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Interview with Aurelia Isabella

Alternative model located in Germany

Cover credits: Photo, Retouch, Make-Up: Hanny Honeymoon Photography, Neck Corset & Puff Sleevies: V-Couture, Corset: Royal Black Couture & Corsetry

Aurelia Isabella is a very talented creative alternative model from Germany, I’m sure many of you already know some of her great pictures but stay tuned because there’s a lot about this sweet amazing girl that you can find out on this interview!

1. How would you describe yourself?
Oh, the starting question already is a hard one, haha 🙂 First of all, I’m a very thoughtful, sensitive person and I can trust my instincts quite well. I love to laugh and sometimes just need to be silly and childish. I value honesty a lot, I’m very loyal and my friends and family always go first. I’m protective concerning the people I love and I have big issues with injustice. When a thing is important to me, I put a lot of energy and strength into it and I tend to be a perfectionist. If a thing isn’t important to me, I unfortunately tend to be very lazy about it 😀 I love being creative but I also need the balance between living in my “fairy-tale-world” when doing photo shoots and being down to earth in normal life with a normal job and doing just everyday-life-stuff. For me, one doesn’t work without the other. And it’s very important for me to always stay true to myself, whatever happens in my life.

2. How did you start modeling and was that a dream of yours?
I think I pretty much started like many others, too: I went out into the woods or to the sea with friends and a camera and we took photos of each other in different styles of gothic and medieval outfits. One day someone suggested to me to register on a German modeling- and photography-platform, where I got more and more shoots and also got to know many other lovely and creative people. I never dreamed of “the big success” and still don’t. I just do what I love with people I like and who I can be creative with. So I think I could say that it is kind of a dream, having the possibility to create fairy-tales and other worlds with other creative people .

3. Why alternative gothic and fairy modeling, do you feel connected with an alternative lifestyle in any way?
I feel connected mostly with the gothic lifestyle but to be honest, I don’t define myself over a certain lifestyle or “scene”. I guess I do and like things typical for a “gothic” but also do and like things people wouldn’t associate with the gothic lifestyle. I just have too many varied interests to honestly define myself over a special “scene”
As for my style of modeling, I really love fairy-tales and myths a lot. In fact, I love fantasy in general – be it in books or movies – and I love creating worlds that are different from the one we live in.

4. I know you do more than most models. You do your own hair and make-up, styling and sometimes you even hand-make your own dresses, so you must love to be involved in all the back stage creative work. Can you tell us a bit how that works for you?
Sure! 🙂 You’re absolutely right, I love preparing shoots as much as actually doing them. Most of the time, there’s the idea first. It forms in my head and I start to plan on how to do the set and of course what the outfit should look like. Sometimes I know a designer, who made an outfit that would just be THE outfit for my idea, but sometimes there’s something special I have in mind and that’s the moment when I rush over to my sewing-machine and create something myself. After that I plan the styling and make-up and when needed, I craft and/or buy props and accessories. I love this process a lot! 🙂

5. May we know where you get all your inspiration from, because we see you in many photo-shoot-types always looking amazing? How do you do that?
Aww, thank you, this is really sweet, dear! It may sound weird but I actually get most of my inspiration out of dreams. Not the whole sceneries but just a flicker of a picture here or the vision of a dress there. Sometimes I have pictures of scenes directly in front of my eyes just before I really fall asleep at night. That’s the point when I have to switch on the light again and write or sketch 😀 Of course, I also get a lot of inspiration from books and movies and sometimes it happens, that a special outfit, make-up or location I see somewhere creates a scene in my head that I wanna realise.

6. For you, what makes a picture perfect?
It is the feelings behind making it. It depends on the people I work with, the chemistry, the creativity all involved parties put into creating the picture. As an example, I got a perfect picture just a short time ago. It was shot on a warm, sunny day. I worked with a photographer, who is also my friend and a person I’m really fond of. A designer I highly respect and admire lent me an outfit from a collection I simply adore. The shoot is full of great feelings and it gives me very precious memories. And a picture from such a shoot is just perfect.

