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Interview with Elegant Curiosities

Designer from Netherlands with a dark romantic aesthetic

Cover Photo Credits: Designer Laila Tas by Dick van Loon

Laila is an amazing creative soul and her pieces on Elegant Curiosites are amazing  she does put her heart and soul on every piece so they are  are something everyone should know , so if you still don’t know this brand here is your chance, don’t miss it 😉

1. How would you describe yourself?
I would say as someone who can’t sit still and has a great passion for designing and creating.

2. What draws you to design jewellery and accessories?
I started to make jewellery when I was very young. My great-grandmother gave me broken pieces of jewellery. I used these pieces to make my own creations and I learned that I love to create my own jewellery and accessories.

3. Do you remember your 1st piece?
No, I honestly do not remember the first piece I’ve ever made. I have been always busy with creating items, so it is very hard for me to pinpoint my exact first piece.

4. Why Dark Romantic pieces, do you feel related to any alternative life style?
I love history and influence by allot of old cultures and nature so my works fits in perfect with the alternative life style, thinking more outside the box, as the word alternative already implies… Not you standard items. So yes I do feel related to alternative lifestyles.

5. Can you tell us a bit about how the name Elegant Curiosities was born?
Well, I sat down with a few of my friends and we talk about what could be a good name. After a lot of brain storming my friend Loeke came up with that name, describing perfectly how my items look and would look. Elegant and curious.

6. What are your favorite materials to work with?
I use allot of chains and I love nature. It has a lot of beauty to offer so for example I love to work with real rose petals en gemstones, feather etc… And I do not restrict myself form taxidermy as bones are nature’s own little sculptures. As long as the taxidermy pieces that I use are from a good source. I do not want to work with a murder trophy.
But I also love to work with historical remnants like with the Titanic artefact exhibition the jewellery with real wood from the RMS Titanic but I also made some jewellery with clothing fragments from Elvis Presley in the past and soon I will make some with soil from Vlad Dracul his castle.
So to come back to the question….I have many items I love to work with.

7. You have so many amazing beautiful and unique pieces were do you get your inspiration from?
Thank you. I am really into old cultures like the native Americans and Roma (or gypsies as most the people describe them as such), but also the Celts old Persia and many more cultures have great influence in my work but also some era’s like the Victorian era and Edwardian era where a great inspiration. And as many people i am also a big fan of the art nouveau and art deco styles.

8. This can be a hard question to ask because I bet you love all your designs but do you have a piece our a collection that you hold must dear?
I made a crown once with antique metal lace from ca 1910 and real pearls, antique garnet beads and 24k gold inlay…that was a hard piece to part with. But I also really liked the Ode to the Sea headpiece en neckpiece and the peacock back pieces.

9. Your designs are so beautiful and unique but do you take special costumer orders?
Again, thank you. Yes I do many custom pieces …as long as they can still fit within the Elegant Curiosities style.

10. I know you worked with National Geographic Channel in a big special Titanic collection, how did that make you feel?
I am interested in the Titanic for many years and already had a private collection with autographs of survivors, rustic fragments of the ship, pieces of newspaper from 1912, salvaged coal fragments etc. so I was very surprising and awesome that they contacted me and it was also great to be at the VIP parties in the Netherlands and Belgium to talk to people like Paul-Henry Nargeolet (director Underwater Research Program RMS Titanic, Inc) and family members of survivors.

11.Your work results on amazing pictures with good models and photographers and I bet get request for more collaborations every time, so what makes you say yes to a project?

Yes, almost every day. When I see a model I have to get direct ideas of what would look great on her; does she fit in with my style is she enthusiastic; is she professional; is she experienced and things like that really depend on me saying: Yes. I also (sometimes) consult a small circle of people that I trust to make a decision.

12. Elegant Curiosities is also the sponsor of the model and voice of the band Eleine can you tell us a bit how that happened and are you are happy with that work as well?
I made a blog about in on my website to get the full story. I am so happy she contacted me. We hit it off right away. She has talent she has looks and besides that she is just such a sweet person and I consider her as a dear friend now.  I am very proud of what she is doing and I will help her however I can. I really love the first collaboration shoot by Rikard Ekberg (who is also a member of the band and he will be a model for my male collection). And I can’t wait to see the album cover and pictures with the pieces I have send her to wear on stage.

13. So what is next, what more can we expect from Elegant Curiosities in the future?
A lot more, I would say? As long as I can continue, I will. I have so many new ideas. Tons of rough drafts so many new items, that is a certainty. And I have many big ideas for the further. The only problem is time! If you make everything yourself it can take up allot of time.

14. Not to take more of your time … you know you have many fans out that (me included) and the fan group is growing ,so what message would you like to leave us with?
Thank you for all the support, it means allot to me. Without my customers and fans my company would not have been such a big success.

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