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Honeycolor Review by Eleine

by Eleine

For this photo shoot I wanted to feel like a sexy demon. Honeycolor has a pair of lenses named “White Ghost Eyes Halloween Lenses” – this couldn’t be more perfect.

I’m a really experienced when it comes to lenses because I’ve been wearing them since I was 13 years old and finally didn’t have to use my glasses every minute of the day since I’m actually half-blind. So it’s always interesting actually trying out colored lenses and see if the quality is good enough for eyes that might be sensitive as well. Brands with bad lenses are extremely dangerous since it can cost your eyes a lot.

This is not the case with Honeycolor. I took the lenses in my hand, washed them as usual and put them on. I looked SO creepy but almost in a sexy way!

While posing for this shoot I felt different from many other shoots. It feels like I’m hiding behind something demonic and in a way I did. 🙂

I will try out more of Honeycolor’s lenses, and also thank you Honeycolor for the really cute container you sent with the lenses to have them in for a longer time.

Photo credits:
Singer/model: Eleine, Photo: GRANN Photography, Corset: Moriel Corsetry, Lenses: HoneycolorJewelry: Wonderlandmc

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