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Interview with Onyx Psybug

Bugs, stones and psytrance: An interview with Onyx Psybug

Cover credits: Photographer: Magic Missile Studios,Top: Pastel Pixie, Shorts: Willow and Dawn
Interview by Alan D.D.

People often think on dark, depressed and tortured people in a never ending pain, so hurt and deep in their own tragedy they don’t talk about anything else. But there’s one self-described space nymph boy that makes it clear you can have a dark fashion sense and be full of life and happiness. His name is Onyx Psybug, a promising, talented boy that is not afraid of trying many different things at the same time.

When did you start modeling?
I don’t consider myself a model but I suppose u could say about 2 years ago?

Where does that name come from?
The name was a concoction of things that I like 🙂 bugs, stones and psytrance! Also the name sounded sci-fi which is also something I’m super in love with. ^u^

How is a common day in the life of Onyx Psybug?
A common day for me consists of doing some makeup practice, potentially posting it, taking the makeup off and going on a few adventures (weather that be eating snacks while I watch too much YouTube or actually going out and seeing the world.) Then I go to work.♡

Which would you consider the major change you’ve experimented in your style?
The major change is probably everything to be honest, I can’t really pin point exact things because I’m constantly changing.;3;

Where do you get the ideas for your looks from?
Mostly cartoons, insects, mythical creatures and animals.

You’ve gained a solid fan background because of you cross-dressing style, did you think it would be like this when you started with it?
Not really, I was pretty surprised when I gained a few followers! Most the people that follow me were there before I mentioned that in my bio, so I like to think the people that like my stuff aren’t there for the novelty.

Which one do you prefer? Male, female or mixing both of them?
On my page I don’t mind as I present as both commonly, but in everyday life I identify more as male that anything. I don’t dress like this in public much unfortunately.

What’s the best part of modeling for you?
I like the freedom and fun that it brings! (Which is why I said earlier I don’t consider myself a model or at least not a professional one, I’m sure it wouldn’t bring much fun or freedom if that was the case.)

Would you be able to think about your favorite look?
I like dressing in a sort of albino-ish style because it’s quite ethereal.

You are also a photographer, why did you decide to be behind the camera sometimes?
Photography is also a fun hobby and I hope one day to study it properly and make something of it.

Do you prefer to be a model or a photographer?
Both are very different and stimulate different parts of my brain so I can’t answer that ’cause they are both very enjoyable!

When you’re not taking pictures or trying new clothes and make up, what do you do in your free time?
I enjoy using Photoshop for various creative projects, whacking sci-fi, going out for adventures, dancing in my backyard and working on commissions (I make jewelry and custom accessories.)

Any advice for those who want to try it?
Start playing with makeup and clothes with some good tunes in the background and a sheet of inspiration pictures! Many people say to me they don’t have good clothes or money but I started off with cheap drug store makeup and a few safety pins. I was also lucky enough to have a mum who thankfully knew how to customize old Salvation Army clothes (Salvation Army is a cheap second hand clothing shop.) I grew up in a poor family with not a big clothes budget. She was the reason I got so heavily involved with this because she taught me it doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are, you can still look how you want if you put in the effort! ♡

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