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Interview with La Esmeralda

Alternative model from the north of Germany

Cover credits: Photographer: Heiner Seemann / GrautonStudio

La Esmeralda is an amazing alternative model from the north of Germany, with great work all over the world, she works with the best brands and with great artists showing her passion for Fairy tales, Fantasy, Gothic, Burlesque. Her pictures are all over Facebook or internet as she became a icon in Goth and burlesque pictures. Even her being so busy she toke the time to gave us this interview .

1. How would you describe yourself?
I am a very creative person, love to laugh, am pretty relaxed and always busy working on something. I am a vegetarian, love animals, super heroes and sparkly things. While my shoots are always super organized I hate to tidy up and my flat always is a creative mess because I am working on some costumes. And I have way too less time!

2. How did you start modeling and how old were you when you started?
I think I was about 18 years old when I started modeling. I had always loved to take pictures with my friends until one day some people told me to register at a modeling community which is a good way to get in first contact with photographers, models and designers.

3. Whats your favorite thing to model ?
Corsets! I love everything that is beautiful and sparkly and has a little goth- and/or fairy tale touch to it.

4. Why the name “La Esmeralda” ? (for those that don’t know “La Esmeralda” means “The Emerald”)
It doesn’t have any deeper meaning to me, Esmeralda was just the name that I always used for my video game characters. When I wanted to create an account at deviantArt Esmeralda was already chosen by someone else so I put the „La“ in front of it… and then I kept this name as I had no better idea. Today I think that it was a pretty good choice as many people always compared me to this character anyway.

5.  I know your not just a model , you do your own hair and make-up you even plan and style your own shoots. So where do you get your inspiration from?
From everyday life, dreams, nightmares- little things that you see when you are out on the streets as well as other artworks.

Sometimes there is just a little button or an earring that inspires a whole costume, sometimes I have a dream that is a perfect idea for a shoot. And well, when you see a painting or a photo it can really inspire you in some way. Also, when I start working on something I often don’t know what it might look like in the end as I have many new ideas while working.

6. What’s the part of your body you like the most?
My hair

7.  Just out of curiosity how do you dress in your everyday life?
Usually all in black. I love comfy things like hoodies as well as elegant lace shirts and even if I would never take a picture in jeans I do wear them for work.

8. You ‘re still young so what’s your biggest goal in life?
I think I already reached the goals I wanted to reach but actually never really thought about this. I love my life the way it is and am really happy about all the experiences I could make so I just go on with it and am looking forward to all the things that are following. I can’t tell what I will be doing in 10 years but I am looking forward to find out.

9. How is it like to be a famous model and an inspiration to others?
I actually don’t feel very famous, I am just a normal girl that lives next door and loves to take pictures. But it is of course awesome to inspire other people and I am really happy that so many people like what I do. Modeling is something I do because I love it, not because I ever wanted to be „famous“.

10. So what would you advise to the girls out there that dream of being a model or that are just starting?

Do what you love and don’t let other people tell you how to be or what to look like. Advice is always good but the fact that some people think that you might be too short or not thin enough to be a model doesn’t mean you are! If you want to be a model you just need to work for it and have the passion to work for your dreams . If it doesn’t work the way you planned try another way – but never give up!

11. Knowing how busy you are i will end with a question that is really for all of us. You know you have many fans what do you like to say to them?
Thank you guys for always supporting me! I am happy about every single mail and comment that I get and it’s great to see that you like my work so much. You always make my day when I see that my pictures make yours.




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