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Interview with Victoria Lovelace

As seen on issue #7 Gothic Lolita

Cover credits: Photo: Tallee Savage ©, Blouse, necklace and gloves: Restyle, Skirt: Moi Meme Moitie, Headband: Unholy Clothing, Wig: Lush Wigs

Victoria Lovelace is a beautiful young alternative model, designer and make-up artist based in Sweden. You probably know her for her unique look and amazing pictures that are always very well received. She is a very creative soul – a designer with her own brand and a make-up artist you can get great tips from. She has been featured in many publications before and has also been on TV, so let’s try to learn something new about her in this interview.

How would you describe yourself, who is Victoria behind the cameras?
I’m a 27 years old Magical Vampire Princess from Stockholm, Sweden.

When did you start with your modeling career and what lead you to Alternative/goth modeling?
I did my first fashion show back in 2004 and some fashion shows with my own clothes when I went to high school. I have always had a big obsession for the Victorian era and fantasy and horror stories so my interest for the gothic style in clothes and modeling came out naturally. I started do more professional photoshoots and connected with more photographers in 2009-2010 when I started my own clothing brand. My “real” modeling career came out after I participate in Sweden’s Next Top Model 2012 and after that I was offered a lot of “mainstream” modeling jobs. But I have always felt that my heart belonging to the alternative/goth modeling and creativity, and it’s there I’m now.

Do you feel connected to the alternative lifestyle, and how is that like on your country?
I live for the alternative lifestyle, and I love to go to gothic clubs and festivals like Wave Gotik Treffen and M’era Luna. I think it’s a big different between which city you are in. In Stockholm, there I live which are the biggest city in Sweden. It’s can vary much, some years we have a lot of clubs and events like every weekend and some years we have like nothing. This summer we have Subkultfestivalen, which are a new Swedish goth and synth festival. Sweden has also the first anti-discrimination project against subculture/alternative people.

Would you say you have a big part of Gothic Lolita in you, the amazing make ups the wigs the beautiful matching clothes?
Yes absolutely! I found the Gothic Lolita style in 2005 and I become totally in love at the first time with the beautiful dresses, fabrics, laces, shape and the Victorian influences. The artist Mana Sama, who are the founder of the Elegant Gothic Lolita brand, Moi Meme Moitie is one of my biggest inspirations when it come to Gothic Lolita fashion. I own 4 garments of his design and their always become my favorites year after year.

Well you are more than a model you are a designer and a make-up artist, do you think that all this combined helps you be a better model?
Of course! I like to create an entirety of my style, that including clothes, accessories, hair and make-up. I started to make my own clothes many years before I started with modeling and it’s was not so many years since I started to do more extreme make-ups like I do today.

If you had to choose one love would you go for modeling or make-up with all your amazing make-up tutorials?
Thank you so much! I’m pretty new on YouTube, so it’s makes me very happy to hear.
Oh, very hard choice! I love both! But if I have to make a choice, I think I will choose the modeling because of I can feel that I can expand more and find more genres to try out.

You are an international featured model and a sponsored model by many amazing brands, how does that make you feel?
To become sponsored by many amazing brands helps me to create even more fantastic pictures, which I couldn’t do if I didn’t had this opportunity. I’m very grateful for every brand and designer, who is contacting me and wants to work with me. I live for my creativity so of course it’s makes me feel very honored and flattered that so many of you out there appreciates my work.

What do you think changed must from when you started modeling and now?
When I started modeling was the range of social media platforms smaller than it is today. It was much harder to reach out to larger amount of people with my work. Instagram has helped me a lot.

Every model has her own brand (what makes her stand out), what do you think your brand is?
Since I was a child was one of my biggest dreams to become a fashion designer with my own brand. I had that dream before I started with my modeling because I have always hate the “mainstream” fashion, especially here in Sweden. I wanted “more is more” and the typically Swedish fashion says, “less is more”. I have studied fashion design and sewing for many years, so I like to spend time with my sewing machine and create “one of a kind” garments. At the moment I work mostly with my Bat Bow accessories, which also can be purchased on my webstore. I have also two clothing collections, which hopefully will be up for sale soon.

We can see you in many different types of photo-shoots but do you favor any genre of modeling more than another?
I think I have to say Victorian Goth and Gothic High Fashion.

Do you have a favorite photoshoot from all the ones you already done, one that left you with good memories?
I think I must say the zombie photoshoot we had in Sweden’s Next Top Model at the abandoned and hunted Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles with Janice Dickinson as a photographer. It was totally crazy! Imagine, meet the real Janice Dickinson and do a photoshoot with her and after when she said that I was her favorite model of all the participants. I took the best photo and won this episode. Even today I can feel how lucky I was.


Do you have any concepts for future shoots that you’re just dying to try out?
I would love to try out more latex with high fashion elements and more horror shoots in the future.

Where do you go for inspiration? Do you have and idol, someone that you look up to for?
When it’s come to modeling, I love Ophelia Overdose’s work and when it’s come to fashion I’m obsessed with Alexander McQueen’s design and he is a huge inspiration for my own fashion design. He is my GOD!

What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?
Probably when I’m became one of the ten finalists in Sweden’s Next Top Model and the first alternative/goth model in world to participate in this show.

After all that what more can we expect seeing you do in the future, what are your biggest goals in life?
I wish to travel and visit more countries and hopefully that I could live in a warmer country during the winter, because I don’t like the Swedish cold winters. I hope to design and release more clothing collections and find out more interesting modeling genres in the future. One of my biggest dreams is to have a photoshoot with one of the absolutely most talented and inspiring photographers in the world – Kirsty Mitchell. I wish to continue doing more makeup-tutorials and become even better and creative in video and photo editing.

Do you have any hobby, something you really enjoy doing just for fun?
My work is my hobby! I love sewing, especially historian clothing and crafting. Go to clubs and dancing all night long, concerts and festivals. I’m a party princess! Haha! Having a “fika” with good friends. Fika is a Swedish word for when you go out and take a coffee with sweets. Dress up and having picnics. Travel and visit new places. Do my makeup and experience with new makeup techniques.

Name three things you simply cannot live without every single day.
Pepsi Max, my contact lenses and lace.

You look amazing in your modeling outfits! What do you wear when you’re ‘off duty’?
Much appreciated! Thank you!
When I’m not modeling or working with my clothing and accessory brand, I’m working at an alternative clothing store so it’s not so big different what I wear. Probably with less makeup though.

You know you have many fans out there, what message would you like to leave them?
First I want to say how much I love you all out there, my darklings! I’m so honored and flattered for every single comment I receive from you. All your support for my work means so much for me and it’s this what make me to continue with my work like every single day. I even want to send a big thanks and hugs to the photographers Tallee Savage and Jenhell and my friend Adora BatBrat for all the fun and fantastic photoshoots and projects we have created during the past years. Without you guys I haven’t expand so much with my modeling and become this person I’m today. Dreams are made to come true. Remember to always follow them and never give up.

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