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Interview with Mellifère

Young alternative model based in France

Cover credits: Photographer: Z. Vision

Mellifère is a young alternative model based in France. You may know some of her beautiful pictures from social media but lets take some time to get to know her a bit better….

1. How would you describe yourself, who is Mellifère behind the camera?
I think I am someone who loves to have a lot of fun. Live life like there’s no tomorrow. I really sensitive and do things passionately. I love hanging out with friends and shopping too. So, I’m like everybody.

2. When did you start modeling and what lead you to Alternative/goth modeling?
I discovered goth in middle school from other models. I started young. With my friend we wanted to make photos like the goth idols. We went to churches, graveyards, statues and did the photoshoots. But we didn’t have a good camera and we were just 12 years old!  I never stopped making shootings and when it was not with my friend behind the camera, my parents did the photography. (Good memories) When I moved to the city for my studies, I met my best friend and we started making shoots together.

I can’t imagine shooting anything else but alternative style because I was goth since 11 years old. However I do I try to make some fashion/beauty shoots but it’s very different.

3. Do you feel connected to the alternative lifestyle and how is that like in your country?
I go to metal concerts and festivals as well as to goth and fetish parties in my town. I never made it to  goth festivals like WGT, Mera Luna because I was a student. So I don’t feel connected with the alternative lifestyle. But I’ll go to the festivals in the near future 😉

In my country, alternative is a very small scene compared to other countries like Germany or the UK. You don’t see spectacular outfits in the streets. Sometimes it can even be dangerous to wear alternative clothes (bad word, injuries, violence…).

4. In your photoshoots we see you wearing a lot of big brand’s clothing. Tell us a bit about it.
With my best friend we made a lot of shoots with NewRock shoes and sent them pictures. I hope we can work together one day since it is my favorite brand. We made the same thing with other brand like PunkRave, Sinister, Killstar, Jawbreaker, Ironfist… Some pictures were even published on some pages like NewRock shoes, Sinister and Jawbreaker.

In 2012 I discovered Killstar and I fell in love. I made many shoots with their clothing. You can find all the Killstar shoots I did on my Facebook page and Instagram.

5. You did so many shoots and you pull out so many looks, I have to ask do you have a favorite shoot, one that left you with good memories?
My favorite shoot was when I had white hair! I have good memories from all my shoots. But It was very fun to make Batcave with my 2 babies rats and the woman tree.

6. How about the back stage work? You do most of your make up work and styling, do you enjoy being a part of the photo shoot creative side?
I generally imagine the theme/shoot and with my friend we try to make the most for this – just us working together. I do my own make up and styling but sometimes I work with a Makeup artist and stylist. It’s good to meet new people and see/learn how they work.

7. We can see you in many different types of photoshoots – you go from dark goth to cyber goth to steampunk (to mention a few) but is there a genre that you favor?
I’m in love with romantic goth, I think is my favorite style to shoot. But this question is a little hard as I love all the alternative genres. When I see one I want to wear it one day. I love dark and sweet Lolita too.

8. You work with some very good shops and brands, what makes you say yes to a collaboration or a project together with someone else?
It’s always good to work with shops, brands and creator so I just say yes =)

9. Do you have any concepts for future shoots that you can’t wait to try out?
Yes I have a theme I never made because I was sick the day of the shoot. We wanted to make a video too. But I think I’ll make this very soon! Other projects are a surprise, to see all my future shoots, just follow me.

10. What’s the part of your body you like the most?
It’s a really hard question! I want to say nothing! Perhaps my legs, they look good in high heels.

11. Where do you go for inspiration? Do you have an idol or someone you look up to?
I don’t like to have an inspiration from someone else. When I have an idea and I can realize it I wait. If I see a famous model make something like it, I abandon the project. I have an idol yes, Shelly d’Inferno. She makes very different shoots and I love so much to follow her.

12. What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?
The best thing so far is that I worked with Wonderland 13! Thank you so much wonderland 13 <3 I hope there will be other collaborations like this with more brands in the future.

13. What more can we expect from you in the future and what are your biggest goals in life?
I will continue making photoshoots and bring out the best of me. Hopefully I will find other brands to work on new projects and perhaps one day work with my favorite brand.

14. Just out of curiosity, how do you dress in your everyday life?
I have been wearing romantic Goth styled clothing for several years. But now with my new job I can’t wear Goth clothing except for the weekend when I’m shooting. I don’t have time like I used to and I’m not making elaborate looks anymore, I miss it so much. Now I just wear Killstar just like all my photos on Instagram.

15. Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy and can’t live without?
I love horse riding, it my first passion, the most important for me. I also love ballroom dancing and juggling but I don’t have lot time for this at this moment. I just discover Taxidermy too. I think it can be a new passion!

16. You know you have many fans out there, what message would you like to leave them?
I haven’t realized yet that people like my work. Thank you so much, send you much love. Don’t be shy to come talk to me on Facebook.

A big thanks to all the people that work with me and my best friend who make my photoshoots. Thank you Gothic and Amazing for this great interview <3

Find Mellifère on:

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