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Interview with Blossom of Faelivrin

Creative model from Germany

Cover credits: Photography: Gemini Photos Fotografie, Dress: Angelic Pretty, Headdress and jewelry: Hysteria Machine 

Blossom of Faelivrin is a young beautiful alternative model from Germany,  she loves to dress up in fun costumes inspired by  comic books and she is very creative in her work, but she can also seen wearing her beautiful Gothic Lolita outfits and I must say she looks amazing in them, so if you still don’t know this girl here is a good chance to get to know her a bit better!

1. How would you describe yourself?
I would say I am a crazy bit of everything, I am creative person and I love to use my creativity in every way possible. I love doing photo sessions with a theme or inspired by a certain topic to bring pictures to life. Also I know I am as merry as I am complicated, I tend to be quite a perfectionist and if things won’t work as I wish I can become a little monster – well people who are close to me describe me as a geeky little diva for exactly that reason and I think that sounds pretty much like it is  😉

2. How did you start modeling?
Honestly I don’t exactly remember how it happened, but I think it was back in my time working in a local gothic shop when I was asked if I’d like to model for our shops flyer and that got the rock rollin’.

3. Tell us a bit about the story behind the name Blossom of Faelivrin?
Haha, that is an easy one actually! I am a huge lord of the rings fan and I even studied elvish and khuzdul for a while with help of the books, so I translated my name in elvish –  which is ‘Faelivrin’ . But the name alone sounded a bit lifeless to me, so I made a title for it which became ‘Blossom of Faelivrin’ in the end. Some people might know me as ‘Alatariel Faelivrin’ that is because I have a double name and translated both of it into elvish.

4. Why alternative modeling, do you feel related to lifestyle, if you do how is it like in your country?
Well, I think just because I love this fashion type a lot. I have been grown up with alternative and freaky fashioned people around me and it was kind of sure I would follow in their steps. I am a fashion lover in general and I love that you can express yourself through alternative fashion so much!

5. What do you think makes a model stand out from others?
Personally I think it is the way they look and smile! Everyone has a signature facial expression and a signature smile and these can make people stand out from billions of others.Clothes can be bought a much as you can watch tutorials for makeup, but the way you look or smile cannot be copied and makes you special.

6. You have many great pictures and you can sure pull many different looks, but you sure make very nice gothic-lolita, do you consider that like your brand the mark that makes you stand out from other models?
I believe you could quite say so, yes – if you can say so at all 😛 The gothic lolita style is a mixture of everything goth/dark/creepy/freaky I love combined with elegance and ruffles and laces. I think the dresses stand out from regular gothic clothes and you can pimp them up to most gorgeous doll like outfits! Gothic lolita is a big chest full of possibilities and that’s what I love about it, I can look like the cutest cupcake or like the most posh and elegant gothic creature on earth. I think it is just a very special style in which I can spread my creativity and honestly I simply freaking adore dresses and petticoats – so it is kind of perfect for me 😀

7. Do you have a favorite type of photo-shoot?
In general I like a good and merry atmosphere during shoots and I mostly prefer outdoor shootings more than studio shootings because I like ‘real’ locations better. But my top favorite photo-shoots are the ones with themes and topics that aren’t just fashion but fashion with a story or message in it, the more creative work the better it is. Mostly I love fantasy themed photo shoots though, because I love everything magical and supernatural and I’d love to do way more in this area!

8. You already made some great collaborations with shops, designers brands … are you still open for more collaborations?
Oh yes of course! I have only few experiences in that area by now and I’d love to collaborate with more companies be it shops or designers (especially with indie labels because we can support each other that way). Generally I am a person who loves to collaborate with people as long as it is in my field of interest, so you can always feel free to ask me for collaborations in the fashion area. I’d not do any collaborations which I couldn’t enjoy myself, but I guess that is how everyone would do it, right? ^_^

9. What can we expect to see you do next, what are your biggest goals?
Well my biggest goal personally would be to impress the designers  of my favorite clothing brands so could maybe one day work with them, but that is a vague dream so far, haha. Anyway I guess you can like nearly always expect me to model on gothic lolita based fashions hows and of course expect me to get crazy with my fashion, I don’t think you’ll be bored of me so fast <3

10. Do you have any idol, someone you look up to for inspiration?
Yes, I do have lots of inspirations, few actually do come out of the comic universe and some are by jewelry designers like ‘Hysteria Machine’ for example. When I see a certain piece, I immediately start to plot what I can do with it and how I can work it to do it justice. So I’d say my inspiration doesn’t come from a certain person alone, mostly it is a bit of everyone and everything that inspires me for my modeling.

11. Do you have some other passions besides modelling, any hobbies you really enjoy?
Modeling actually is just one of my hobbies, as I have stated before I love fantasy themed things like games and books. Also I am addicted to comics and recently came around cosplaying too (last goes along with modeling somehow again). Also I just love taking long walks in the forest and spending time with my friends or visit conventions with them. And shopping, seriously one of my most passionate hobbies is shopping!

12. So to end … You know you have many fans out there and many girls that look up to you for inspiration, so what is the message you would like to leave them?
I wish to thank all the people that enjoy my work and I want to let them know that I am really happy they support me so much, I never imagined this could be possible in any way and it overwhelms me a lot to know you are there.

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