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Interview with Lunar_Storm

Alternative model from Switzerland

Cover credits: Photo & MUA: Stephanie Jud Photography, Jewellery: Aeternum Nocturne Gothic jewelry

Lunar_Storm is a very sweet and beautiful model from Switzerland, she is a very talented model and also a very caring person. Don’t miss this chance to find out about a bit more about this amazing girl.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I care a lot about animals and animal rights, always looking to work on something. I laugh often and enjoy it. I am somehow a bit chaotic and my thoughts switch often to the next projects while I’m still at an old one

2. How did you start modeling?
At the beginning, I only wanted some nice pictures of me wearing my beautiful outfits. It was all about fun. But then a professional photographer saw my pictures  on my myspace page and asked me if I would like to shoot some pictures with him. It was my very first serious photo shooting and I was so excited. After that shooting it went on and on with new requests and because I enjoyed it a lot, I decided to carry on. I choose the most interesting subjects for me, created own ideas and here I am today 🙂

3. Why alternative modeling, especially Victorian Goth, do you feel connected to alternative life style in anyways?
Since I was a child, I always have been fascinated by elegant and special dresses and ball gowns. Especially the dresses of the victorian era and the baroque time with the big crinoline. They looked so noble on a woman and I wanted that look, too. Then I have this passion for romantic and momentariness, the Vanitas subject from literature or graveyards give me the feeling of having a connection to the past. It is a very special magic eerie places and lifestyles have for me. And this is one of the feelings I want people to see when they look at my pictures.

4. You also make must of your styling and you  have many beautiful pictures, water pictures even some vampire and horror pictures , were do you get inspiration for all that?
That’s very different. Most of them appear out of nowhere in my mind and keep bothering me till the idea is complete and ready to realize. Often, there is more than one possible project swirling in my mind than I have time to implement.
Frequently I get some inspirations from movies. You might have seen my horror pictures, they are all created in my mind and are fully inspired by my imagination. I just try to think of things which would frighten and scare myself, give me real goose bumps. And so I want to do exactly these things 🙂

5. We are used to see you in amazing beautiful dresses but how do you dress on your everyday life?
Most of the time, I’m dressed casually and practical. Jeans with a t-shirt or blouse do fine in my all day routine. It might even be a colorful top as well 😉

6. Why the name Lunar_ Storm?
So let us reveille the secret behind my name. Lunar shows my deep love towards the moon which is the case since I remember. The moon always has had a mystical fascination to me and lead to inspirations in all my life situations. It fits perfectly to my temper, calm and even. As long as my wild nature isn’t tickled. This explains the second part of my nickname, stormy and fierce.

7. What was your favorite photo-shoot ever and why?
Over the years, I have realized so many shootings that it is almost impossible to tell and pick a single favorite. There is a huge amount I shall never forget and shall always remember with cheer and a smile. J Very special was my resent collaboration with Fabio D’Amore as co-model, the many gifted and fantastic photographers and the two wonderful shops Walhalla and Elfenportal. Both of them provided me with clothes and  jewelry. We had two very intense days full of work together until everything was finished. But, nevertheless, we have had so much fun. The preparations for these projects took a long time. Therefore, I was and still am exuberantly happy that everything worked out so perfect.

8. Do you have any idol, someone you look up to?
If you asked me this question 10 – 15 years ago, I could have told you without doubt many strong, independent women out of literature or movies I looked up to 😉 today I don’t have any role-model in the common meaning anymore. I am myself without further foreign influence. But I do admire people who go their own way, just following their will, their believes and who stand up for the weaker ones, especially animals.

9. Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy?
My most important hobby is to spend my spare time with my beloved pets.  I enjoy reading and I have a nice collection of movies and TV series on DVD. Furthermore I visit spiritual, mystic or cultural places and I like to go to concerts.

10. I know you are as beautiful inside as you are outside <3 can you tell us a bit about your animal shelter?
That’s one of my favorite toppings. The animal shelter “Alexandra’s Kleintierhilfe” is run by my parents and me together for 16 years. Fortunately they love animals as much as I do and are, like myself, a little bit insane :-). We made it to our destiny to care for homeless, helpless and abandoned animals. So we decided to found a sanctuary for them and every animal we adopted has a stay till its time has come to go to a better place than this earth. To make this possible and to keep it going, we have a shop where we sell many different articles. We all work on a voluntary base just for the sake of the animals. Of course, like other honorary foundations, we are reliant on donations from external people so we can assure a good home to our fosterlings. Most of the animals we take care of have sad fate. They come from bad conditions, are weak, ill or abandoned, have been beaten and abused or worse. We foster for them, give them the opportunity to regain confidence and make them feel well and safe. To see and feel such a change in them is wonderful and it makes up for the time, energy and sleepless nights we have invested as well as for the bruises and scratches we have had over the years. Besides of the work to recover our protégés, we take it as a duty to inform about castration of pets to prevent overpopulation and its consequences:  imbrutement and suffering.

11. I know your still very young so you must have a lot of plans, what are your main goals in life?
I am a very ambitious person and of course one of my goals is to keep my shelter permanently running, so we can help as many animals as possible. Furthermore, I want to start a new education and develop myself in a new job. And for sure there are a lot of ideas for new shooting projects that I want to realize.

12. To end – you know you have many loyal fans and it’s a growing group so what message would you like to leave them?
At first a big THANK YOU to all who support and believe in me :), my family, my closest friends and of course my true fans, without your support, my fan page wouldn’t exist! While it is still a kind of weird for me to have fans, it means nevertheless a lot to me and to have them gives me a lot of courage. I am glad when I see that you like my pictures, share them and I read every single comment you post on the page. You write me so cute and lovely mails and I always try to answer you as soon as I read them, because you deserve a fast answer 🙂
What my personal message for you is: Always be yourself! Don’t let anybody distort you and if someone says you can’t do something, prove them wrong and show them you can achieve anything you want.

Find more information about Lunar_Storm here:

Facebook  Animal Shelter Page
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