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Interview with Nina de Lianin

Interview with Nina de Lianin as seen on Gothic and Amazing Magazine issue #6 – Goth High Fashion

Cover credits: Photo: Annie Bertram, Designer: OrologiSilenziosi

Nina de Lianin is the one of the greatest, the icon of Gothic Culture, and the synonym for divine. Her indescribable beauty will drag you into your world of perfection, elegance and lust. She is a professional singer, actress, dancer and one of the most amazing models of Gothic Culture.

She is born in Belgrade, Serbia, currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

Nina is the worldwide professional model and very famous singer who works with the best photographers, make-up and hair artists, representing the finest brands and featured in the most famous magazines, with an army of fans and artists who find her various career very inspiring and admirable and that makes me more than honored for having such a wonderful opportunity to do an interview with such an amazing person.

How would you describe yourself?
I am sitting quietly facing this question and not being able to write not even one word in about five minutes…I always find it extremely difficult to categorize my being or my work. It also took me a while to put it all in one sentence and now I’m using it since a while as my description on social networks: that I am an extravagant, avant-garde personality of many talents. It sounds both strict and romantic, and that is exactly how I am 🙂

As I mentioned previously, your career is simply amazing, you are a singer, a model, an actress, a dancer…that is more than amazing, so I would like to know what is the toughest of those four parts of your career?
First of all – thanks for the lovely words! I must say, the toughest of all is, when you do so many things at once, to be able to do each one of them as good as if you’ve been only singing or only dancing or only acting or only modeling all your life…

We know that music plays a very big role in your life and that are very famous singer, so tell us little bit more about Nina as a singer. How did you start with your singing career?
I started expressing my talents at quite young age, so with 5 I started dancing, at the age of 8 I joined a folklore group where I was able not only to dance, but also to sing. My first solo performance on stage with singing and dancing happened at the age of 7, I just remembered and 7 is a lucky number, you know 🙂

You are also known as a singer of the German electro-industrial band “In Strict Confidence”, so I would like to know how that story started.
As I moved from Belgrade to Berlin, I moved in with the guitarist of ISC and her partner. I was involved in musical studies, so HayDee thought of me as Dennis had mentioned that they need a female singer to jump in for Antje, when she cannot perform. For me it was like a childhood dream coming true, because I always dreamed of singing in some metal-goth band. Not much later Antje left the band. Ever since I was not only the official female singer, but I was also able to try myself out at songwriting and in many other creative areas. We have lots of fun together, they are amazing people and very inspiring creative minds.

I read that you are a lyric soprano, but I would like to know your view towards opera and classical singing. Did you take professional singing lessons and did you ever explore the magic of singing classical music?
I attended musical school parallel with gymnasium, but I also took private classes from the heroine of Serbian National Opera, Svetlana Nestorov. She trained me for three years and of all vocal teachers I have ever worked with, she is the best one I ever had. We are still keeping in touch and it is so amazing for me to have her support, even though I decided to switch from opera singing into pop, rock and musical singing. I still sing classics sometimes though.

Which one is your favorite music genre and what do you listen when you simply want to relax, close your eyes and just breathe?
I must say, since ten years and I have no more favorite music genre or bands, I just can say if I find something good or not, from song to song. It’s also funny that ever since I became singer of ISC, I barely listen to music that has something to do with our scene. That’s what makes it so special when we perform live again.

Can you share some details about your work with Manfred Thierry Mugler?
Mr Mugler wrote, directed and logically also designed costumes for the latest show at Show Palast aka Friedrichstadtpalast. He casted me as hand model for one short film he directed for the show and then I also sang in the role of “The Zoo Girl”. Our next collaboration is finding place in Paris, this March, but this is all I can say, it’s all still strictly confidential 🙂

Can you share some details from your personal life? Who is Nina when she’s not surrounded with photographs, make-up and hair artists, when she’s not conquering the stage?
I spent 23 years of life in Belgrade, where my whole family still lives. My new family is in Berlin now, I am happily married to a surreal painter and tattoo artist Milovan Radonjic and we have a don sphynx cat Mephisto. Milo is amazing support and endless inspiration to me and my little devilish cat is my familiar, he is so very much like me and I love that euphoria he shows when I’m back from a trip, that is just precious!

Name three things you simply cannot live without every single day?
Chocolate! Love! Action!

Who is your biggest inspiration in your career, especially in music and modeling career?
At my teenage years I found the concept of Nightwish very inspiring. In the last few years I started enjoying some live performances of Madonna, when it comes to the show part. However I usually take my inspiration in other art or most of all human psychology and social problems. When it comes to modeling, my biggest inspiration is Dovima, the super-model of the 50s.

How much have you and your life changed since you started building your career?
Life is a constant change, so yes, it is changing a lot. Quite exciting to see what lessons you learn on your path and what interesting people and moments you get to meet and experience. But deep within I am still a girl with big dreams and no matter what dreams come true, there are always some others to be dreamed. We are all the same 🙂

What is like to be famous model, singer and an artist in general and great inspiration to others?
For me it is just normal and most people I know who “have made it” are acting and feeling the same. My job which I love with all my heart wears on one side big risks, but can also put you in the spotlight of mass audiences worldwide. I am happy that I am able to inspire people and I am even more happy and proud to be the face that can say to all those girls out there – no matter where you come from and no matter how your path is, just do your thing and you will see that everything is possible. I have made perhaps slower steps in my career than some others, but I can say, that I didn’t have to sell my soul or my body for reaching these highs. And I know – I am not alone.

Who is your biggest support in your wide and various careers, who gives you strength to keep fighting in cruel artistic world?
Of course – my husband and our families, my friends and people who support me and follow my work, although I must say, I am happy that I can choose what I do and I barely see my artistic surroundings as cruel, because I avoid people and situations that don’t do me good.

What do you consider your biggest career highlight so far?
Having the collaborations with Mr Mugler, Eurovision, Show Palast and Serbian National Ensemble in my CV. As my personal highlight I see the moment of me breaking the boundaries of a performer and becoming the creator of my own performances.

Do you have some specials plans for future that you would maybe like to share with us or simply “feed” us with small hint? Where can we see you performing these days?
This year I am concentrating on more commercial jobs as performer and model, but I am also keeping some interesting guest spots of course. For example my last performance was at my new party series in Berlin, which I’m co-organizing, it’s called “Beasts & Beauties” and it’s more mainstream, with special guests and live performances. Every 1st Saturday of month my two partners and I create this party and I sang at the opening party in February. I think I might do that again, it’s great to greet our guests that way.

We came to the end of this amazing chatting. It was more than pleasure to write this interview, so what would you leave as a message to your faithful fans and our dear readers?
Thank you for interesting questions, it’s always a pleasure to go deeper into my soul and bring out some interesting feelings 🙂 Wishing you and your magazine all the best and sending warmest regards to all fans, followers and readers!

Be yourself, everybody else is already taken! <3

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