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Interview with Mahafsoun

Persian Bellydancer, alternative model, performer and artist living in Vancouver

Cover credits: Photo: Linda Dong Photography

Mahafsoun is a young talented Persian Bellydancer and artist based in Canada, with drops of Azerbaijani and Egyptian blood that make her beauty unique, she is passionate about Oriental Dances but also about music and of course photography. I’m sure you have seen her work around but if you want a chance to know her better, here it is, don’t miss out her interview.

1. How would you describe yourself?
Artistic,  passionate about what she does and a complete Escapist.

2. How did modeling came into your life?
I always loved photography and editing photos. Back in the day I had no one to photograph me and no decent camera to do it myself either. Slowly I got to meet some talented photographers that helped me put together photo shoots. Nowadays I do a lot of photography by myself.

3. I know you are an amazing belly dancer, I saw some of your videos on YouTube and I must say they are really amazing, you dance to the sound of metal and goth music which is not very common on belly dancing , what draws you to dance to that kind of music?
Thank you so much! I dance to alternative and metal music because it is the kind of music that I naturally love. My body naturally moves to that form of music. I don’t have to think about it, it just happens, because I love both this style of dance and this genre of music.

4. For you what comes first, dancing or modeling?
Dancing. Modeling is enjoyable, and a lot of my mind goes into one photo shoot but dancing is a completely different challenge. It’s somewhat of a meditation to me. When I’m dancing, nothing else matters except that moment.

5. What is the story behind the name Mahafsoun?
I came up with the name years ago. I figured that a lot of bellydancers use unoriginal names, and I wanted something that was “just mine”. Mahafsoun consists of 2 Farsi words. “Mah”, meaning “Moon”, and “Afsoun” meaning something on the lines of “Magick, Incantation, Spell, Bewitchment”.

6. Most of the time you also do your own make-up and styling (and you are amazing at it) do you like to be a part of the creative side of a photo-shoot?
Thank you so much! I love doing my own makeup and styling. That’s one of the most important things to me. I want every photo shoot to represent me, my style and my energy. So, when I get the chance to do my own makeup and styling, I get very excited and inspired to start planning.

7. Do you have a favorite type of photo-shoot, was there a special shoot that left you good memories?
I absolutely love outdoor shoots. Especially in nature. In Vancouver, Canada, we have the beautiful Stanley Park Forest where I almost always shoot at. Each photo shoot has its own memory. All are good, but some are just magical.

8. You have done a lot of live dancing with very nice bands like Moonspell, Epica, and more. How do you feel about being chosen to dance with bands like that?
It’s a completely different experience than anything I have done. After my first of two performances with Moonspell, I had such an inspiring feeling that I stopped in middle of the venue once the show was over, and thought to myself “This is exactly why I work so hard. For moments like this.”.
The energy you feel from the crowd, and knowing that your favorite band wants you up there with them. It’s a feeling hard to put into words, other than to say that it’s unbelievable and surreal. Moonspell for me was one of those few moments in life where you feel truly alive… Your heart beats faster, your stomach twists and aches from the nerves, but it’s a good feeling… Your head is filled with ideas, inspirations and you can’t think about anything other than the moment you get up on that stage and share a sacred moment with your favorite musicians. And once it’s all over and you’re going home, you miss them, and all you can think of are the conversations that will last a lifetime. I love these guys.

9. Besides belly dancing and modeling what else do you enjoy doing?
I also enjoy photography, videography, editing/retouching, makeup art, writing and music (singing and playing the piano).

10. With so much work already done, what more can we expect from you in a near future, what are your main goals?
Ah, so much more! I have some fantastic collaborations planned with some amazing designers, video shoots, collaborations with a band that I absolutely love and much, much more! I can’t wait…

11. To end… You know you have many fans all over the world, what is the main message you would like to leave them?
Thank you so much for sticking with me for all these years (or even if you are new). I love you all and I could not have done it without you. Thank you Gothic & Amazing for this fantastic interview and your ongoing support!



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