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Interview with Atelier Simone Richter

Creative photographer from Germany

Cover Photo Credits: Model: Fairyworld, Costume & headdress: Jumeria Creations

Simone Richter is a very creative photographer from German, her pictures speak for themselves so if you still don’t know her amazing work don’t miss out this chance.

1. How would you describe yourself?
First I`m creative, often a little chaotic but with a strong leaning towards perfection

2. How did you get started in photography?
By chance… so I am self-taught and my approach is – you live and learn. In passage of time, however, my work has become my dream job and I don’t want to miss it.

3. You do many types of photography but must are alternative and fantasy photography, why are you attracted to this type of photo-shoots?
I love the diversity, the creative, the otherness … there’s always something new to discover. In addition, these themes give me much space for fantastic creations, especially in combination with image processing.

4. What is your favorite type of photo-shoots, studio our location ?
Actually, I prefer to work in the studio. Here I simply have everything I need for work, am not dependent on any weather conditions, the light can be set as I need it and if it’s necessary, I also have the right wind in my studio.

5.What about all the back stage work do you like to be involved on the creative part of the photo-shoot conception, what can make a picture became perfect?
Since photography is my job, often not much time remains for the back stage work. In case of this, planning and assembling the perfect outfits must be well prepared. The concept is based on an idea, a story or something else, but it’s only a frame because I like to work spontaneously, without 100% planning, here are often created surprising and amazing results.
And you surely know … no one and nothing is really perfect.

6. And what about the all after shoot work all the editing do you enjoy doing that as well, were do you get all your inspiration from?
Post processing is the icing on the cake, so, it always belongs to this. I love to take pictures so special … giving them a life, the rising of new worlds of my own. Inspiration is the image, sometimes I usually do not know in advance what I want to do, it arises in the processing and surprised me often itself.

7. With so many amazing picture you must have many requests for collaborations,  what’s the must important thing to make you say yes to a model our a project?
Model and project, both of them must agree. If I use the little spare time for free cooperation, I have to be sure that the results are fine … and mostly it is succesful, Only the perfect interaction of model, idea, outfit, styling, photography and post-processing is able to bring the perfect match!

8. From all the great pictures you have I bet it’s hard to choose a favorite, but do you have one shoot that you hold more dear if so why?
No, there is really no favorite at all. I like them all in their own way … the work is always so different and I am glad about the complexity.

9. Do you have an idol or someone you look up to?
No, I have no direct idols or role models, but I let me inspire from all the creative work that appears daily by many different artists.

10. As a fan myself i can wait to see what’s next photography what more can we expect to see from you in the future, what are your main goals?
I hope to continue to always find some time for creative work and I’m looking forward to a wonderful, creative collaboration!

11. Well i know how busy you are so not to abuse your time just one last question: What message would you like to leave to all your fans out there?
Live your life and your dreams, don’t let constrict you, feel free for your own interpretation, keep cool and give a smile to the world, she always needs it 😀

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