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Interview with Marie Pracnova Photography

Photographer & model from Czech Republic

Cover credits: Model: Estelle Roger, Makeup & Bodypainting: Lili Buiová

Marie Pracnova is amazing photographer and model from Czech Republic whose work and her beauty will leave you breathless and speechless. She is a beauty who creates beauty and through her lenses she’s able to express the beauty of many lovely models as well. I believe, after this interview she will have an army of followers and admiration who will love her work as much as I do.

1. When did you fall in love with the photography and what is the reason for that love?
I have been snapping pictures since I was little, but I did not really understand it back then. 😀 When I was in elementary school, I started drawing. I wanted to draw everything as detailed as possible, which unfortunately ended up being impossible for me. That’s when taking photos started to make more sense to me. I started out with macro photography which was a result of my former fascination with detail.
After some time I finally acquired the basic knowledge about photography and I became more interested in doing portraits. It’s been a dream of mine to become a Goth photographer, but I used to lack the necessary knowledge and clothes and props. As the time went I invested a lot of time and money into props and my photography equipment and finally I had my first proper photo-shoot with a model (a REAL model) :).

After I published those photos I acquired some sponsors that provide me with their products that I use in my shoots. Consequently I don’t have to worry so much about the costs and I can focus more on my own creativity.

2. Do you remember your very first shooting and model and can you share some interesting details from that day?
My first photos-hoot was with a classmate of mine. Neither of us had any experience with a photos-hoot like this. The first two sessions were just test runs of sorts. But then we tried to take a photo in the style of 1920’s.
I bought my first 50mm portrait lens and I was absolutely stunned with the bokeh it creates. 😀

On the day of the photo-shoot I have had dressed the model into my beloved dress, made her hair and makeup all pretty and… then it started raining. We had to wait the whole day until the evening… but on the other hand the sunset had made the final photo even more beautiful.

3. I mentioned that your work is outstanding and breathtaking, but I would like to know which is your favorite type of photo-shoot and why?
My favourite is my last photo-shoot (the one with the horns). It is actually the darkest one yet. It has taken me a lot of time to create the concept and prepare everything, so it would end up exactly the way I wanted.
We had only 90 minutes to shoot everything, but we handled everything surprisingly well and everything turned out greater than expected! This project was my biggest one to date and you can look forward to 7 photos from this shoot as 7 is a lucky number 🙂

4. What is your biggest inspiration for all your ideas and concepts?
Basically, everything around me: weather, places, work of other artists, sometimes even interesting clothing… It can be just a little detail which helps me to put everything together, to create the bigger picture.
For example, I take the bus every day around a big alley of trees. And one day there was fog everywhere and that inspired me. So this autumn, when the trees are not going to have any leaves, I am going to shoot a fantasy of a black haired girl going through a fog in a beautiful red gown.

5. Who is your favorite photographer and what made you choose him/her?
Marius Sachtikus is my favourite without any doubt. I love his work, because it is really thought out. Be it motives, poses, retouching, lighting, everything is always really precise.
But what I adore the most about his work is his work with digital painting. Some of his paintings are really breath-taking.

6. Have you even won in the photo-competitions and received awards for your photos?
Actually, I did. But it was a “Metalhead of the year” competition, where I submitted an self-portrait and won the first place. Otherwise I’ve never submitted my work into any competition.

7. Can you tell us something about your personal life? Who is Marie when she isn’t making all those magnificent and amazing photos?
Apart from photography, I spend most of my time doing schoolwork for my university classes. My education means a lot to me. I am studying multimedia and I love it. I get to learn a lot of things I would not have the opportunity to do normally- for example I got to record sounds in an actual studio and I shot nude photography for the first time (I was behind the camera, obviously :D) or we made a video for an advertisement. It’s something new every time and I got to meet some lovely people and it’s just fun in general. My school is my hobby in a way 🙂
And when I get home from school I am always greeted by my dog. He is our little fur-ball of happiness! Well, as I was speaking about us… I meant me and my boyfriend (Laughs!) We have been living together for three years already and he means the world to me. He supports me in everything I do and is always here for me.

8. Are you excited and proud of your work when you see the photo that you’ve taken on our Facebook page and other similar pages?
I am always really happy whenever I finish a photograph and sent it to the model for approval in the first place. Then I get so excited that I stare at the photo for a long time… and then I find mistakes and get disappointed. But that disappears right when I see that people seem to love it on social media and else.

So in the end I end up being really proud and happy and I remember those mistakes for the next time. So, yes.

9. What is, in your opinion, the biggest compliment and respect that photographer could receive?
One of the biggest compliments is that somebody shares your work with your name attached to it. It has happened to me several times that people have stolen my work and they refused to even talk to me about it. So it’s really great when somebody shares your work and writes your name next to it. The best case is of course, when somebody loves your work so much, that they are willing to hire you in the end.

10. How much have you and your life changed since you first started working as a photographer?
Not much, actually. It all started out really slowly. After me and my significant other moved in together, I had his support and more time to focus on my work. I think that taking photos had brought me a lot of happiness into my life, a sense of purpose in doing what I enjoy and also I am almost never bored. 😀

11. I can see that you are a “metalhead”, so I have to ask: Who one is your favorite musician and the band and do you attend a lot of concerts?
Oooh, that’s difficult. I started out listening to classic metal when I was little and then I’ve broadened my music horizons ever since and I love every genre of metal there is. But if I should name my favourite singer, it would definitely be Tarja Turunen. Her voice and singing are just incomparable and beyond awesome.

12. Can you share some photographer wisdom and advice for people who also love photography and consider starting with their career in that type of art?
Just do it, take pictures all the time. Educate yourself. Don’t be ashamed to publish your work and don’t be afraid of failure. Just give it everything you’ve got and it is going to pay off. 🙂

13. What do you consider your biggest career highlight so far?
Well, the biggest highlight was when I took photos for a calendar for a fundraiser of my former high school. It was really nice to be able to cooperate and talk again with my former classmates and to do their makeup and everything. And it was for a good cause.

14. Do you have some special plans for shooting in future that you would maybe like to reveal in this interview or just give us a hint?
I want to continue doing projects with my amazing make-up artist Lili Bui Thi (she did the makeup in a lot of my recent photos). Then, this semester, I have my bachelor thesis ahead of me and my chosen topic is photography postproduction, so be prepared for something really big 🙂

15. I was super excited for doing this interview with you, but (unfortunately) everything has it’s end, just like this lovely chatting with you, so for the closure, what would you like to say as a Good bye to your faithful fans and our dear readers?
Thank you, too, for taking an interest in me and for this interview.
And I’d like to tell the dear readers to keep supporting their favourite artists and to keep being awesome! You can’t imagine how important your support is for us artists 🙂
And take care. 😀 Peaaaaaace!

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