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Interview with Victoria G. Wolf

Romanian alternative model and jewelry designer

Cover credits: Photo: Maria Ene, MUA & hair: Ralu K. Make-up Artist, Jewelry: Equinox Jewelry & Accessories

Gabriela aka Victoria G. Wolf is an amazing Romanian alternative model and jewelry designer who started with her modeling career because being in front of the camera brings her fun and joy. She likes to express different styles and makes that every style tells a different story. From the Victorian style, fantasy, medieval, romantic to modern Goth and everyday casual style, every story that she tells and expresses her feelings is such a beauty that leaves you breathless. So, please continue with reading and get to know this lovely girl.

1. When did you start with your modeling career?
I pretty much enjoyed modeling ever since I was young, I loved being in front of the camera ever since I was a child and in high school I bought a semi-professional camera and started taking interest in photography and I also started flirting more with the whole idea of posing. When I wasn’t being the photographer, I would have friends take pictures of me, after which I got in contact with somewhat more professional photographers, when I was around 19.

2. How did you discover your love towards alternative modeling and what dragged you into the lovely world of Gothic culture?
I discovered it when I started listening to alternative music and got in contact with the alternative world through it. I started going to concerts and being around goths and metalheads, and after I discovered that this culture was best suited for my character and personality I never changed from it. I also started taking interest in the Gothic art and fashion, and that’s how I ended up modeling.

3. Do you remember your very first photo-shoot and can you share some details and feelings about that?
When I had my first photo-shoot I was pretty young, I went with some photographers I was meeting for the first time, but despite that I remember loving it, I had so much fun and I was so pleased of the results that I knew I was going to end up including modeling as a part of my life.

4. How do you find all that preparation for shootings that sometimes lasts for hours? Do you enjoy creating new looks with the perfect make-up, matching jewelry and clothes?
Honestly I can’t say I find it unpleasant when I spend all that time preparing. What I do find pretty difficult is when I have to do everything myself, from the make-up, hair, dressing-up, accessorizing and so on. In many of my shoots I stand behind the entire styling but I much rather prefer someone helping me in the process. But yes, I do enjoy creating new looks and just letting my imagination go wild, and at the end of the line when everything is put in place and I get to see the results I tend to be very joyful and satisfied and it’s one of the best feelings ever.

5. I wonder are there any aspects of a modeling career that you haven’t explored yet and are there some things that you would always avoid?
I wish I would get to do shootings more often and I would like to experience with even more styles, but I will always refuse to get naked or too explicit and exposed in my photos, (Laughs!) It’s just not what I want people to know and like me for. I love my body but I care for my privacy a lot; I’m a pretty old-fashioned person.

6. Is there some particularly special model who inspires you and who is your very personal favorite?
Ever since long ago I used to fancy La Esmeralda, she’s always been an inspiration and a model to me because the talent that girl possesses is just crazy, it always baffled my mind how someone can be so good at so many things at once – modeling, make-up, styling, sewing, retouching, even photography. I believe she is truly a person worthy of being looked up to.

7. I know that you are owner of the “Equinox Jewelry & Accessories”, so could you share some details about that part of your life? How did you start with making jewelry and what inspired you to do that?
Wow, well, I always had a deep passion for jewelry and I also loved crafting. I made my first necklaces without any intention of selling them but ended up doing so eventually. Then I started making more jewelry, simply because I loved doing it, without any sort of expectation whatsoever, but more and more people took interest in my work and I gradually started growing. I’d say that the moment I actually started being serious about this business was when I reached a very low point in my life and doing this helped me regain my happiness, self-confidence and self-worth, the satisfaction it brought me gave a new meaning to my life and helped me grow, evolve and learn things no one’s ever taught me.

8. Can you tell us a bit more about your modeling name “Victoria G. Wolf”?
My real name is Gabriela Victoria Lupu and “Lupu” means “wolf” in Romanian. I have always had a deep fascination and love for these animals, the wolf is kind of my spirit animal, and it also stands as a symbol for my deep connection with nature and my wild side.

9. We all know you as a model and jewelry designer, but can you tell us something about your personal life and how would you describe yourself?
Well first thing I  could say is that I’m a pretty introverted person who lives in her own little world, and I always considered that my art is the bridge between me and the world, it’s what speaks for me. When it comes to my work I tend to be a perfectionist, generally over-critical of myself, I rarely make compromises and I tend to always want to have things my way – which can make me a difficult person at times, but it’s got me so far, so silver lining I suppose. Apart from that, I love anime, reading, writing and drawing. I’m currently working on a fictional novel and other small projects.

10. Name three things you simply can’t live without every single day.
Music, that’s a first. I need it like I need air and water, I’d probably lose my mind without it, it’s what always gets me through the day. Art – I have to come in contact with photography, digital painting, or any form of art, or have to practice some kind of artistic activity – retouching, crafting, drawing, writing; for the same reason I need music – I’d probably lose my mind without it. Last, but certainly not least, my dear loved ones! 🙂

11. Does the music play a big part in your life and what music genres do you prefer? Do you attend a lot of concerts or you prefer enjoying in music in home atmosphere?
Yes, I’ve already mentioned that music plays one of the biggest roles in my life and it basically fuels my creativity and everything I do. I listen to a very large range of music and I don’t only resume myself to metal and rock music, I like pretty much anything that sounds good to me and gives me a good vibe. To give you an example, my all-time favorite bands are Tool, Eluveitie and Florence + The Machine. When I have work to do I listen to Nightcore or electronic music simply for the energy it gives me. So my taste in music is just like my choices in styling: very, very diverse. When it comes to concerts, I love them, I go to them every chance I get and I’m a huge fan of festivals so there’s a big chance you’ll find me there 😉 !

12. What is your everyday casual look? Do you prefer full make-up or simple, basic make-up, such as: powder, eyeliner and lipstick?
Well actually my everyday casual look is all natural, I don’t wear make-up very often and when I do I keep it simple, like some eyeliner, some BB cream and maybe some lipstick. I only do full make-overs for special occasions. I believe that applying make-up every day can leave a toll on your skin over time so that’s a no-goer for me.

13. Back to the “modeling” theme: We are aware of the fact that you can perfectly “pull” every single style of an Alternative modeling, but which one is your favorite Gothic style?
It’s really hard to pick a favorite, but I would say I like the Victorian style the most – I’ve always been a huge corset, ruffles and lace lover. I love the art that goes in the design of these clothes, their complexity and their unicity.

14. What do you consider your biggest career highlight so far?
(It feels weird referring to this as a “career” since it’s something I only do for fun, haha) Well first of all is that I got featured on your page (Laughs!) And I also got featured on the page Dark Beauty Magazine a while ago with a picture that enjoyed a pretty big success.

15. Who is your biggest support in your career as a model and jewelry designer?
My close friends and my dear boyfriend who have always encouraged me, who have supported me throughout the time, cheered me up and who have helped me believe in myself and in what I do.

16. We came to the end of this lovely chat with you in a blink of an eye, so as a Good bye, what would be your message for your friends, fans and our dear readers?
My message would be, thank you for the interview, and thank you, everyone, so much for your support, it means the world to me because as I’ve said, when I started making jewelry and taking pictures I had no expectations whatsoever, it wasn’t my goal to become popular, I just did what I liked doing and it came off like a huge and amazing surprise to me that people actually liked what I did and got into my work. So thank you for all your appreciation, it delights me and it keeps me going!

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