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Interview with Aeternum Nocturne

Gothic Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessories from Bulgaria since 2011

Aeternum Nocturne Gothic Jewelry and fashion started in 2011 from Sofia, Bulgaria by Ralitza Demireva, designer and owner. This has been the shop’s big year we all can see how much it has been growing, the new sets the new themes are so beautiful that we cannot be indifferent so here we are trying to know a bit more about the great designer behind all this amazing work.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I am a romantic dreamer. I have vivid imagination and will work really hard to make my dreams and ideas come alive! I am a Libra and I am always trying to explore the depths of my soul, looking for a balance between light and darkness.

2. How old were you when you made your 1st design piece?
I started making jewelry professionally and for fun many years ago, but I created my first Gothic themed jewelry in 2011 –the first time I bought lace and tried to make it into a choker. Actually it was nothing special, but it was the first one, so it holds a special place in my heart.

3. You make Goth Victorian pieces, do you feel related to Goth lifestyle, if yes how is that like in your country?
Yes, I am much into Goth style and so allured by the aesthetics of darkness. I love it for so long that I don’t know how it all started, but actually I have always been a Goth, just didn’t realize it before. I am very melancholic and really relate to the whole Gothic feeling. I also love the pure and gentle beauty of this style, the clothes and the accessories – the whole feeling of past times. It is so amazing to me.

In Bulgaria there is a strong Gothic society, small but growing. The best thing is that people here are not afraid to be themselves and show that they are Goths inside and outside.

4. You are now the owner of your own brand you make our own original designs is that a dream that came true?
Oh, yes! I have another business – I am a professional crafter, have a hobby shop and make workshops, but Gothic is really me, my heart, my soul, so making jewelry and having a brand of my own is really a dream come true. It also helped me meet so many kindred spirits and nice people across the globe!

5. I see different yet very beautiful and classy designs yet with many different themes, were do you get your inspiration from?
Honestly inspiration usually just strikes me! Sometimes this happens in the middle of the night and I cannot go to sleep or jump from my bed to write ideas down. Inspiration comes from everywhere. I am heavily influenced by Gothic music and Symphonic metal bands like Apocalyptica, old Nightwish, Epica, Lacuna coil, Within Temptation. Also fantasy books like those of the great J.R.R. Tolkien. Sometimes inspiration comes from a book or a dream or a movie I watched. I think about my designs all the time and ideas come themselves. For example the Embrace of the Vampire collection and photo shoot were inspired by a role play game we had with my friends and of course from the books of Anne Rice (which are really a huge inspiration for me). Many times inspiration may come from the models and the team I am working with.

6. I know that like a mother loves all her kids a designer loves all her creation but do you have a favorite piece our set one you hold dear for a special reason?
I love them all as I put in each of my pieces such a huge love and passion. But yes, I have some pieces that made me feel the wow effect myself. These are the Dragon necklace, The Vampiress necklace and the new Wood fairy necklace. I really love them.

7. Your pieces are all original design by you but are you up to special requests from clients?
Actually not as much as I would want to. Most of my customers want sometimes just changes in the color. But I have one very special client that became my friend during the years that pushes my limits by asking me to make special custom designs for her. That is also so good for me, makes me develop, search solutions and is such fun! I wish there were more clients like her.

8. You do most jewelry sets but you are getting involved in head dressing and from what I see your doing a great job , they makes me think what’s next?
Yes, I am very dedicated to develop my skills. I have so many ideas and they push me really hard to make new things. I want to make headdresses more and more and I have some amazing projects that will soon come alive. I also am very inspired by corsetry and early this year I started making my first designs. Being so mesmerized by historic costumes, my aspiration for the future is to start also making the costumes for the photo shoots I make – like I did for the Embrace of the Vampire photo shoot.

9. I see you make some collaborations with some models and photographers, how do you pick who to work with?
Well, I honestly believe that each idea I have for a photo shoot or a collection needs its own team – there is a perfect model and a perfect photographer for each project. Of course when picking up my team I want to know they are in the same state of mind as me, that they love the ideas and are devoted a really fantastic project to come alive.

10. I bet there a lot more to come from so talented and creative mind like yours, so what  more can we expect from you in the future ?
Surely you can expect from me many more new designs, lots of themed photo shoots with gorgeous and talented photographers and models and many new ideas and surprises!

11. Can you tell us a bit of the story behind the name AETERNUM Nocturne?
Well as maybe some of you know I had a different brand name, but as I needed a fresh start and I wanted a brand that will reflect my vision most – so AETERNUM Nocturne came to live. It stands for Eternal night or a night in the eternity. It carries inside the aesthetics of the darkness, the melancholy for a fading world and the love for the past times.  It sounds so mine and so perfect for my designs and vision.

12. I also know you are involved on the organization of Gothic fest Sofia, were we can for sure find you live, do you want to talk a bit about that?
This is a festival that we organize for a second year now and it is already becoming huge, which makes me really happy. It gathers many local and International bands in almost every style of Gothic music. Usually the first day is more hardcore and industrial and we have also fetish performances and DJ sets, the second day this year we will two stages – a main stage and a dark wave stage with big International headliners and great local bands. There is going to be also a Gothic bazaar that will combine under one roof many local and international designers and shops of Gothic and Steampunk clothes, jewelry and accessories. There will be also some surprises, so if you want to keep tuned for news, this is the Facebook page of the fest.

13. So to end … You know you have many fans out there, (me included and the group is growing) : What would you like to say to them, and what message do you have to models and photographers that may want  a chance to work with you?
First of all I want to thank you all for the amazing support and love you have been giving me. It is so important to me! It makes me feel so inspired and motivated to accomplish more, to push my limits to the max! And keep dreaming and be who you really are!

I am always open for ideas and collaborations. For me it is really more of a passion than a business, so I would love to work with everyone who is feeling the same way and have the Gothic passion in their hearts!

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