loved to shoot is La Esmeralda and fortunately we managed to work together in February this year. That was really great.

9. I know there is a lot of work to do even after a shoot is done like editing work, do you enjoy that part of your work?

Most of the time I really enjoy editing the pictures. After a shooting I usually can’t wait and start photoshopping right away. So usually one picture is finished the same day or during night. Sometimes I have to force myself to work, especially if there have been some other great shootings, it’s always hard to go back to the “older” ones, or editing a hundred event pictures, which are often not that exciting.

10. You have some of your pictures published, how does that make you feel?
It feels great.  It’s really a compliment for an artist, if someone appreciates what you are doing.

11. What is your main goal in this work, any life dream you really want to achieve?
I’d like to be able to pursue my art, no matter if it feeds me or not. I don’t aim to get rich from what I’m doing; I merely try to reach my audience on an emotional level.

12. As a fan of your work myself I would love to know what’s your message to all your fans out  there?
I want to thank everybody for all the support, for sharing my work and following me, even in months of silence, when I have been ill lying in hospital or busy working and time for creative work was rare. Thanks for your loyalty and your love.

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