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Interview with Claudia Melim

Creative photographer from Portugal

Claudia Melim is an amazing creative photographer from Portugal, she is also the owner of Wicked Wonderland Photography so if you don’t know any of this names you sure don’t know what you are missing. Make sure not to miss this chance to get to know this talented girl and her work in this interview 🙂

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m not very good at talking about myself but let’s give it a try. Above all, I’m a dreamer. Some people say that I’m not from this time, most of the times I live in a fairytale. But real world is really though sometimes. I’m passionate, I put a lot of passion in everything I do. I’m shy but when people win my confidence I’m funny and love to make people laugh. I’m a fighter, I go after everything I want when it make me happy.

2. How did you get started in photography?
I always loved macro photography and I started there in 2006, that’s when  I bought my first digital camera, before I had two analogic cameras that I carried with me all the time. In 2007, I started doing photomanipulation and show my work in DeviantArt, photomanipulation and showed my work on deviantart, but sometimes i needed some model stock  that i couldn’t find on deviantart and I started to shoot  my sister and she shoot me aswell. I bought a better camera in 2009 when I started to take fashion photography more seriously in my life by shooting my friends and then real models.

3. You have many types of photography but must are alternative and fantasy photography, why are you attracted to this type of photo-shoots?
I love alternative models since early age, I identify myself with them and when I shoot someone like that I put a lot of myself in the photoshoot and love it. Well, as I said before, I’m a dreamer. Sometimes, I live in a fantasy world that I really would like to show to people. It feels so good when you have the power to bring that to real world, i love fantasy photography because we can create all we imagine with it.

4. Can you tell us a bit about your project Wicked Wonderland photography?
Sure. Wicked Wonderland Photography started in 2009 and it’s fashion project that transports us to a fantasy world. Inspired by fairytales and childhood stories. Our motivation is to make real all that lived for years just in our imagination. Our shooting environments aim to create an atmosphere that also involves our observer. Now we work as a team, I’m the owner/ photographer, my sister Debora Melim is the digital artist and Barbara Madail is the make up artist. Together, we do magic.

5. Your photo- sessions almost tell a story do you like to get involved in the creative part, the back stage work of picking a model a theme a location and all the work that we don’t see?
Yes, I’m always involved since the first minute. In personal projects, when I have an idea, I always talk with my team and start to look for the clothes and acessories. We talk about the make up, the post-production of the photos but, most of the times, I let them free to put their mark there too. Sometimes, I make castings for models or i just find someone that fit the character.

6. Can you make good pictures like you do and still manage to have fun?
Yes, I always have a lot  of fun while working in my photoshoots. I’m very lucky  because even when i’m not with my team, i always meet nice and funny people that make me smile all the time.

7.  And what about the all after shoot work all the editing do you enjoy doing that as well?
After the shoot, most of the times I sit next to my sister and we choose the photos together and it’s her part of the work. I know how to edit but she’s the best so I let her do her magic.

8. With so many amazing picture you must have many requests for collaborations,  what is  the thing that makes you say yes to a model or a project?
Well, I love creative minds and I love to do collaborations. If a model have a creative mind, is friendly, know what she’s doing and we have a nice connection while we’re talking, i say yes immediately. Sometimes we don’t know what we will do but we think together and start to work.

9. I know this must be a hard question but do you have a favorite picture or special theme that you enjoyed more doing, one photo-shoot that left you with good memories for some reason?

Yes, that ‘s a hard one. I think all of my photoshoots have something special, I have a lot of good memories of them and with all the people I worked until today. But If I really have to choose one, i would  come back on 2011 when i won a great prize in a contest. The prize was one full  day of shooting in a studio. Was my very first time in a studio and the models are all my friends and I remember that I feel so nervous that day. I pass all day shooting, was so good having people that I love supporting me.

9. You work a lot with fantasy themes and fairy tales where do you get all your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes mainly from music, movies and books, but I can find inspiration in lot of places I visit too.

10. So what’s next for you, what more can we expect to see you doing in the future?
I’m still growing and I have a lot to grow in photography, I think you can expect see me doing more fantasy and alternative photography, I have a lot of projects in my mind that I can’t do yet because of many variants , but we need to follow our dreams so it’s what I’ll keep doing

11. Do you have any other passion besides photography?
Yes, I love to write and play music.  I write stories since early age, I wrote a book that I never get published, maybe one day.  Since I was little I’ve learned to play piano, guitar, I’m kind of rusty now but I still love doing that.

12.Well i know how busy you are so not to abuse your time just one last question: What message would you like to leave to all your fans out there?
First, thank you so much Gothic & Amazing for this opportunity. Then, thank you so much to all the people that follow my work. Thanks for your support, for your kind words it means a lot to me.


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