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Interview with Model J.Cederstrom

Model, photographer and designer from Sweden

Cover credits: Photo: MCK PHOTO, Skirt, sleeves & veil: Sinister, Necklace & earrings: The Black Cat Jewellery Store, Wig: Black Candy Fashion 

Jeanette is a very talented artist from Sweden, your can see her modeling, styling, taking pictures and so on, a real artist soul. Even with all that going own she toke a bit of her time to let us know her a bit better so don’t lose the chance to get to know this amazing girl and all her dream works. She put her heart and soul on everything she does so make sure not to miss her  😉

1. How would you describe yourself?
Happy metal Viking from the north that likes goth 🙂 I am a metal girl and I have always been, I like bikes and tattoos and metal music. But I also love history, all from the Viking time, medieval, Victorian…. And so on. I am a very open person, I love to meet new people and get to know people and learn more about them, their lives and their cultures. I am also a very creative person, I love when a lot is going on around me.

2. This I really have to ask, how does a sweet beautiful model like you comes up with a modeling name like Angelofdark666?
Well… the name came to me when I was 18…19 I was sitting at the library to borrow a computer to make an email address so I was getting hotmail. As I was trying to create the email address everything I tried was taken, even my own name…. so I got so tired and irritated and from nowhere this name came in to my head and it finally worked.
And after I felt this was a very good name for me because things are not always what it seem to be, when you are 18-19 much is happening to you and people try to affect you,  to much pressure from friends and people in school and family…. I have always been a very stubborn person and I walk my own way so many people did judge me for that and I feet they judge me wrong.
They said I was not like them and no I was not, why should I be like everyone else when I can be myself? This was a hard way to walk…. And a very lonely walk. So I felt it good with this name, people judge me and still I keep on walking. I am this dark angel but full of light and hope. People judge and will always do if you are different, but I do not think I am different I am just myself and I will always be.

3.You have amazing pictures but how can you go from a soft elfic look to a dark metal  one , were does your inspiration for all that comes from?
For me modeling is much as acting, and a good actor can do many different types of roles and do an amazing job.But I also like to vary, I get bored to if I do the same thing over and over so I need the variation  to be able to express myself. It is really a challenge to change like that but I really love that. Also I feel that all those characters are a part of me. I get inspiration from the things that are around me, people, nature, other models, movies, art ….. there is  so much out there.

4. You have a very creative mind and an artist soul, so some of your sets of pictures all is made by you, like styling, make up set making and even the picture it-self, how do you do all that and do you enjoy it?
Yes I am really a artist and I have always been. It is really hard to do everything by yourself sometimes, and to be honest sometimes I just want to cry because it is not fun to do all by yourself. But some days I really have to, in one day it can be  super fun and in another just  hard, but If I have a really great idea that I want to do and no one to work with…. I just think “If you want anything done sometimes you have to do it by yourself and let no one stop you”. I feel a little bit lucky with the photo because I went to art in school and photo was one of my main subjects, but I soon got much in front of the camera than behind at the photo classes so I have learned both parts and when I met my husband (that now takes most of my photos) I  taught him to take photos because he wanted to learn.

5. Do you have a favorite theme to shoot?
I like all of my shoots but in a different way and it all depends on what mood I am in, so I can’t really say I got a favorite  theme, I need all of this in my life both light and darkness.

6. You have been making some collaborations with shops just like Nocturne Jewellery how do you fell about that, and are you open to more collaborations?
I really LOVE it! It is so fun! and I feel it is a great honor for me to be able to work for others, I like it a lot.

I really want to collaborate with more shops and brands so if anyone out there wants to work with me, just contact me and we can do something. And as you can see, I can be very flexible I do, Viking, medieval, fantasy, metal, goth…..

7. You made cd covers, book covers, video clips how do you feel about that, were they goals in your life?
I did not have this as goals, but I had it as big dreams and I am really happy and grateful for  all that fantastic opportunities and that I got to do this. I still have a lot of dreams, things that I wish to do and that I hope one day come true.

8. Now I know you make amazing drawings, amazing dresses, amazing  jewellery set (I’m a proud owner of some of your art) how did you start all this do they all came out at once, our did you evolved from one to another ,  just tell us a bit about your art…
Thank you so much! Well….  I have always drew and painted as a child, so I guess I was born as an artist. Doing art that way has always been with me. But to design and make clothes and came more when I was 17-18, when I was 19 after school I went 8 months as a sewing student in a sewing studio to learn the basic in sewing. Jewellry came more when I was 25.

I think when you model you need new things all the time and it was hard to find new things also sometimes they are very expensive or you just don´t really find what you want so I decided that if I want anything and don´t find it I just have to make it myself.

9. How can people buy one of your pieces, and do you take costume orders?
I just to open a design page on facebook  (J.Cederstrom Design) so people can buy from there..
I am so happy and grateful I got really good advice from the owner at Noctune Jewellery to get Etsy so I will look at that and read the info she send me so maybe later I will get that but right now I only got the facebook page.

Since I am a artist it is important for me that I got free hands and get to create what I want so it can be hard to make custom orders, so I will have to say no on that. I can be a little bit special and I really need to be able to create how I want to.

10. So what can we expect seeing you do in a near future?
That is something we never know but we will see. I follow my heart and I feel you never know what will come…..

11. You have done so much with your work but how about your biggest goals in life, what more would you like to conquer next?
It has happened so much in my life so I really don´t have any goals but I have big dreams that I wish can come true. Some things I really wish for:

* be a sponsored model for more shops and brands (I think a metal shops would be great since I am a metal person and would wear those clothes even in my private life and  I would  be  advertising it at all the places I visit)
* I would love to collaborate whit more shops  both clothes and jewelry sans then all from sweet to dark since I love the mix of those things
* I would also love acting that is a really big dream! My fans often write to me that I should be in a fantasy/medieval movie or something like lord of the rings, they also think I should be in the TV series Vikings or game of thrones. And to be honest I would really love to do something like that! I can absolutely see myself in a role as a warrior, elf, witch, noble lady so absolutely some fantasy movie or historical movie/series I would really love it.
*Also I like to sing, I am a soprano and sing in the school choir, but I am a little bit shy so I wish I had the courage to sing, because it is something I really love, I even write some own music/text but I keep it for myself.

12. So to end … You know you have many real loyal fans out there, (me included): What is the message you would you like to leave  them?
Yes I got really fantastic fans! I love you and them so much! Always be you self, if people don’t accept you it is their lost, don´t change just to fit in. We are all unique and beautiful people, and we have to learn to accept each other for who we really are not what others want us to be. So stay strong even if it is hard and feel impossible, follow your heart and your dreams and always be yourself  m/  m /  <3

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