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Interview with Scaredy Cat

Alternative young model from Germany

Cover credits: Photo: Unholy Beauty Fotodesign, Dress: Sayamana, Headpiece: MagicScenery

Scaredy Cat is a alternative young model from Germany that found her way to Goth sub-culture and there started to make some of her dreams come true in amazing very creative pictures, I bet most of you have already stumble on some of her pictures on some social net working so now here is a chance to know a bit about the girl behind those beautiful images…

1. How would you describe yourself?
I´m a girl full of fantasy and dreams. I´m creative and love it to realize these fantasies. I stand up for the rights of animals. I call myself an animal activist. I like to go out and I love to spend time with my animals and family. I love glitter and the little things in my life. So you can see I´m a normal girl from the next door.

2. How did you start modeling?
I started modelling when I was 22 years old. Many friends told me I should take more pics of mine in a professional way because the club pics are great. I heard from a modelling platform called “Model-Kartei” and so I thought it would be worth a try and I created my first set-card.

3. Why alternative modeling do you feel connected to the alternative life-style in anyway ?
At puberty, I realized that something was missing. I always felt different. Any scene I took a look at was some kinda strange. Some day I got to know people who went there just like me, and these people showed me the beautiful side of the Gothic scene. From that moment I felt at home. The goth Sub-culture is not only a scene for me now it’s my life. People all around are very creative, When I take pictures as a model my creativity has to play a part and that´s very important to me. So these are just some reasons why I decided to be a Gothic Girl.

4. You pull a lot of different looks did you choose to do them or are they just job proposals?
It´s surely sometimes just a job so if my sponsor got a special idea I do my very best to realize this for the photographer. But most projects on my pics are created in my own way. If I have an idea which I like to realize, I take a sheet of paper and write down all things I need for the shoot. It has to be harmonious and coordinated in all. So I look for the clothes, accessories and the locations for the perfect shoot.

5. Do you like to be involved in the creative process of a shooting?
Yes I do because the work between photographer and model could be perfect if everyone is in agreement with the subject and the set including outfits.

6. How is it in back-stage , do you have fun and make good friends or is it all very straight and professional?
No it is not straight. We all have lots of fun. There is nothing better than all parts of the team get along with each other and have a great time.This eases the atmosphere and working is much more comfortable.Next to this I made lots of friends and so modelling isn’t just a job it’s part of a social family.

7. What is your favorite type of photo-shoot?
I have no favorite type of photo-shoot. I love all kind of dark and mysterious shoots and I also love fantasy and latex themes. It´s just important to me that I can implement my ideas which come into my mind and that everything blends together.

8. As a model you don´t just photo-shoot you also do catwalk works, do you like to do both things or is there a favorite?
I like both things. These are two different types of work so I can´t say I like one type better.

9. You have been published a few times, you were even the cover girl of a goth magazine, how does that make you feel?
It makes me feel very, very proud. One of my biggest dreams came true. This one was a big dream and I thought I will never reach it. I worked all the time for this moment.

10. Your pictures are so a target of some art work, do you like to have your pictures worked with?
Sometimes I’m inspired by some artwork. My new creation “The amazon” is inspired by the artist Louis Royo.

11. Your still young so whats your biggest goal in a life?
Oh that´s a very difficult question. I don’t have any specific goals in my life. I hope I can do much more projects in modelling and I hope all things I´ll do will work in a good way. I can´t say what I´m going to do in 5 years so I´ll wait and see and make the best of it.

12. Now my famous last question lol… You know you have many fans (me included) what would you like to say to them?
At first I will say to all my fans THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the great support. I love you so much and I hope that I can continue giving you pleasure with my pictures. You guys are all great. Please stay as you are, live your dreams no matter what others says.

Find more information about Scaredy Cat here:

Facebook  Model Kartei

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