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Interview with Blue Astrid

Blue-haired model and tattoo artist from Poland

Cover credits: Photo: Aneta Pawska – Enchanted Stories, Dress: Askasu

Blue Astrid is a young beautiful Tattoo artist and alternative model from Poland. Her beautiful blue hair and her tattoos stand out but we can see her in many types of pictures from sexy to Victorian she does it all and in a very classy way. Don’t miss this chance to get to know her a bit better 😀

How would you describe yourself, who is Blue Astrid behind the camera?
My name is Marta and I’m living in a land of thousand lakes, in Poland. I can’t really describe myself but I will try my best for you. I think of myself as a normal girl with two cats and a dog, but I’m also very stubborn and I always try to reach my goals. Everything I do must be done perfectly, this is great ’cause I’m my own motivation. People describe me as a kind and peaceful person, which I totally agree with, ’cause I don’t need attention, I’m more of an observer type.

I think the worst side of my personality is that I’m very impatient, I don’t like waiting, but I have to all the time – for example, for photos to be done.

When and how did you start modeling, specially Alternative/goth modeling?
In my case, alternative lead me to modeling. I’ve been a part of alternative culture for 10 years now, and became professional alt model 2 years ago.

I’ve always dressed differently, this made photographers come up to me and ask to do photoshoots. They find my look very interesting and say I don’t need as much Photoshop.  Photoshoots are a creative opportunity for me to become someone else for a moment.

Do you feel connected to the alternative community in your country and would you tell us a bit more about it?
I have been a part of alternative community in Poland since I was a kid and it only gets better with time. Today, alternative is on a great level and I can only see things getting even better in the future. We have more and more shops with alternative clothing and accessories, a lot of shows where designers and alternative models work together with photographers, making something beautiful and unique, and it is all connected with tattoo conventions etc. We are totally accepted in my country, ’cause people do understand that its just another level of sensitivity and creativity.

I have my fingers crossed for our big alternative family to be better and better over time.

Can you tell us a bit of the story behind the modeling name “BLUE ASTRID”?
Astrid is an old Norwegian name, from words “áss”-god and “fríðr”-beautiful.

I like scandinavian mythology, that’s why I took this name. Blue, is for my love of this colour, as you can see by my hair.

You are an internationally featured model and you worked for some amazing brands, how does that feel like?
Everyone around me says that I’m good in what I do, people actually like my work and think of me as a professional model, but… I still think of myself as a normal girl, who likes to do poses and stuff. It is hard for me to believe that people go “wow” when they see my photos.

I’m very grateful for a chance to work with all the amazing people and brands I’ve worked with so far. I feel blessed to be able wear something from designers whose designs and clothes I could only admire on the internet few years ago. It feels wonderful that designers love what I do and want to work with me.

In a world of alternative modeling, every model is her own brand. What makes you stand out and define Blue Astrid as a brand?
Except for my blue hair? Tattoos, people can recognize it is me on the photo even if it is just a bit of my arm showing. My tattoos are unique and nobody else can have an identical copy. I usually don’t do full on smiling photos, but I have this little “get the london look” thing going on with my teeth.

Hair, tattoos and my teeth are 3 unique marks which are making me Blue Astrid.

You do many different types of photoshoots, do you have a favorite genre of photography?
I totally love fantasy! I can be a witch, elf or anything I want, actually. Those kind of photos are telling a story, they have a soul and are a total time-eaters. You know, it takes up to a couple of weeks to make photoshoot like this happen. Because it is not just a full makeup, but picking a place, a setting, an outfit etc. I like it when the photo looks like a shot from a movie or a fairytale. It always transports me to another world.

Do you have any concepts for future shoots that you’re just dying to try out?
I have this one photoshoot that I would totally love to do! Under the water! But, the deal is – I can’t swim. So I can die for that photoshoot for real (hahaha)

Knowing myself I will do this underwater shoot one day.

I want to do more photos will forest animals as they are very important to me. I feel connected with forests and nature, so yeah, I think it would be great.

Where do you go for inspiration? Do you have someone that you look up to?
I get inspired by everything that is around me. After seeing a movie, taking a walk or a trip… I can see new photo ideas in my head, makeup and outfits that I can put together, all the details. I totally admire models like: Ophelia Overdose, Threnody In Velvet, Shelly D’Inferno, Monami Frost.

Those girls are my fav, and I will always love them for who they are and what they do.

What do you consider to be your biggest career highlights so far?
I think my biggest career highlight is that I am a great model for all those fantastic photographers and designers. I feel rewarded when people like you text me 😉

I have quite a few publications, and shows under my belt but I want to do more and more ’cause it keeps me on track.

What can we expect from you in the future? What are your biggest goals in life?
I want to be a traveling, international model, to explore the world and meet great people. My career is the most important thing for me, and I don’t think anything can stop me. I like to learn new things, and I like to explore, so the world is wide open for me.

Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy and can’t live without?
I’m a tattoo artist, and I like it as much I like modeling. I like do stuff like forest animals, flowers, ornaments and mandalas. I have been doing this for 3 years now and I miss my job when I am on vacation. I have been drawing since I can remember, art was always in my life. I love animals, unique stones and corsets.

Name three things you simply cannot go without every single day.
I start my mornings with coffee, I check my social media constantly, and I love wearing chokers. So yeah, those are 3 things I cannot live without.

You look amazing in your modeling outfits! What do you wear when you’re ‘off duty’?
Thank you 🙂 I love black dresses and have lot of those in my closet. When it’s cold outside I wear long, black sweaters and Restyle’s leggings.

Well, I don’t wanting to abuse your time, just one last question; You  have many fans all over the world, and some consider you an inspiration. What message would you like leave for them?
I totally want to thank them for being there. ‘Cause without my fans my work wouldn’t exist or have any meaning, thanks to the fans it all real and alive. Every artist wants to be appreciated and remembered by what he/she has done.

I also want to say that everyone who does what he/she loves has a great chance for success, but must do it with all their heart.

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