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Interview with Au-Contraire Photography

Alternative German Photorapher

Cover Photo Credits: Model: Lisa Denise, MUA: Wiete Dankov

AU-CONTRAIRE is a one girl amazing project , its based in Germany but it pleases people all over the world if you still don’t know it make sure not to lose this chance to get to know a bit better this amazing project .

1. How would you describe yourself?
Oh this is not easy to describe.  I`m always a little bit dreamy and shy, living in my own world.

2. Do you remember when you decided you wanted to be a photographer?
Long time ago  It was in 2008. I did many shoots before…… as a hobby Model.  Thought that I can do it better then the Photographers I worked with till then…..

3. How were your first pictures like, how do you fell when you look back at them?
I started with nude Pictures, when I look back now I can say that I`m more happy with my kind of work now.

4. Why alternative and fantasy photography?
I want to tell Stories with my Pictures, show the People my own world and let them dream.

5. You are more then a photographer you are also an amazing designer and you make the must amazing head pieces and corsets, what is more important to you , the photography our the designing?
I don`t think that I`m a Designer as well. I make some Stuff for my shoots to make them perfect for me, It is not easy to find the Accessorize that fits perfect. That`s why I`m always busy to make my own stuff.

6. With such a creative soul I’m sure you like to be behind all the back stage work and all the creative part that we don’t see, tell us a bit about that, what can make a picture be became perfect?
A perfect picture tells a story, takes you in another world. Sometimes there is a lot of work behind, sometimes it is quiet simple.  Many People think AU-CONTRAIRE Photography is a big Team, but there is only me…… with the Model and Make up Artists.

7. And what about the all after shoot work all the editing do you enjoy doing that as well?
Oh yes, I love to do the Post Production as well. A lot of the Atmosphere in my Pictures comes with the editing.

8. Your pictures almost tell a story its like they are all out from a dream out a fairytale ,  were do you get all the inspiration to all the amazing work that you do?
There is always a story in my head, inspired of Fairy`s, Music or Art.

9.  Do you have an idol our someone you look up to?
Kristian Schuller and Eugenio Recuenco

10. You work with so many great models and I bet so many more want to work with you so tell us the secret, what makes you chose?
I`m not looking for the perfect Barbie Beauty, I`m searching for something special. I love the untouchable look.

11. As a fan myself i can wait to see what’s next both on photography and designing what more can we expect to see from you in the future, what are your main goals?
At this Moment I`m working on a big Project called “the forgotten Circus”……..  more is coming soon.

12. What would you like to say to all the people that dream of working with you?
There are always Opportunities, you only have to ask for them.

13. Well i know how busy you are so not to abuse your time just one last question: What message would you like to leave to all your fans out there?
I want to say thank you to all the People for their support, kind words and Love. I`m so thankful for this.

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