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Interview with Sinister

Interview with Sinister as seen on Gothic and Amazing Magazine issue #4 – Halloween is Here!

Sinister is a brand that everyone in the world of Gothic fashion knows and loves! You can find it on several websites and online shops all over the world. Their dresses are a dream come true to every goth with a romantic look and they have a design to fit any style! You can easily go from Bridal to Halloween. Their unique designs range from short  to long dresses, veils, cuffs , bags and even chokers which you will fall in love with. With a very good quality and price Sinister became one of the most wanted brands when you are looking for elegant and gothic beauty.

1. How would you describe yourself?
That is a difficult one…. I do not really like to talk about myself, and prefer others to describe me, since they have a different and probably more independent opinion… But ok – I will give it a try. In short, I think I am a bit of a tough cookie with a spicy bite on the outside: a bit hard to get trough. I tend to keep people on a “safe” distance. But -for those who know me – with a soft, warm and caring filling.

2. Could you tell us a bit about your history, how you got into designing clothes? What put you on this path?
My background is not really what one would expect… Being an addict for beautiful clothes, I started my “career” on a fashion school, but I did not fit in and thought it was horrible: I did not like the system, the teachers and most of the students… As often in the fashion industry, people tend to feel more important than they really are, and they act it…. I have always been a bit of a rebel and I felt completely out of place there….so – I dropped out after 5 weeks, and followed my other dream: my passion for music. I switched studies and I completed a study in audio engineering in combination with another study for management & organization, since my goal was to work as a tour manager with a band. Obviously, this never took off…. I was away on a holiday in Indonesia once with a friend that had a shop in Amsterdam. We decided just to have a few clothes made there and see what would happen. Once back, it turned out this was a good idea, and I was asked to make a few models in the gothic style. So I did. And here we are 🙂

3. Do you still remember the 1st dress you made; how do you feel about it looking back to it now?
Oh yes I do – It was mini dress. Fitting tightly with very long pointy sleeves and lacing up though eyelets at the cleavage. If I look back on this model I still like it, although, with my style and knowledge now, I would definitely make a few changes and additions to it. I think it is great to see the development (improvement) in our collection over the years.

4. You have a Romantic Goth style to your designs, what draws you to this particular style?
I sort of grew into this. Firstly because I prefer to wear skirts or dresses myself and feel the majority of women nowadays sort of “lost” the art of dressing in a feminine way. Girl – you’re a woman! Show it – enjoy it! Besides that – within this style I can freely experiment with all sorts of shapes, fabrics, and especially accessoires… I love it! It sometimes feels like I am a painter, and instead of a brush I have needles and the accessoires for “the final touch”…

5. What challenges have you had to face in your chosen career? How did you overcome your challenges?
Over the years I faced many challenges: Production can be a nightmare, and it took us a long time to find a small factory that is reliable and could keep up to our standards like perfect fit and good quality. Sales can also be a nightmare: Sinister has faced so many companies copying our collection or part of….On one side this is a compliment but at the other side it is very frustrating to see others trying to take credit for our work and creativity. Best way to overcome challenges is to face them: confront yourself and your opponent. Deal with the issue, fight your battle and move on. Whether you win or lose.

6. Do you have favourite fabrics that you like to work with?
Not really – I have phases I go through – some collections I use a certain fabric more than others…

7. Why did you choose the name Sinister?
I instantly had a “click” with the word Sinister. The sound, the meaning, the history… it was “instant love”…

8. Is Sinister a one woman job or do you have people helping you?
That depends how you look at it… I would say yes since I basically take care of all aspects of the whole process. BUT: I (so read Sinister) would be nowhere without the fantastic small team taking care of the production.

9. You have the dreamiest pieces, where do you turn to for inspiration?
Anywhere really – could be something I see in a movie, in books, on the street….

10. Your pieces are very unique with your own personal design, but do you take costume orders as well?
No we don’t.

11. I know this can be a hard question to answer, I bet you love all your designs but do you have a piece or a collection that you favor?
Of course there are some designs I like more than others…. I like to think the 2014 collection was the best so far.

12. What do you feel when you see someone getting married in one of your designs or using your pieces on special days in their lives?
I feel honoured if I see people wearing Sinister: I think it is the best compliment one can receive.

13. Can you talk about a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?
This was many years ago when I had just started. A customer called me in the night asking if I could please bring extra stock to a festival where she was selling our collection: most of her stock had sold out in the first day. When I arrived the next day, there were girls lining up – waiting for the new Sinister stock to arrive… I was completely caught by surprise to see how popular our collection was. People lining up! (wow…imagine that… – for a fashion school drop-out;-) )

14. With so many amazing pieces you must be having plenty of requests for photo collaborations, what makes you say yes to a project?

Yes we get many requests. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint often. A yes is not only based on a “click” between me and the person requesting, but also the style and looks of the model. By using different models, we try to create a broad reflection of different faces, bodies, characters and styles.

15. Is there someone special that you would like to dress?
Not really – I really tried to think of someone… I can’t recall I ever had that wish in the past really… sorry

16. And about the future, what are your biggest goals in life, what more would you like to conquer?
My biggest goal in life is to make sure my little girl will be a happy girl: Nothing else matters, really… But to be honest I would like to go back to school and study again…. I need to feed my brain with something new again!

17. So to end… You know you have many Sinister fans out there: What advice would you give to them as their inspiration?
Be yourself. Be true to yourself. Catch your dreams. Catch your dreams before they slip away Dying all the time Loose your dreams and you will lose your mind. Ain’t life unkind?(Ruby Tuesday – Rolling Stones)

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