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Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial by ReeRee Phillips

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial by ReeRee Phillips as seen on G&A issue #5 Fairy Goths.

Step 1: Start by priming your face and eyes.

Step 2: Apply a base. You can use your usual foundation.

Step 3: Contour. I recommend using a cool grey shadow for this look.

Step 4: Draw on your brows. For this look I use a silver Gel liner, with a mid-toned grey eyeshadow to shade the underside. I also use the grey to create the illusion of fine hairs.

Step 5: With the same grey shadow, I use a blending brush and apply this to my crease, inner corner up to meet the brow, and also on the lower lash area.

Step 6: Moving on, I take two different metallic shades. The first, silver, and I apply this to most of the eyelid, focusing on the central area of the lid. The second shade, Gunmetal Grey, I focus on the inner and outer corners of the eyelid, blending into everything else.

Step 7: This is one of the most important step, and longest, of this particular look. I use a white liner first, and draw a line just above my crease, and a second line running along the lower lash line. I then use the white to draw a multitude of dots, to somewhat emulate snow. I then finish with a dark blue liner, to line the upper lash line.

Step 8: Finishing up the eyes, I apply white mascara, and then false lashes. I am using a multi-tonal false lash.

Step 9: Moving on to lips, I apply my chosen lip colour.

Step 10:  To finish off, I apply shimmer. I apply a large amount to my cupids bow and the contours of my lips to balance out the eyes with the lips. I also apply shimmer to the ‘highlight’ areas of my face: The cheekbones, chin, forehead and nose.

The finished look

Model: ReeRee Phillips
Photographer: Alterd_Mind
Jewellery: Nocturne Jewellery

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