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Interview with Myrna Moonstruck

Young alternative model from the Netherlands

Cover credits: Photo: Henk van Rijssen, Corset & neck corset: Skeletons in the Closet, Wrist cuffs: Pendulous Threads UK

Myrna is a very sweet young alternative model from the Netherlands with an amazing natural beauty, so don’t lose the chance to know more about her!

1. How would you describe yourself?
Hehe, starting with a hard question! Mostly  I’m just an average 20 years old girl. I like shoes, make-up, cats and Facebook. I’m shy around strangers, and extremely chatty around friends.  I just have some weird hobbies and a weird style!
I’m also very chaotic, but perfectionistic. Hot-tempered, but caring.  And a pessimistic dreamer.. So yeah, a living paradox 😉

2. How did you start modelling?
Two of my favorite things to do are creating costumes and visiting fantasy fairs (awesome festivals with music, dressed up people, and fantasy related shops). At one of those festivals I wore one of my self-made costumes, and did a mini-shoot with a photographer named Maarten. After the fair, we became friends (hurray for Facebook!), and decided to do a real shoot. It was his first shoot with a model, and my first shoot in general. I liked it so much, that it became my hobby.

3. Why alternative modeling, do you feel connected to alternative life style in anyway?
As long as I remember I was one of the “weird” kids. I never really liked mainstream fashion (I haven’t really worn jeans in at least 6 years), started listening to metal at the age of 13, and while my classmates were out clubbing, I was at home gaming or reading fantasy books.

I wouldn’t know in which subculture I fit in most, because I’m bad at labeling and my style changes often. One day I’m goth, the next day I look like a hippie. There’s just one thing that’s always the same: most people won’t think of me as normal. So to me it would feel weird to make normal photos. I also think alternative styles and themes are way more interesting than your average beauty shot.

4. You make a lot of fantasy  photo-shoots is that your favorite type of picture?
My favorite photos to look at, are photos that tell a story. The best photos are the ones that you can look at for ages, and every time you look, you see different elements of the photo, and the story changes a bit. This can be everyday themed photos, of modern times and normal people, but fantasy photos usually have more interesting stories.

Another reason why I love fantasy shoots, is that I can transform myself into something magical. It’s an amazing and addicting feeling, when you are able to lose yourself in a world you and your team created.

5. As a model do you only follow photographer directions or do you like to be involved on the creative part of a shoot?
I actually love both. Sometimes I have a lot of inspiration and ideas for shoots, so I look for a photographer that likes those ideas. At those times I’m the most creative. I decide the theme, find a location, make a costume and look for some props.

At other times, I have no inspiration at all, and I just look for modelcalls from photographers and make-up artists. With photographers I already know, I’m a bit more at ease, so I try to put some of my own creativity and soul in the photos. With photographers I don’t know yet, I just try to make sure the photos stay close to the idea they had in mind.

6. Can you tell us a bit about the backstage, do you have fun?
For me having fun is one of the most important things during a shoot! Of course great results are nice too, but it’s way more important to have a good day and create some epic memories.

7. Why the name Myrna Moonstruck?
Moonstruck is a very interesting word. It means the same as the more commonly used word “lunatic”. At first the word sounds very epic: struck by moonlight. I love that! The moon is my muse, and I adore her. I can spend hours watching her. Moonstruck sounds pretty mysterious too.
But then there’s the reality: people use the word “moonstruck” to describe somebody who is crazy, or mentally disturbed in some way. I also really like that! I’m not a normal person, and I can do pretty weird stuff. The combination of the epicness and the weirdness just fits perfectly!

8. Now just being curious how do you dress on your everyday life?
As I said before, that varies. It really depends on my mood. Goth, hippie, vintage, even lolita’ish. The things I love to wear most are swirly skirts and dresses in earth tones. I’ve also recently fallen in love with my new corset. It’s the most comfortable corset I’ve ever had, so I wear it a lot.

At the moment I mostly wear a style I can’t really describe. I think the best way to put it, is bohemian, with both Victorian and tribal influences.

 9. You have so many amazing pictures that this must be a hard question for you but do you have a favorite photo-shoot or a favorite picture, one that left you good memories?
Ouch, this is indeed a hard one. Shoot wise, I think I’d pick the shoot I did with Sheridan’s Art and Ophidia last summer. We had way too many concepts to work out on one day, and everyone was tired, but hyper. We had so much fun!

Picture wise, I’d pick my self-portrait which I named Moonstruck. It took me months to finish the photo, which was so extremely frustrating, that I hated it when it was done. But when I uploaded it, I realized that it was one of the most epic things I made in my life, and I made it all by myself. I still feel incredibly proud, every time I look at it.

 10. Do you have an idol or someone that inspires you?
I have multiple idols, actually. Even before I started modelling, I’ve been a fan of La Esmeralda. She is an incredible beautiful woman, with an amazing style. All her photos are so classy! And to make it all perfect: she’s an incredibly kind woman too.
After that I met a lot of people that inspire me, but one of them is special: Madmoiselle Méli. I won her sponsored model contest, but I won so much more than the possibility to wear her designs.. In a lot of things we are much alike, which is always nice. But she’s so many things I dream to be: an incredible person, an amazing designer, and a gorgeous model. She inspires me in many aspects of life, and knows how to cheer me up when I’m going through hard times. If anyone would ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I’d say Méli <3

11. Do you have other hobbies besides modeling?
The things I love most in life besides modelling are festivals and fairs, costume making, photographing, reading, gaming and dancing. I’m not a very good at dancing, but it’s a lot of fun. I started with Balkfolk, which is a combination of folk dance and ballroom dance. It’s hard to explain, but it’s epic!  I’ve also done Irish dance for a few years, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. Now I’m trying some bellydance, which is really nice, but very hard. I hope I’ll be good at it one day.

12. So what’s next, what more can we expect seeing you do, I know your still young but  what your biggest goals in a life?
At this moment I’m still at school, which is a big part of my life. My biggest goal right now, is to finally finish it, and get my diploma. After that, I hope to be a costume designer. I know it’s going to be extremely difficult, but costume making stole my heart.

 13. So to end … You know you have many fans out there what is the message you would like to say to them?
I’m incredibly grateful for everyone that supports me. I’ve always been a very insecure girl, and reading all your positive messages really boosts my self-esteem.  I could never have imagined that so many people would actually like what I do!
There are so many nice people from all over the world following my page, and I wish there was a way I could meet everyone, and thank them. You are the best <3

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