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Interview with Joan Wolfie

Young alternative model from Poland

Cover credits: Photo: Iwona Ossolińska Fotografia

Joan Wolfie is a young alternative model from Poland. If you already know her work don’t lose this chance to know her a bit better and if you still don’t know her make sure not to miss out 😉

1. How would you describe yourself?
I am free in my wildness. I am a wanderess, a drop of free water. I belong to no rules and to no city.

2. How did you start modelling ?
I started as a photographer. About 1,5 year ago my friend convinced me to take a part in professional photo shoot. And then all happened.

3. Was it alternative modeling?
Alternative modeling has no rules how you must exactly look like. You can be short, tall, thin or not, you can have tattoos, piercings, hair like a rainbow, and still be treated like beautiful woman. In ‘regular’ modeling all those things are very strict, and all who broke their rules are treated very bad.

 4. Do you feel related to alternative culture in anyway, if so how is that like in your country?
In my country alternative culture has short history. Not that far people were afraid to be rejected from ‘normal’ society because of their look. It’s hard for me to say but still people with tattoos, piercings or colorful hair are limited with finding a job.

5. I know it’s very important to be unique, to look different, so what do you think that makes you stand out from other models?
First of all, I don’t take modeling as opportunity to be a popular and famous person.  I mean, I know that we always have fans and haters, and doing something that makes you more and more popular not always brings you positive comments and a lot of girls take it too serious. I love modeling, photography, singing and all creative stuff, so I play with it and spread it to the world. I like sharing so I want to share my creativity with others. But seriously, I don’t know what makes me stand out from other models, we all are different.

6. You can pull many different looks in your pictures and still look beautiful and all of them, do you like to do your own styling and make-up our do you prefer to have someone else do it?
I always make my own styling and yes, I prefer to do a make-up too but I have one very trusted make-up artist so she can do with my face whatever she wants 🙂 but yeah, I lot of make-ups are made by me and I prefer to control all pieces in my stylization.

7. Just being curious how do you dress on your everyday life?
It depends. I usually dress on like nu goth, but I have that days when I wear Assassin’s Creed hoodie, shorts with spikes and sneakers. 90% of my clothes are black but hey, I don’t have limits in my styling visions 🙂

8. For you as a model what do you think makes a picture perfect?
Lightning and emotions. You can wear no make-up, have your everyday hairstyle and baggy shirt, but if lightning is perfect then you can make an awesome photo with showing some emotions.

9. You have so many amazing pictures that this must be a hard question for you but do you have a favorite photo-shoot our a favorite picture, one that left you good memories?
Haha you got me! But I must disappoint you – I don’t have my favorite photo. Each photo shoot brings new memories and stories. I just can’t pick the best one, it would be like choosing your favorite animal. I just can’t do this!

 10. Do you have an idol or someone that inspires you?
I used to have. Now I don’t. I like for example Dita Von Teese or Amy Lee stylizations, but I can’t call them my idols.

11. Do you have other hobbies besides modeling?
Yes, like I said at the beginning – photography. But also singing, dancing, playing computer and video games, cosplaying, archery, horse riding, exercising, traveling. And also I love to make braid hairstyles. I bet I missed something. 🙂

12. So what’s next, what more can we expect seeing you do, I now your still young but  what are your biggest goals in a life?
I think in one year I reached a lot as a model and that makes me happy. I also took a part in a music video. I’m planning to record a videos on yt and do a few things that I don’t want to tell yet. You’ll see.

13. So to end … You know you have many fans out there what is the message you would like to say to them?
I want to thank you so much for reaching my work and to like it. It really means a lot to me. You can ask me questions on my newest post because I’m planning to answer you on video at YouTube 🙂  Thank you sweethearts!

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