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Honeycolor Review by Kali Noir Diamond is an online store, retailer and distributor of the trendy cosmetic color contact lenses. We bring products and information on Cosmetic Circle Lenses – The fantastic tool to enhance beauty. Each product line is carefully selected to provide consumers with biologically safe and high quality products.

Review and photos by Kali Noir Diamond

For this review, I used two-toned circle lenses- white base with red stripes. The packaging is super cute and practical, keeping the lenses safe and clean, but  it is fairly easy to open, which is not often the case with lenses. White color is dominant, so your eyes are not completely red when you put them in. Lenses are very soft and easy to insert, and if it is your first time using lenses, you will manage without any eye irritation. You can find a YouTube tutorial on how to insert lenses. My advice is, do your makeup after this, so you don’t ruin it while inserting the lenses. I loved the look these gave me, a mixture of creepy and mysterious, so they can be great for a vampire-themed photo shoot , party or cosplay, or if you wish to freak people out in the street, letting your everyday inner vampire out 😀

The lenses felt very comfortable during the whole time I wore them, they gave me no vision problems, and were easy to take out. My eyes are really sensitive, so I just love it when I find a brand that feels comfy and natural, and this one definitely does.

The website offers a wide range of styles and colors, as well as other products such as eye care accessories, other beauty products like lashes, makeup and skin care. Honey color often offers discounts and coupon codes, so you can get your goodies for a better price. They ship worldwide, and you won’t wait for your package for too long. Make sure to keep your lenses clean and in proper packaging to make them last longer and be safe for your eyes 🙂

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