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Interview with Elizabeth

Goth alternative model, who loves darkness and horror

Cover credits: Photo: Katarzyna Mikołajczak

Elizabeth is a goth alternative model, she loves darkness and horror and she has very good work done, so here is your chance to get to know her better  🙂

1.How would you describe yourself?
Crazy with a positive attitude toward the world, full of emotion, dark, lively… little bit of everything.

 2. How did you start modelling?
It’s a funny story, because started while me and my ex fiancé were looking for photographer for the wedding.  The first photographer worked with was Anne, we started to do amazing projects, I fell in love for posing, re-inventing  myself with styling and makeup… so I never stopped and I started modeling.

3. Was it alternative goth style your choice our just came out as a job?
I loved darkness, macabre and horror since childhood. Gothic style is an expression of my emotions, I prefer such projects on which I look strange and scary, for the most part it was my images, thoughts, dreams.

4. Do you feel related to goth sub-culture in anyway?
For me, gothic is my emotional state, and my state of mind. I never, met up with other people who were interested in Gothic I did not know these people in my area. Do I identify with the gothic subculture?  yes

5. I know its very important to be unique, to look different, so what do you think that makes you stand out from other models?
Hmmm. I think that most distinguishes me is that I like to be in the pictures monster, I like to scare I like to look sometimes strange and ugly.  most models want to look nice, gothic, but charmingly and nice, I prefer to look strange and not ashamed to this. I can have the pictures burned face, full of blood, entrails of animals, I can be a demon, I can be scary I like that, because every girl is beautiful as a made-up and dressed.

6. You can pull many different looks in your pictures and still look beautiful and all of them, do you like to do your own styling and make-up our do you prefer to have someone else do it?
thank you.  I prefer to do my styling, make-up ideas. often I do it all alone

7. Just being curious how do you dress on your everyday life?
I every day, dress in style rock, camo pants, checkered skirt, sometimes more elegantly in black dresses

8. For you as a model what do you think makes a picture perfect?
Perfect photo, creates a commitment of the whole team, you have to be ready to sacrifice, you can not go the easy way, sometimes you have to withstand the cold, sometimes the wind, only cooperation will create the perfect photo

9. You have so many amazing pictures that this must be a hard question for you but do you have a favorite photo-shoot our a favorite picture, one that left you good memories?
My favorite photo is one of the first, I’m on it submerged in red liquid, Reminding the blood, I’ve got a very pale face look like a vampire, I love it. when I saw it for the first time, I knew that I wanted to do this. that I want to create characters and I want to catch it in photos.

10. Do you have an idol or someone that inspires you?
My idol since childhood is Marilyn Manson, his music, words,  appearance, inspired me to create many of the characters.

11. Do you have other hobbies besides modeling?
Yes I have, I paint, draw, write poetry, trying to finish writing a book but I do not have too much time for this.

12. So to end … You know you have many fans out there what is the message you would like to say to them?
You always be yourself, never change , and do not let others to change you. and thank you all for your support for that you like what I’m doing, This motivates me to keep working

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