7. You are very creative and you do many collaborations. Are you open for more? What makes you say yes to a project?
Of course, I’m always open for more collaborations. I like the process of developing sets and ideas on my own but I love it even more to collaborate with other creative artists, be it designers of any kind, photographers, make-up-artists or hairstylists. Making something come true as a team is even more precious than “only” planning alone.
Usually, I’m very open to collaborations with artists I haven’t worked with before. But of course, I always need to think about certain things before I say yes or no. Can I identify with the theme of the project? Does the idea trigger my creativity? Does the project “enchant” me? Can I really fit in this project? If it’s a designer, I need to consider if I can wear the fashion and present it authentically. If it’s a photographer or MUA/stylist, I need to check if the “role” or styling I’m considered for fits me and makes me feel comfortable. I just can’t be everything I might like; it should always fit my character, body and face to be authentic in the end.

The only thing I’m picky about is collaborating with other models. I need to feel comfy on a shoot and I need to work in my “routine”. That’s why I usually only do  model-collaboration with my friends. It just works better for me if I know the person behind the modeling-page personally and also know how they work in a shoot and how our chemistry at a shoot works out.

Btw, there are some pretty exciting collaborations about to come, so stay tuned 🙂

8. Just out of curiosity: How do you dress in your everyday life?
I grab whatever I can get out of my wardrobe, be it skirt, dress, trousers or shirt. My style of clothing is rather practical than en vogue and in summer, I also like to wear colors, so there’s not only black in my wardrobe. And life would be so sad without my comfy-pants 😀

9. Now there’s one more surprise about you that I know of. You are also a great singer. So what is your great passion, modeling or singing? Or do you think they end up complementing each other?
Aww, thanks so much!  I’ve actually been singing much longer than I’ve been modeling and I’d love to develop that aspect of myself a bit more but I have “only” my voice and can’t play any instrument or compose songs, so it’s just much harder for me to start making music than to plan and do photo shoots. I couldn’t decide what I like better, though. I love creating worlds, telling stories in pictures and feeling like a dark fairy or a lovely princess, but the most fascinating and touching thing for me was when I really could move people to tears with my voice. That really happened and it was the greatest compliment I could get for my singing, because that’s what I would love to do when I could make music: Touch people’s hearts.
I don’t know if this will ever happen but I could imagine having a lot of fun for example opening or ending a fashion-show with a song and at the same time presenting an outfit on the runway.

10. Where can we hear your amazing angelic voice?
At the moment only on my Tumblr-blog but I hope to be soon on Youtube, too. I already have rough plans for making a video to one of my recordings and hope to realise this dream this year.

11. You’re still young so I bet you have tons of goals. So what can we expect to see you do next and what would be your biggest goal or dream?

Well, the next big plan I have is indeed making a video to one of my recordings. This would be really, really awesome. I also plan a new series of outfits and of course, there are some awesome new collaborations with amazing artists to come. Still, I decided to reduce photo shoots a bit in general. I wanna spend time with my friends and travel to different countries (I love travelling a lot).
As for my biggest goal in life…I just pretty simply wish to live a life with a safe job and my loved ones by my side – of course always with enough time and money to travel, be creative and keep up my hobbies! 😀

12. So to end … You know you have many fans out there (me included). What do you like to say to them?
First of all, I need to be honest. It feels pretty weird every time someone tells me I have fans.  That doesn’t mean I don’t value you guys – on the contrary, I do that a lot! I’m very thankful to each and every one of you, because you like what I do and support me. That’s in my opinion the best thing an artist can get for the work he or she does. Still I always feel the need to say that I’m really only human as everyone else is. I don’t take myself and me being a “model” too serious. I laugh and cry and feel helpless and insecure at times. I get out of bed and look like a zombie – nothing to see of any fairy-tale-princess then 😀 Aurelia is an artistic figure and only one part of me. The real “me” is much more than that 🙂 And this is not just Aurelia answering questions for you all but the real and whole me. Thank you for supporting not only me but also so many other amazing artists out there. We would be nothing without you and I won’t ever forget that!

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