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Interview with Miss Twisted

Alternative model from Melbourne, Australia

Miss Twisted is an Alternative model from Melbourne, Australia she is unique on her own way in her own words she “joins brains with beauty” and would love to have been born with feathers 🙂 she does love to try different looks bringing a bright spark to the dark side. Here is her interview hope you like it as much as i did.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I never know how to answer this, uh, a bright personality in a twisted exterior I suppose. Passionate, eccentric, opinionated, a little ditsy, probably a little bit arrogant haha!

2. How did you start modeling and how old were you when you started?
It was only a couple of years ago, I think I was almost 20, I did a shoot for a photographer friend of mine with my boyfriend, and everything just kept going from there!

3. You have many pictures Alternative and even goth yet still with a lot of color, did you fell related to Goth of sub-culture?
Definitely, I think it’s important to acknowledge the origins of goth subculture, but I think what ‘goth’ is has expanded so much since then, I like to feel it’s possible to dress in a dark and twisted way while still utilizing color. And I’m all about juxtaposing light and playful with dark and creepy!

4. I must say that i love all your different looks and the amazing clothes you wear in your photo shoots, do you choose them our are they photographers proposals ?
Most of what you see is my own styling from my own wardrobe, but there are a few where my outfit is by a certain stylist or designer, and often my outfit gets put together based on a theme or concept or style that the whole team has put together.

5. Why the name Miss Twisted ?
Well I really didn’t want to give myself an overly serious gothic name with flowery words for death and darkness, I wanted something more fun that captured my personality I wanted something a bit dark, but sounded a bit cute and quirky and creative.

6. I guess you made it because for what i see your name fits you just fine lol love it  … So I  know you won Miss Alternative 2012 what did you get from that experience ?
The number one thing was the friends I made from that competition. Every one of the contestants were amazing, I was really happy to see that the finalists all had their own powerful personalities to go with their individual styles. On a more personal level, it was the chance to finally shake off my doubts about my self image from my teenage years, to stand up there and prove to the world and myself that I’m happy with who I am.

7. So now I’m curious  how do you dress in your everyday life?
Haha I do get a bit lazy at uni and tend to just look like I rolled out of bed! But other than that I never stick to one style, some days it’s all skirts with lacy jackets and high heels the next it’s clunky new rocks and shiny leggings with all the spikey things I can find. There’s definitely always a goth element to my every day clothes though!

8. How is it like to be a famous model and an inspiration to others?
Well I suppose I never really think of myself as famous or inspirational, just.. well, interesting! So it’s still very odd to me when people say they’re inspired by me. I suppose it shows there are like-minded people out there and I hope it means they go on to create something beautiful.

9. Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy?
I absolutely love language, I’m studying to be a speech pathologist at uni and I do take a lot of interest in it, so that’s probably my number one hobby! Apart from that, I do enjoy ice skating and sewing when I get the chance.

10. What would you advise to the girls out there that dream of being a alternative goth model our that are just starting?
Acknowledge your flaws, if you embrace them and accept them, no one can use them to hurt you. Find your own personal style and work with it, and never let anyone tell you who you are or who you ought to be. Above all else remember that looks are trivial and temporary, ideas are not.

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