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Interview with Elisanth

Interview with Elisanth as seen on Gothic and Amazing Magazine issue #4 – Halloween is Here!

Cover credits: Photo by Zatsepin Alex, Outfit: Atelier Selene de Viollet, Lenses: Samhain Contact Lenses

Elisanth is an amazing alternative model based in Chişinău, Moldova. She has done a lot of wonderful work using many different looks so I’m sure that you have already came across with some of her photos. Even though she is very busy, Elisanth is still a sweet loving girl that gave us a bit of her time so that we can get to know her better. Enjoy!

1. How would you describe yourself?
I’m a curious person with a passion for traveling and always open to learn something new. I prefer a small circle of friends rather than a big group of people.

2. Tell us about your career as a model. How did you get started?
I always had a passion for collecting unusual and even weird clothes and accessories. It has been a hobby, until I was invited by a local photographer to shoot something creative where I could use a part of my collection. Since then, I got more invitations and realized it was a great way to recreate some looks I had in my imagination, and share them with people.

3. What draws you to alternative modeling?
As you can see, I like a lot of styles. Some of them can hardly be described or labeled. I think ‘alternative’ describes them best of all, just something unusual, beautiful or strange, as an alternative to the things you see every day.

4. About your modeling name, what is the story behind  Elisanth?
‘Elisanth’ is a fictional name. I like how it sounds, and even more I like the fact that it is unique (at least I didn’t meet anyone else using it : ) ) In our digital world, it is hard to find unique names or words, as everything is already in use. I’d love to keep the actual story behind the name a mystery, and hope you will be okay with this short description.

5. Do you remember what your first photoshoot was like?
Tell us a little about it! Yes I can clearly remember my first shoot. I was invited to a very nice location, an abandoned camp with a lot of spooky buildings with dining rooms, huge refrigerators, chains, and a lot of other stuff. I made the whole styling, but the photographer invited a makeup artist who did my hair and makeup. It took so much time that in the end natural light was almost gone (at least it became worse than at the time we arrived). That was the moment when I realized it would be better to do everything myself 🙂

6. How much have you changed since you first started modeling?
A lot. This is a neverending process, based on new life experiences, new tastes, points of view, passion and imagination. For example, I never thought I would do pinup modeling. But you can find some pinup shoots in my portfolio now.

7. You collaborate with some shops and you are also a sponsored model for an amazing brand “Samhain Contact Lenses”! Are you open to more collaborations?
Samhain Contact Lenses is one of the first brands I started working with. It was a big honor for me, and Samhain is still one of my all-time favourite designers. Modeling is not only a hobby for me, like it is for many girls in the alternative scene, but it actually is my job. I shoot photos for book covers, cd covers, clothes or jewelry collections for catalogues, etc. I put paid work on the first place, but I appreciate all the collaborations that I had in the past, may it be paid jobs, or sponsorship by different brands. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time anymore to do everything I want, and during this year, I had almost no time for my own projects. Now I can accept new collaborations mostly if I can combine them with the upcoming shoots.

8. What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?
Well, it is hard to point out but often non-commercial photos become more popular than the commercial ones and end up bringing more profit so I’d better tell you about my favourite projects. First of all, it is Samhain. We already shot a lot of photos, and are planning much more. I appreciate the fact that Samhain can recreate any design in any color, and they give me freedom in styling and shoot themes. Also, they created some of the lenses like Blind Mag upon my request, based on photos or sketches.
Last year, I started working with Alchemy Gothic. This is a classic gothic jewellery brand, I bet they need no introduction. It’s an honour to be the cover model for their spring catalogue. We shot a lot of different jewellery sets.
Another great collaboration is with The Gothic Shop UK. They have incredible choice of casual and dramatic gothic style clothing and everything goes perfect with Alchemy Gothic  jewellery 🙂 I always enjoy shooting for this shop.
I love latex designs by Dead Lotus Couture, they bring latex to a fashion level. This is what I appreciate the latex outfits (I don’t like pure fetish stuff), and it is always a pleasure to see what they come up with, to wear and shoot new creations.
Of course, I must mention Atelier Selene de Violet, a designer who created the amazing dragon outfit for the cover shoot. We made our first collaboration a year ago, it was the Corvus shoot. It is still one of my favourite photos and it became quite popular. I constantly receive requests to use it as artwork or to use in various projects (unfortunately, some people prefer to use it without asking). I chose one of the photos from this shoot as the cover for my 2015 calendar.
Other exciting projects are book covers for “It Really IS Rocket Science” series by BHBranham. I represent the character Glycerin who is the lead guitarist of the band. It is a complicated character with a lot of personal issues and her look and inner world changes dramatically from book to book. This is exciting but difficult work, I have to follow my character from book to book, feel and show her evolution. We’ve already done shoots for 3 covers. These photos are one of the most popular in my portfolio.
I’d love to tell you more about other exciting projects, but I’m afraid it will be too long for this interview. There is a lot of designers I had a pleasure to work with, they deserve a long story, and I’m sorry I can’t include everyone in this reply.


