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Interview with Obsidian Kerttu

Internationally published and agency represented alternative model from Serbia

Cover credits: Outfit: Aglasis Couture, Photo: Marko Stamatovic Studio / Atelje Stamatovic

Gothic soul inside and out that just can’t get enough of the darker side of life, plus the gorgeous doll gothic look she rocks in front of the camera! By day Obsidian is a graphic designer with the master degree; by night she takes her artistic skills along with her on shoots. Balancing between beautiful and morbid, she enjoys creating new styles for every shooting – from bizarre to victorian and elegant, subtle, refined and darkly sweet. Most of the shootings are carefully planned by her, with her creative director skills and the master skills of the photographers with whom she is working with, she creates magic, also including outfits and makeup to fit the session style. Her passion is makeup, she is corset collector, and is also obsessed with long hair, vampires, typography, velvet, lace, extremely high heels and long lashes. She enjoys modeling what she feels, and expressing herself no matter what gothic subgenre.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I would like to say that I’m romantic, mysterious, unique, elegant, modest, introvert, and creative.

2. How did modeling enter your life, was it a long time dream?
Actually no, haha! I have never thought that I will become a model, most of the time I was taking pictures of myself in my favorite combinations, showing off my style, expressing my emotions through make up, experimenting and playing with it, and then trying to capture it on the photograph.  People noticed my style and potential, so I could say the beginning of my modeling was a photo shooting I did a few years back for Villena Viscaria,  an alternative clothing brand here in Serbia, subsequently followed by collaborations with many professional photographers and brands.

3. What lead you to alternative and goth modeling?
I think it’s the music I was listening at very young age. My parents always had good taste in music, so I had really nice influence. But unlike them, by growing up I prefered more dark and melancholic music, so I turned goth. I have always loved luxurious dresses and corsets, crowns, queens and nobility, watching vampire movies and how royal and pure they were, also big influences were The Addams Family and Beetlejuice, books also, and all aristocratic, dark and twisted, yet beautiful things. I am an artist by profession, so this is just another way to show my creativity and way of life, balancing between beauty and morbidity.

4. Do you feel connected to alternative life style in any way?
Actually yes, a lot! Alternative people are all equal to each other, we don’t judge people by height or weight, tattoos, body modifications, by how people look outside or inside. Alt people are more open minded, more supportive, always open for new things and adventures, and even more beautiful form the inside! So yes, alt people may be a little twisted and strange, socially awkward, but in the end those are all beautiful people, with nice manners and higher goals, with respect to every and each other subculture or mainstream culture. We don’t judge.

5. Why the modeling name Obsidian Kerttu, Can you tell us the story behind that name?
This one goes a few years back when I wanted to give myself a unique name. I always loved jewels, stones and crystals, and my favorite was (and still is) obsidian. Obsidian is  black stone, or volcanic glass that is very beautiful and can be used for jewels, but also can be sharp and dangerous and used for blades. And Kerttu… More than 6 years ago I used a random name generator to translate my real name into Finnish name (because I was bored), and I got Kerttu. I liked how that sounded together and voilà – Obsidian Kerttu was born! Later, I realized Kerttu means ladybug in Finnish, which is quite awesome, because I thought that word doesn’t really exist.

6. We can see you in many different types of photo-shoots but do you favor any genre of modeling more than another?
Well, modeling genres I’m interested include gothic, victorian, steampunk, fantasy, haute gothic, editorial, glamour, beauty, commercial, alternative, vintage, latex, etc, but my favorite, and also my personal style is trad goth/victorian. I like it’s elegance, luxury, and with perfect makeup and accessories it can be so powerful and playful.

7. Do you have a favorite photoshoot from all the ones you already done, one that left you with good memories?
I think my favorite photoshoot is my first one I did for Villena Viscaria. The atmosphere was great, we all had fun, and I wasn’t too aware of my posing or too concerned how I will look on camera.  There was no pressure, I was just doing what I felt is right, and it turned out great!  So, yeah, from that day I gained many friendships and good collaborations.

8. This one I really have to ask, I just love your makeups in every picture do you do it yourself? Is make-up art one of your passions?
Oh, thank you, I feel honored! Yes, I do makeup on almost all of my shootings, but I don’t mind other makeup artists either. Makeup is my passion, it’s perfect to achieve certain mood, or to become totally different person, you can transform yourself into anything you can imagine, the possibilities are infinite! Yes, there is a lot of practice, and the only thing you need to start experimenting with it are good brushes and good foundation. Everything else is individual, so it’s just mix and match between brands, colors, taste, preferences, styles… I love heavy makeup, and I just don’t feel complete without it.

9. Do you have any concepts for future shoots that you’re just dying to try out?
Hmm, this is quite hard one. I would like to do more fantasy, mystical, fairytale, forest themed shootings. Something magical and surreal, but dark.

10. Where do you go for inspiration? Do you have and idol, someone that you look up to for?
I always find my inspiration in my emotions, in weather, nature, music and melody. I look up to Adora Batbrat, Lady Amaranth, Ophelia Overdose and other beautiful models, they are my big role models, gothic icons and huge style influences, but I always do it my way. I never loved copycats, they don’t have their own personality.

11. What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?
I think this bridal editorial I did for you is my biggest project yet! I am blown away by how much I achieved for a very short amount of time. I have more confidence and experience than before. A lot of well known models are supporting me, and I also started working with some of the biggest gothic brands, that I never dreamed will collaborate with me. So, I suppose my biggest career highlights are all the great connections I made, and all the editorials I was shooting so far. All the people I started working with became my dear and true friends.

12. After all that what more can we expect seeing you do in the future, what are your biggest goals in life?
Since I am a graphic designer, I would like to hit some major projects from my field, or maybe exhibit my work internationally. And regarding my modeling, maybe bigger career, and collaborations with some of the amazing photographers like Lilif Ilane, Viona-Art, A.M. Lorek, Sonja Saur, Von Wong, Kareva Margo… But that’s like distant future maybe. And of course, more collaborations with amazing gothic brands and designers.

13. Do you have any other hobby that you really enjoy besides modeling?
I enjoy drawing and crafting all kinds of stuff! I can do whatever comes to my mind, I have skillful hands so I can make really beautiful things with very little material, and with almost no tools. Makeup is my hobby too, sometimes sewing,  and playing video games, I’m not gonna lie!

14. You look amazing in your modeling outfits! What do you wear when you’re ‘off duty’?
I am not always wearing corsets and platforms, I enjoy comfortable clothes, casual and classy. Dark colors, unusual leggings, lace blouses, seethrough materials, combined with fluffy sweaters or long cardigans and vests, creepers or pvc boots and such stuff. I just add like standout piece of jewelry and I am ready for the day.

15. You know you have many fans out there, what message would you like to leave them?
I would like to thank every single person for supporting and appreciating my work, I am doing my modeling only because of them – to show “my world” to the world! Always remember to be yourself, and go your own way. Find your style, find out what makes you unique. Set up goals – and go for it! Get inspired by others, but never try to copy, make it your own. My fans should always feel free to write to me, I’m here for them as they are there for me. <3



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