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Interview with Eleine

A new band that amazed us all with their new video clip

In a few months Eleine proved that she is a beautiful great model but also an amazing singer with a voice that amazed us all so here we are with an update on her with a new interview.

1.  Since we last talked you did grow as model and done some new great photo-shoots  you even made some collaborations with shops like Nocturne Jewellery, Forge Fashion, tells a bit about that, are you a fan of the brands you collaborate with ,are you free to choose photo-shoot themes ?
I’m free to choose themes on some of the photo shoots. On the ones I don’t, it’s just as fun to just go with the flow. At the same time, I only agree to a photo shoot with brands that have good quality products. I recently became one of four official models for Elegant Curiosities. She’s also a official sponsor now for the band Eleine. I love her work! 

2. Some of your collaborations resulted on pictures like you haven’t done before a bit more theatrical I would say, did you work on those ideas as well?
Yes I did. I love to experiment, and I find it boring myself watching a model doing the same pictures over and over again. I have my favorite theme yes, but I always want to try new stuff!

3. So you are now one of the four Elegant Curiosities sponsored models, how does that make you feel?
Feels so … unbelievable… When I heard it, I couldn’t believe it. The other models are so big and have so many more followers. So I asked Laila, the owner, why me? And she made me feel so special and unique in my way. I’m happy.

4. For me that show’s that more people out there can see your star shine. I know I shouldn’t be asking this but do you have a favorite photoshoot our let us say one you had more fun doing?
I actually make sure I’m always having fun during a photo shoot. Doesn’t matter who the photographer is, Rikard, Gisela Ackerup, Felicia Püschl, it doesn’t matter. Between all those pictures I’m running around, telling jokes and make ugly faces. It’s important to have fun even though it’s my job.

5. Are you still open to more collaborations, what can we expect to see you doing next in modeling?
Yes I am, but now I’m more aware though. I don’t want to collaborate with a company that makes really similar stuff to like Elegant Curiosities and so on. It’s important to me that not to take all that I can get. I want the brands to feel as special with me as I do with them.

6. You just released your  1st  band single and video clip (and I guess we all can agree that is amazing) how do you fell now that one of your dreams is out there?
Thank you so much! It’s really hard to understand, that now one of my goals in life is done. Next step is the full album this upcoming fall, so that’s another goal. It’s feels truly amazing, I’m so grateful for all the positive response we’ve got for it!

7. What about fan support, you do have many loyal fans as a model did they fallowed you on your music as well?
I do have many loyal fans. The important to me is to take a few hours every week, and write back to all of them. Some of them write me once a week, telling me what they’ve been up to, and what their plans is for the weekend. To me, it’s very interesting. I care about every single one of my followers and it’s a privilege that they let me know them better. I love them.

8. I know that your youtube views just keep growing, does that make you proud of work well done, do you feel more relieved now that you know people love you as a singer as well?
Yes it truly does. All the views are real, I can’t stand those who buy likes/views. So it feels really good knowing that we have over 3000 actual views. It really does. I’ve been a singer for a long time, but this is the first time I release something with the music I want to do. Feels so wonderful. 

9. Tell us a bit about what we don’t see, about the other band members and all the people involved in the video making, how are they felling?
Everybody is very happy with the result. Soon, you’ll be introduced to the other band members. We will be taking some fresh band pictures very soon. We have Rikard,  David, Andreas and Sebastian. Really talented guys, I’m so proud of them. About the making of the video, I really want everybody to check out the credits under the video at youtube. You should check all those people out. We filmed a lot ourselves, and got some help with the post production from Daniel, Jesper and Robin.


10. Now a question I bet we all want to know, are you working on more songs and more video clips? Because I guess I speak for all when I say this but we sure want more.
Then I have good news for you, a full album is going to be released  during this fall of 2014. I don’t have an exact date at the moment, but it’s coming soon. 😉

11. And how about a tour, is that on your band plans?
Yes, of course it is! We’re working on that right now, really want to go all over  the world doing concerts.

12. So I know you done this last time but now your fan group did grow and I guess you became even more an inspiration to some people so what message would you like to leave all your fans and followers?
Everything about Eleine wouldn’t be possible without you sweethearts. When I’m having some tough days, I always goes to the inbox, reading your beautiful messages and now that I’m never alone in this. I love you all, each one of you, for being such an amazing support. <3

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