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Interview with Theblackmetalbarbie

Theblackmetalbarbie aka Zoie is a young alternative model based in USA, she is beautiful and creative, inspired music and art you will find her look to be unique. Find more about her in this interview 🙂

Cover credits:Photography: Luke Guinn Photography 

Hi there, thank you for talking this time to talk to us and let us know you a bit better with this interview, so to start, how would you describe yourself, who is Zoie behind the camera?
I am a mother, wife, musician and artist. But firstly, I am a mother. I would drop anything for my children- they are my world! Then, I am a wife. I really only have one true friend, and that is my lover. I prefer to keep to myself and stay with my family. As a stay at home mother, I don’t really have time for friends. And that is okay!
Secondly, I am a musican and artist. I love to sing and play the flute! I was once one of the very best flute players in my state. Singing is more of a personal hobby- no schooling behind it. <3 As an artist, I refer to my modeling career. I used to draw, but I’ve molded my creativity more towards my own body rather than sheets of paper these days.
I love everything dark and beautiful! From architecture to photography and modeling, the alternative world is so obscure and captivating to me. It always has been.

When did you start modeling and what lead you to Alternative/goth modeling?
I had my first photoshoot when I was 15 years old- but I had dreams of being as beautiful as someone like Adora Bat Brat when I was as young as 9 years old. My first photoshoot was strange. It was with a fellow we went to church with (father always loved church) in the back of some rich couples back yard. I was very awkward and uncomfortable back then- but we managed to get one good shot! I still have that photo today.

However, I did not do another photoshoot from that point again until I was 18 years old.

What lead me to alternative/gothic modeling? When I was very little, before I was able to comprehend that gothic subcultures existed, I would draw this girl- who looks very much like myself today- and wish to become her. She had long black hair, black dresses and dark makeup. I even gave her winged eyeliner! Haha. I wrote an entire book of this girl and always thrived to be as beautiful as this character. As I grew, I learned the existence of gothic communities around the world that helped form me into well… me!

Do you feel connected to the alternative lifestyle, and how is that like on your country?
Honestly, I feel slightly disconnected. Not because there is anything wrong with alternative lifestyle! I just have moved to bigger and better things for myself. Becoming a mother has really moved me away from having time with friends or socializing with others, and that is okay. Yet I manage to find some sense of connection via the internet. There are so many beautiful models that I can follow and be a part of this way! But in my country, alternative lifestyle is very sporatic. I live in a very rural area where you don’t find but a handful of alternative folk in the state. In large cities, however, you can find all sorts of folk. Very diverse!

Tell us more about your modeling name, how did Theblackmetalbarbie come to life?
Ha! I have been through many names and finally I decided that I would settle with one. I had so many serious names before and I was trying so hard to accomplish a name for myself. So one day I thought I would do something that might stick out like a sore thumb or create a polite controversy. Most people in love with black metal wouldn’t dare say they love barbies! Haha. But I do! I love the beauty that comes with the dolls and I love the atmosphere that comes with black metal. I created my name from this. A silly creation that seemingly fits!

You are also a make-up artist, do you think that helps you to be a better model?
Yes! As a model, creativity is essential. Makeup is an art just as modeling is. There are many poses, outfits and environments that come with modeling. With makeup, you can create an entirely new face! It is like a canvas in a way.

You also sing and play flute in a symphonic metal band, how is that like? Do you like the feeling you get on stage?
I’m quite a shy person, really. Our band is sitting on the side right now as my life is simply too busy with my children, but will come around in due time. Singing is another outlet for me. I feel so amazing when I sing! The feeling is nearly indescribable. I feel powerful and, oddly, even more beautiful when I sing. There is a confidence there, when I am alone, that makes me grow as a person. However, when I hit the stage, my knees will wobble. I can only make the best of my nerves and control them with that confidence I learn from when I am singing by myself.
Playing the flute is so much fun! I was playing flute before I ever sang a note. I started at ten years of age and grew from there. I haven’t gotten to properly incorporate into our songs, but perhaps one day.

Can you offer us a little insight about your band?
I used to be in a band that no longer exists any more, so what we have created is more of a project at the moment. It is called ‘Hallowed in Crimson’! We haven’t released any full length material yet, but we have some clips on the page to give viewers who tune in an idea of what to expect. The members are currently just myself and my husband, but it could change one day. We both are using our voices and musical experience to create music together. I stick to vocals and keyboards while he does vocals, guitars and drums.

If you had to choose one love would you go for modeling or music?
This is a very hard choice! Music has always been my life. Always- but modeling was a passion that sat under the radar for so long and I only now have been able to act on that. Modeling might someday help to support my family but… If I had to choose one, I would say that music tends to last longer than beauty. In my experience, modeling has always been kinder to me in terms of reach, but passion is greater than numbers. Yes, I would have to choose music, I believe. We will all grow old some day and modeling will only have been a short part of life. As long as I have my hands, I can still create music. . .
But, I won’t lie- I have come back to this question about three times now. I am still torn!

Where do you go for inspiration? Do you have and idol, someone that you look up to for?
Oh goodness, when it comes to inspiration the options are limitless! I think it depends on what I am going for on that particular day. A few of my go to favorites…

Maria Amanda this gorgeous, whimsical and innocent fairy-like creature. Reeree phillips is like an ancient, romantic Vampire (if Tristania could have a physical image, I think she would capture this!) Blue Astrid is a newer one I have fallen in love with- she has an edgy, new world alternative style. The modern day Dita Von Teese. Magda Corvinus, Darya Goncharova, Obsidian Kerttu, Beatriz Mariano photography,  Absentia, Dayana Crunk, Oliva Sinclaire, Threnody… There are too many to list!

