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Interview with Jumeria Nox

Fantasy Model and Designer from Germany

Cover credits: Photo: Annie Bertram, Costume: Jumeria Creations, Fangs: Father Sebastiaan 

Fairyworld or Jumeria Nox the name you now her from is not important, the truth is when you see a picture with this amazing artist doing to her sweet looks our her great creative costumes you will never forget it so just take a ride with us and get to know her a bit more with this interview 😀

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m more a costume designer than a model I guess. I love sewing and creating costumes and modeling is a perfect way for me to show my work to others and to get beautiful pictures of my costumes of course ;-)Never the less I really enjoy modeling and I’m really happy that I started also with this hobby. It is the perfect way for me to express myself.

2. How did you start modeling, and was that a dream of your?
I started modeling in 2011 when I attended the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands. The Elf Fantasy Fair is a huge fantasy based convention and since I loved to sew costumes for a very long time I just thought it would be nice to make a costume for this event. At the Fair so many people took pictures of me and I realized that I really like to stand in front of the camera and get so much positive feedback for my costume and my styling. I always dreamed to make huge and beautiful dresses and my two hobbies (modeling and sewing) are the perfect way for me to fulfill my creative dreams.

 3. Why alternative fantasy modeling, what does attract you more to that type of shootings?
Since I was a child i really love fantasy. I always read fantasy books, watch fantasy movies and I play fantasy games like Final Fantasy or Star Ocean. I really love fairytales, too. And fantasy modeling is perfect to realize my imaginations. Sometimes I also like to make a little bit darker pictures but in the end I always come back to my beloved fantasy themes

 4. Tell us a bit about the story behind the name Fairyword?
Well its really nothing special… before I started with Facebook I used to write a blog which I called Fairyworld, since I obviously liked Fairies and Fairytale stuff. 😉 At this point I would like to change my Facebook name into my model name Jumeria Nox (which is based after an MMO character I created years ago on Guild Wars). But I guess that isn’t possible on Facebook right now. So thats why I need o stick to Fairyworld for a while longer I guess.^^

5. When you make a photo-shoot do you like to be involved in the back stage creative part?
Yes, I always like to make everything perfect and I am really happy if I can also help to search for the right location or make some accessories for the set. I also love to create the whole background settings for shootings if I have the decorations or am able to make or get them <3 But never the less I also trust the photographers I work with, when they have a beautiful shooting spot.

 6. You make some shoots with some people that you know already but do you end up getting to know new people that you like and even have some fun?
I also enjoy to meet new photographers and work with new people. Since every photographer has his own style, the pictures are always different and that is so interesting for me. I met so many wonderful people through this hobby and some of them are my best friends now 🙂 I love what I’m doing and I’m really grateful to know so much awesome people right now <3

7. For you as a model what makes a picture perfect?
A perfect picture contains an interaction between model, photographer, styling and location. If all the involved people and things work together hand in hand the pictures will be magical 🙂

8. We all know that you are not just a beautiful model you are also an amazing  designer, can you tell us a bit how Jumeria Creations started?
Thank you so much for the compliment! 🙂 When I started to model many people asked me why I’m not starting to make my costumes for others and start my own business and since my family and my beloved ones encouraged me, too I finally decided to take this step, since I’m following my dreams right now and make the things that I love and like so much <3 In January this year I started finally my own business. It’s sometimes really hard and I don’t know how everything will turn out in the future but I always managed to get through somehow 😉

9. You already make some collaborations are you open to new ones in the future?
Since I started my own label I’m more open to collaborations. Its always nice to be at the shooting and see the girl is wearing a headdress I’ve made. 🙂 when it comes to dresses I only lend them to people I trust and know… every costume that I made for myself is really precious to me and it would hurt me so bad if they would get damaged… but for that I plan to make a costume line especially for rental services so that also people who couldn’t afford a whole costume can wear something from my label for shootings. So there will be hopefully many collaborations in the future.

10. How can people buy one of your pieces, and do you take costume orders?
You can buy my headdresses and accessoires in my etsyshop right here: or just send me an email right through my website (the Website is in german only at this state…) I’m also open for costume or headdress commissions! Just contact me via E-Mail or Facebook and we can create your dream costume together. Sometimes I’m also selling my private costumes, if you are interested in one of these you should follow my Facebook page and my private sale folder there 🙂

11. What do you fell when you see a model wearing pieces made by you?
oh my… I’m always so extremely proud and happy when a model or customer wears my creations! Its such a nice feeling when somebody likes your work and wears it! The smile on the face of the person is just wonderful <3

12. You have done so much with your work but how about your biggest goals in life, what more would you like to conquer next?
My biggest goals would be the time when people say: “Wow, you are wearing something from Jumeria Creations!!!” and recognize my work…. the other big goal is really to live properly form my hobby. Hopefully I can achieve my dreams within a few years… and if I look much further in the future it would be SO amazing to work for movies, fashion shows or musicals!

13. So to end … You know you have many fans out there, (me included): What  is the message you would you like to leave  them?
Follow your dreams! And never stop to achieve them! It can be sometimes hard and painful but someday it will be worth all the effort. Furthermore I want to thank you for your support and I’m so happy that you like my work! <3

Find more information about Jumeria Nox here:

Facebook  Designer Page  Etsy Shop

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