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Interview with B.Kostadinov

Photographer from Bulgaria

Cover Photo Credits: Model/Makeup: Darya Goncharova, Jewelry: Aeternum Nocturne Gothic jewelry, Glove: Ателие Силфида

B.Kostadinov  is an amazing photographer from Bulgaria, a lot of his work catches our attention, if you still don’t know him here is a good chance.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m the type of person that tends to spend too much time trying to figure out why exactly this question was asked and what kind of answer is expected – philosophical or simply biographic. Regarding the latter – I’m a photographer, musician and recording/mixing engineer from Bulgaria.

2.What draws you to photography?
I’m generally drawn to activities that promote or benefit from creativity, especially if they are in some way rewarding, as that keeps me motivated. That’s why I love computer games, music, audio production and so on, but photography for me goes beyond that.

For the short time I’ve been interested in photography it has significantly changed the way I view and understand the world, it has shaped me as person and connected me with some amazing people, in many ways improving my life and bringing me happiness and satisfaction.

3. Do you remember what made you start taking pictures, and what were your picture like when you started?
I bought a cheap camera to be able to take HD videos of the bands I recorded so we could upload studio footage. I got it second-hand from a photo forum and while browsing there I saw a few portraits of a beautiful woman with enchanting eyes. I had no idea who she is and how much was down to the photographer, but it got me interested and I definitely wanted to create something as beautiful.

My first pictures were random objects and scenes, as I needed practice setting the correct exposure as well as focusing, since I only had a very old manual-focus lens that my brother lent me. Shortly afterwards, I convinced my girlfriend to pose for me and while the first portraits weren’t amazing I learned a lot every time and I loved the process.

By the way, for those wondering about the portraits that inspired me, I later learned that the beautiful woman is a talented singer named Tania Miteva and they were taken by Dilyana Gergova.

4. You have amazing pictures and from a lot of different types but do you have a favorite type of photo-shoot?
Thank you! In terms of genre, my favorite is obviously portrait photography but I also enjoy shooting street, documentary, architecture, and less frequently – abstract, macro and landscape.

In terms of style, I enjoy variety, I get bored easily when it’s always the same theme. But to better answer your question I suppose I prefer minimalism, simplicity, elegance, subtlety, as opposed to boldness and opulence. This applies to whatever theme we’re shooting.

5. Do you like to get involved on the creative part of the photo-session?
Yes, most of what I do is based on my creative decisions – from the idea of the shoot to the way I execute it. The hard part is being content with your creativity. For the most part you need to be quite hard on yourself to maintain and exceed the high quality of your ideas and execution, but it’s so easy to cross the line, in which case it all backfires and you stop shooting because every idea you come up with seems stupid before you’ve even tried it.

6. What would be the thing you require for someone to work with you?
Inspiration.  All it takes is to gain my interest somehow, provoke my imagination. A little sidenote however – I’m currently not looking for new models.

7. How do you feel when you see your work featured on the cover of Gothic Beauty magazine?
I had wanted to see my work printed in a magazine for some time but I had no idea such a hugely popular magazine would contact me and for a front cover at that. There was initially a lot of uncertainty, because they needed a vertical shot and the one they liked was horizontal, but I managed to rework it and once it was official it felt amazing. Looking at it now makes me feel proud and grateful to have had the chance and support needed to accomplish this.

8. Do you just follow your art or are you open to collaborations as well, if so what makes you say yes to a new project?
I mostly work alone but I am open to collaborations. I’ve had good experiences with Aeternum Nocturne Gothic jewelry and Mirsea’s Wonderland, and I’ve also been invited to a few of Antonia Glaskova’s photoshoot.

As I said, all it takes is a bit of inspiration/motivation, though I must admit I’m usually not easily impressed.

9. Do you have an idol someone you look up for inspiration?
Inspiration is all around and while some people’s intellect, skills or beliefs might resonate with us more than others I don’t think idolizing them is the correct approach.

10. What about your life goals, have you achieved all of them or is there something more that you really want to conquer?
As soon as you achieve your goals new ones take their place. As soon as you find yourself you feel lost anew. It’s how we are meant to function, in order to progress, adapt, survive. I know it’s cliché, but it truly is a journey.

I would like to conquer some of my fears, there are better sources of motivation.

11. Finally,  one last question: What message would you like to leave to all your fans out there?
Thank you all for the encouragement and for taking the time to appreciate my work!

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