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Interview with Elisanth

Alternative model from Moldova

Cover credits: Photo: Zatsepin Alex

Elisanth is a and amazing alternative model she has so many great work done in so many different looks that I’m sure you have already come across some of her work. Even though being busy, Elisanth was excited to spend her time with us for this interview so we can get to know her better.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m a curious person always interested in learning new things, and visiting new places.

2. How did you start modeling?
I was attracted by unusual clothes and accessories since I was a teen. It was a hobby, until in 2008, I was invited by a photographer to my first shoot, where I could use a part of my collection.

3. Why alternative modeling, do you feel related to alternative lifestyle?
Alternative lifestyle has a lot of senses and sides. Speaking about modeling, it is an alternative to a ‘traditional’ fashion and common look. Meanwhile, fashion is spreading in many directions lately, so fringe between these aspects becomes thinner. Something that could look weird and not acceptable few years ago, is perceived in other way now.

4. We can see you always in amazing outfits but how do you dress on a normal day?
My everyday outfits vary depending on mood, and purpose of my trip to the outer world : ) I can wear a pair of comfortable jeans with a nice blouse, or shorts with vest, but high heels is usually a must have. This is my addiction that you can see both on my photos, and in real life. The only exception is motorbike drive, when flat shoes fit better (I don’t put beauty in a head when it can be useless and even dangerous)

5. What is your favorite type of photo-shoot?
I shoot in different styles, but my absolute favorite is not fashion (gothic, alternative, military, etc) shoot, but the one that provokes thoughts and questions, a shoot with an idea behind the photo. It can be accompanied with the outfits mentioned above, but they are not the point.

6. I know you have been published in several magazines, books and websites, how does that make you feel?
First of all, it’s a pleasure that people want to see my work published or used for their projects.
Actually, there is a lot of work behind the publication, starting from communication with editors, gathering all the info, files, signing releases, figuring out all the details, or shooting specially for this publication. More people involved means more time spent on resolving all the questions.
So when I see a nice result, this is an award for the efforts.

7. You make collaborations with some shops and you are also a sponsored model for an amazing brand “Samhain Contact Lenses” Are you open to more collaborations?
Yes, I’m very glad to work with Samhain, I truly enjoy wearing their contact lenses and scleras. Every lens is hand painted specially for customer, it is rare occasion in world of stamped things. Not to mention beautiful colors and designs!

I’m open to new collaborations. I appreciate creativity of many designers, it would be a great opportunity to work with them. Latex, corsets, gothic clothes, jewellery, headdresses.

8. Now tell us a bit about things we don’t see: the backstage work and all the creative part. You make a great team with the photographer Zatsepin Alex, where do you guys get your inspiration from?
Thank you! Inspiration is in things around us. New ideas can appear from memories, nature shapes, some small details we see every day, books, dreams, art, news, history. Association chain can lead from a small detail to a new idea.
Backstage work on decoration can take a while. Alex usually builds backgrounds for shoots himself. It’s not an ‘effect’ but something that was made for real.

9. Do you have any idol, someone you look up to for inspiration?
I don’t really like word ‘idol’. I appreciate work of many people, models, artists, designers, and photographers, and try to be updated with the new artworks, but I’m not idolizing people.
Many things remain in our memory and subconscious, and can transform into new ideas. This is a natural process.

10. I know you aren’t just a great model you are also a great MUA, do you enjoy doing your own make-ups, or is it better when you have someone else to help you with that?
Thank you, but honestly I know I can upgrade a lot of skills, and I’m working on it. I can start trying a new makeup or makeup technique, when I have free time, and I’m always open to learn new make-up tricks. Doing my makeup means more freedom of time, and experiments. Also, I know what I want to do. Although in some cases I prefer to get help, especially when applying bodyart or a lot of makeup and wearing scleras. It is better to put scleras inside before applying makeup, to avoid getting particles of cosmetics into eyes, and then simply close my eyes, and wait for a makeup miracle lol : )
I work with makeup artist Funfmarz, she is always open to new makeup experiments, and can offer her own ideas or improvements. I truly appreciate it! Besides, view from the side always helps in creating something new.

11. What else can we expect from you in the future, do you have a big goal for your life?
You can expect at least new shoots : ) I’m setting up new collaborations that I can’t unveil atm, so stay tuned : )

12. Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy?

Yes, I enjoy reading, and collecting weird things. Travel is my main hobby, I enjoy visiting new places, talking to new people, and exploring new cultures and ways of life. Touristic 2 weeks in a hotel can never help, so I prefer not to have any plans until I’m on the location. It is great not to be bounded by plans for the entire trip, but decide what to do on place. During my last trip, one of the places I visited was so annoying, I had to escape in the next few days : ) Gladly the rest of the places were amazing!

13. So to end … You know you have many fans out there and many girls that look up to you for inspiration, so what is the message you would like to leave them?
Be yourself, and do what you like to do!
I want to say a big Thank you to all the people I collaborate with, and people who like my work. I read all the messages I receive, but sadly don’t have enough time to reply to everyone. Thank you, I truly appreciate your support! <3
Thanks to Sil Costa and Gothic and Amazing, for continuing support!



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