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Interview with Leila Lunatic

Multifaced model and natural redhead from Germany

Cover credits: Photo: Wilhelm Franck Fotografie, Headdress: Dark Embrace Handmade Accessories

Leila Lunatic is a beautiful  alternative model from Germany,  she is professional and multifaceted so you can see her in many looks and many types of work. If you don’t know her yet then make sure you don’t lose this chance 🙂

1. How would you describe yourself?
Well, I think it is difficult to describe myself, because I don’t know what impression others get of me. I would say that I am a creative, animal-loving, moody, giggly, reflective and solitary person. But that’s my own opinion, I can’t really say if I radiate it.

2. How did you start modeling?
My cousin bought a good camera and every time we met, I made our make-up and we took photographs of each other, just for fun. Then, when I finished my higher education entrance qualification, I had very much free time after all the stressful learning. A friend told me about a website for models and photographers, so I gave it a try and used the pictures, which my cousin took of me, for my sedcard. I was really flashed when nearly a hundred shooting requests reached me there within the first day. I did one shooting, then the second, …and I guess I tasted blood.

3. Why alternative modeling, do you feel related to alternative lifestyle?
I wouldn’t call my lifestyle ‘alternative’. I don’t have colorful dyed hair, tattoos or visible piercings. Although people continue to call me a alternative model, I feel rather normal. My lifestyle consists of caring for injured or orphaned hedgedogs, and the other animals which life on my old, spooky farm. Every now and then I stand in front of a camera doing my thing, but I wouldn’t compare myself with all those people who have chosen a very unconventional way of living and styling.

4. We can see you always in amazing outfits but how do you dress on a normal day?
Haha, oh! To be honest, I just wear some black basics, nothing special. Sometimes I wear corsets and such things, but really not often anymore. When I was a few years younger, the urge to express my personality in my everyday outfits was way bigger, but nowadays (gosh, I sound like a grandma, although I’m just 21) I prefer cozy and functional clothing on normal days.

5. What is your favorite type of photo-shoot?
I like to be involved in really big projects, when many people are on set and everyone is overflowing with vitality and full of zest for action. It’s just an amazing feeling to create something together with creative people like me. But on the other hand I enjoy working with photographers I already had several shootings with. After working together for so many hours, you get well attuned to each other and sometimes you even learn to communicate without words.

6.  You also make some fashion shows so what is your favorite the shooting our the cat walking?
I have to say, I don’t have as much experience with catwalk jobs as with photo shoots. I was part of a few fashion shows and I think, I did a good job, but ‘just’ posing for a photograph is something I am way more versed in doing. But I would love to get more chances to be on the catwalk. A big dream is to be allowed to walk for Channel sometimes.

7. What is your favorite type of photo-shoot?
Hard decision! I love latex photo shoots! It’s so much fun to be coverd in latex in front of a camera, because it’s so shiny and you can really play with the lightning and it suits like a second skin, which makes it possible to use your body language even more. But besides playing a fetish super heroine, I also love shootings which involve animals. I had once a shooting with a dog for a dog leash producer, and it was such an unforgetable experience to become a team with a dog you just got to know half an hour before. It’s great to have a good rapport even with strange animals.

8. Do you still have fun on back stage, you like to be involved with the creative part as of the shoot as well?
I am pretty much a control freak and feel most comfortable when I can organize everything by myself, like doing make-up and hairstyling, sewing outfits/making latex clothes, choosing a location or creating a studio set. Being super creative I just love to give every shooting my personal note. But it’s necessary, even under pressure, to not lose sight of the most important thing – enjoying the work you do and have fun.

9. I know this must be a hard question to answer but do you have a favorite photo-shoot or picture that left you with good memories for some reason?
That’s a really hard question! I don’t think I have a favorite shoot or picture, cause every shoot was an amazing experience for me and not comparable to another one.

10. Do you have any idol, someone you look up to for inspiration?
Oh I wish I would have an idol, so I could just ignore the creative chaos in my head and just borrow the completed ideas and styles of someone else, ha! Of course everyone gets inspiration by what we see in the media or in our surroundings, but I can say that I only get influenced subconsciously and not much.

11. What else can we expect more from you in the future, what are your main goals in life?
Of course I will continue modelling as long as I have fun doing it, but my real career – becoming a really good veterinarian – is way more important for me.

12. Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy?
Well, at the moment I live for my animals. When I was a few years younger I was a lot in clubs and danced my ass off three times every week, but now I just visit a few festivals and don’t do partying a lot. Sometimes I go out with my friends and for example play billiard, but I also like just sitting under a tree and reading a book or playing computer games.

13. So to end … You know you have many fans out there and many girls that look up to you for inspiration, so what is the message you would like to leave them?
Don’t let anyone bring you down. Embrace yourself the way you naturally are and never try to fit into this really questionable ideal of beauty that consists of getting plastic surgery, fake hair/nails/lashes whatsoever, photo shopping your pictures to hell and back and so on, just because media and so called ‘celebrities’ tell you to do so. Oscar Wilde once said something that everyone should keep in mind- ‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’

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