I don’t really have an idol per say, but there are many models I follow that I look up to! My goal is just to create the best me I can be. Pinterest is probably my best friend when it comes to inspiration (ha), but most of my inspiration is created through the music I am listening to at the time.

Every model has her own brand (the thing that makes her stand out from others), what do you think your brand is?
I think my personal creativity can really shine when it comes to modeling! I feel like I have only barely scratched the surface when it comes to my personal creativity. I do work with many companies to help model their products, but doing this does not really showcase my full potential I believe. As a newer model, I don’t think I have an obvious brand, but one day soon I will be able to express what all I can truly do.

How does being a mother influence your modeling?
It has certainly made me reevaluate my priorities in life. I used to be such a materialistic girl, but I saw those as things that I love. Now that I have my children, I look at the things I once loved as materials. My children have also influenced me to put on a little bit more clothing and class, haha! I think of the things that my children will think of in the future and that really helps me to decide if what I am doing is appropriate or not.
My modeling has also grown far more passionate now though. I realize that it is something that has great potential and while it was once the one of the things I loved most, it is now inspired by the ones I love most.
But one other things is I want to instill confidence in women who are mothers. I want to show other mothers that when it comes to yourself that there is no limitations. Showing a little bit of skin doesn’t make you a poor mother and feeling beautiful with yourself is okay, and taking the time to do that is OKAY. Never forget about yourself because for your children to be in the best care, mother needs to be taken care of as well. Physically and emotionally.  You don’t have to lose yourself to conform to societys idea of what the ‘ideal mother’ is. Just be the best YOU that you can be.

You have a few collaborations with some brands, is there some other brands our fashion designers you would like to work with in a near future?
Oh yes! Absolutely. It would be a dream to work with Demonia, Dracula Clothing and Killstar. I am so honored to be working with Punkrave as it is- I believe their clothing line is one of my absolute favorites in terms of gothic fashion. It is so diverse inside of a subculture! Covering from romantic to industrial to traditional gothic fashions (and no, I am not sponsored to say this, haha. I genuinely LOVE this company!). It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to expand my wardrobe and create different fashions and wonderful photos with the companies that I am collaborating with.

More than ANYTHING, thought, I would love to work with Askasu! I am so so inspired by her line of clothing. I wish I could have a wedding wearing one of her dresses. They are just so stunning.

Do you have any concepts for future shoots that you’re just dying to try out?
Absolutely! I have a few shoots coming up with a few other companies I’m sponsoring and I am dying to try out a more fantasy themed shoot. I also have ideas for a lake/bath based shoot, perhaps a candle-lit shoot and I’d love to try out a post-apocalyptic themed shoot, classical vampiric shoot, sfx makeup of many sorts and an underwater shoot. Some of my ideas I will keep to myself until I see the results of the shoot! Haha.

What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?
Well, I am young and for my age, I feel that I have accomplished many things in life. Becoming a mother- while many won’t consider it a career- is the greatest thing I have ever done. It is a relieving feeling to become completely selfless and so loving. To experience something so great, I am truly gifted. As far as my modeling career goes, this would be my biggest highlight! I love Gothic and Amazing and I am so happy that you reached out to me for this interview. I am quite new when it comes to modeling and when something I love so much reaches out to me, it really helps me know that I am on the right track.

What more can we expect seeing you do in the future, what are your biggest goals in life?
I think I would like to see myself published one day! I’d love to make modeling an actual career. Perhaps have some compensation behind it all and financially support my family, that would be a dream! But most of all, I just want to inspire others. I want to show others that alternative modeling is really growing and becoming more exotic every day! I want to show others that it is possible. I also want to push the limits of a stay at home job! As long as I am a mother to small children, anyways.

I’m just a nobody from nowhere. I came from a small town and made it to here, never honestly thinking I could get this far. But now that I am, I can’t wait to see where life takes me and what other possibilites are out there for my modeling career!

Name three things you simply cannot live without every single day.
My family. Coffee. Makeup. 🙂

You look amazing in your modeling outfits! What do you wear when you’re ‘off duty’?
Why, thank you! Well, depends on the day. Mostly all black! I am currently wearing an oversized grey shirt and black tights, if you must know! Haha. When I stay home, I typically am found wearing oversized shirts or tank tops with comfy shorts or tights. When I go out to the store or social events, you might find me in a dress and fishnets or ripped jeans and a corset- something that I might wear in a photoshoot. All or nothing, pretty much.

What’s the part of your body you like the most?
This is a complicated question. I see flaws on every square inch of my body… But the flaw that I like the most? My eyes. Or my hair length!

You know you have many fans out there, what message would you like to leave them?
It is due to my fans where I am at today! So thank you for that! Thank you to all the beautiful women and dudes that stay by my side, constantly supporting me every day. Thank you to the followers who constantly comment and like every last one of my pictures. Thank you to the followers who were with me from day one. Stay beautiful! But most of all, stay batty!

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    Christian Allen
    July 6, 2017 at 2:39 am

    This girl the black metal Barbie is a good Acquaintance of mine, I’ve been friends with her on fb for going in 3 years. She has always been inspirational and she is definitely dedicated into the things she loves and wants to do. Ive never seen someone so beautiful and so talented in a long time. She is so kind and has a great personality. I love her work and I thrive to do the same things she inspires me to do. Love Ya girl and stay batty

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