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Interview with Caligo Bastet

“I simply cannot live without creating”

Interview by Alan D.D.

One of the things I love the most about this place, this Gothic scene, is the fact that there’s something inspiring to look at for everyone, someone who has already done this or that, someone who represents what you want to become. For me, it’s Israeli model, singer, songwriter and youtuber Caligo Bastet, whom I had the pleasure to interview about his art, inspiration and projects, discovering more about who I already believed to be an artista honest to himself. I kindly invite you to do the same.

When did you realize you were Goth?
I realized I was part of the goth subculture from friends I met during my “scene” phase, actually. Talking to them about life and society views and realizing that we approach it similarly. It took about a year more for me to actually discover Industrial and develop from there – started going to parties and making more and more friends in the scene. That’s when I realized – I finally found a place I felt I belong to.

Why did you decided to start modeling for photographs?
Well, in all honesty, I mostly schedule my own photoshoots. The vast majority of my photoshoots are my own creation: from modeling, makeup and hair to the actual concept and editing. The only thing I don’t do currently is actual photography. They’re a form of expression for me to my deepest inside world. I create because I simply cannot live without creating.

Is there are meaning behind your name?
Indeed there is! Caligo, in latin, means darkness, darkness of the mind, mist. I’ve always enjoyed the language and this just seemed fitting. Bastet was the ancient egyptian goddess for protection (especially of the home) and cats, among others. Since I’ve always felt a deep connection with ancient egypt (as well as cats), I felt this is suitable. I’m not sure how or why I combined them, but I do still like the name very much, to this day.

Where did you get your style from? Is there any reference?
Well… My style is honestly a giant mix of influences. I’d say my main influence is definitely Psyclon Nine and specifically Nero Bellum. Andy Biersack is also somewhat of an influence to me style-wise, or at least was. Other than that it’s just bits and pieces of random things or people I saw that caught my eye and made me incorporate them in my aesthetics through the ten years I’ve been developing my style.

What about your inspiration? Where do the ideas for your looks usually come from?
Inspiration, for me, comes from the same sources as my style, as I normally look pretty much the same as I do in my photoshoots. Other than actualy people – I find great inspiration in black ink,smoke, ravens, cats, dead trees and quite a bit of decaying things. Also the MMOs I’ve played in my life definitely contributed, as well as all the fantasy movies and series I’ve watched during the years. I see beauty in the dark, just as long as it’s not too gorey.

When you’re not trying new clothes and make up, what do you do in your free time?
Actually, trying new clothes and makeup is hardly what I do. I feel like now my style is pretty much set, I don’t find myself questioning it too much and so I really don’t spend much time thinking about that. I invest my time in my art – making music, making clothing (with a clothing line coming out soon), making YouTube videos as well as dealing with what life throws at my face laughs.

How do you see the Gothic scene in Israel?
Honestly… I feel like it’s mostly dead. It used to be pretty big, with huge parties taking place almost every week, but now I truly don’t see too much. Some parties still exist, but more 80s and post punk. If you know me, you know my thing is definitely Industrial/EBM/Aggrotech, so I don’t really go out much anymore. I feel like lately a lot of alternative styles became mainstream and so a lot of the teenages just don’t find their way into the subculture. I have 2 videos on the subject, so I feel I should just reference to those instead of writing an essay about this (laughs.)

Besides modeling, you are also a designer, youtuber, make up artist and a singer. Which one, among all of them, do you love the most?
That is a very good question. It’s one I’ve been struggling with, myself, lately.
Through everything I do and did one thing always remained the most important thing to me and the reason I actually created all of this: music. Singing and writing lyrics and poems is definitely the most important thing to me. It’s the only true outlet I find for the darkest places in my soul and the only true outlet for my emotions, when I feel as numb as one can be. Rethinking about all of this lately just led me to the conclusion that it’s time to stop fooling myself and just go full force into that.

Is there any future project you’re working on you could share with us?
Well… The clothing line is definitely a thing! Although I do have to say my priorities in life have changed quite a bit lately and I’m trying to figure out exactly what form it’s going to take. Life has definitely thrown a lot at my face lately and I’m trying to truly find out what makes me feel the happiest. So do expect some clothing coming out soon and also, without spoiling too much, some music in the future, finally.

Thank you so much for your time! As a final word, is there any advice you’d like to give for those who want to get started?
Thank you for your interest in me and my art! And of course! The most important thing I’ve learned through outt the years is just be yourself. Don’t go in this subculture because you think it’s cool, or others are doing it. Do it because it burns in you. Use it as an instrument to find out who you really are, how you feel, what you want in life, what you find yourself attracted and connected to, find liked minded, open minded people. Try to find how YOU want to look like, who YOU are. Don’t copy, take inspiration. Disregard labels, they truly don’t matter and they’re only designed to limit you. If this is where you find your home – go for it but don’t let anyone tell you you have to change to fit in. This subculture, at least to me, was formed to be an accepting place to all that see the world a bit differently, from a darker place. be yourself, be free, form your own style and identity and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not enough the way you are.

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