9. You have been published in several magazines, books and websites, how does that make you feel?
Seeing my photos on the cover is always a pleasure, but first of all it’s a lot of work behind the shoot. Cover shoots are usually custom made for the specific issue. So it is a well deserved result of a long work : )

10. You aren’t just a great model you are also a great MUA, do you enjoy doing your own make-ups and styling, or is it better when you have someone else to help you with that?
I usually do my styling for the shoots. Speaking about makeup, I sometimes work with makeup artists. New people bring new points of view, new techniques that I can stalk and study, and a new vision. I prefer to do my own makeup, to have control over time, and result, but sometimes I’m also open to work with makeup artists.

11. Do you still have a concept for a photoshoot that you’ve never done before, but you really want to try out?
Sure! I have a long to-do list of ideas and styles I want to try.

12. Can you tell us a bit about things we don’t see: the backstage work and all the creative part of it. You make a great team with the photographer Zatsepin Alex, where do you guys get your inspiration from?
Most of the things you see on photos were recreated in real life, it is not photoshop. Lenses, wigs, outfits, branches, smoke, parts of the background. People usually say that they love the ‘effects’, but don’t realize it is not a photoshop effect 🙂 Inspiration is everywhere around us, in dreams, in nature, in shapes and colors, in artworks and photos.

13. What do you do when you aren’t modelling, do you have any hobby that you can’t live without?
I love traveling. I love reading, walking and I love cats.

14. We always see you in sexy costumes but how do you dress in everyday life, who is Elisanth in real life?
Pretty much the same : ) Of course I don’t wear latex or PVC, but I always wear high heels and something nice and elegant. Although I don’t mind to wear leggings or jeans, but I always pair them with beautiful shoes. The only exception is while traveling. I like exotic countries and I have to wear something more casual during travel, especially when riding motorbikes.

15. What else can we expect from you in the future, do you have a big goal for your life?
I’m the person who never talks about goals or plans until I do everything I planned to do. I can assure you there is a lot of projects ahead so keep checking my FB page for the updates.

16. What is it like to be a famous model and an inspiration to others?
Well, I don’t think about myself as a famous person. I just do what I love to do, and I enjoy it. It is nice to motivate someone to do something new or to make some important changes in their life.

17. Do you have any tips for new models that find you inspiring?
Be yourself, don’t try to copy anyone, and work a lot.

18. You are a big inspiration to a lot of young starting models, to photographers and even designers, but do you have someone that inspires you?
Yes, there is a lot of inspiring things around. As I already said, nature, shapes, colors, and a lot of things like artworks, movies or photos. They can give a lot of motivation and thoughts. In the end, I’ll come up with idea that looks completely different from the thing that inspired me.

19. So to end this interview: What message would you like to leave your fans?
I must say I don’t like the word ‘fans’, it sounds a bit dramatic, I prefer ‘subscribers’. Thank you for following me and supporting my work! I really appreciate it! I read all the comments although I don´t always have enough time to reply everyone. I have many more photos to show you and a lot of things planned for the near future. Stay tuned!

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