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Interview with Niobe Noir

Young alternative model from Germany

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Niobe Noir is a young alternative model from Germany that never stops to amaze us with her work. So here is her lovely interview hope you have fun because she’s really an amazing girl 🙂

1. How would you describe yourself?
A dreamer, a sensitive ‘social outsider’ and an stubborn individualist Zwinkerndes 🙂

2. How did you start modeling and how old were you when you started?
I started modeling when I was 19 , the first photo-shoot i did was with –  we had planned this very spontaneously, on a “fetish-party” the day before and it was so much fun that i never stopped .

3. Why Alternative modeling , do you fell related to Alternative Goth sub-culture?
Absolutely ! I don’t like ordinary things that much and my passion is “black” (goth sub-culture) so it was a logical step for me, to do what my heart dictates -> extraordinary alternative modeling *hehe* !

4. I must say that i love all your different looks specially the blue hair ones, do you make them yourself our are that photographers ideas ?
Oh thank you very much ^_^ ! Most of the ideas/styles are made by myself – I do the make up, hair and create accessories – it’s so much fun to me to put them together and create a “new look” 🙂 but I also love to implement the ideas of the photographer, if I could fully identify myself with it.

5. Why the name Niobe Noir ?
Well, “Niobe” is from the movie ‘Matrix’ – i choose that name because i like the character of the ‘Matrix-Niobe’ a lot (strong but also emotional woman) and “Noir” (black) is just the association to the goth/dark-sub-culture, where my heart belongs to, that’s all…

6. Wow must say i loved that answer … as you mention before  your not just a Model you also do your own hair and make-up , were do you get the inspiration for that ?
I’m very inspired by artists like “Tim Burton”, “Roman Dirge”, “H.R. Giger”  …- but also “Björk” had a major influence on my creations/styles .

7. Whats your favorite thing about being a known model ?
It’s so wonderful to know, people like what i’m doing -, being inspired, just enjoy it or/and maybe have a laughter about the craziness ^^

8. Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobies you really enjoy?
Yes, besides ‘clubbing/festivals/meeting friends etc.’ i’d love to watch/collect original-dvd’s and movies (one day I will open up a video library …*lol* ^^)

9. How do you dress in your everyday life?
I’m dressed like how I feel – sometimes “less is more” (^^) and other times more is more !

10. Lol i just have to agree with you …So what would you advice to those who want to be like you and dress the way you do ?
Be yourself ! Don’t ever let somebody tell you, that you can’t do something.

11. Well as always i would love to end with knowing what would you like to say to your many fans ?
I would like to THANK every single person for all their love, positive feed backs and their unbelievable  great support :’)

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