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Halloween Shopping Guide: Best places to shop

Cover credits: Model/Mua: Daedra, Photo: Unit Foto, Dress: The Gothic Shop, Lenses:

With only a few weeks left for Halloween, it is past time that you chose this year’s costume. If you have not planned ahead and you’re looking for a last minute solution that looks good, then this Halloween shopping guide is for you! We have created a list of 12 shops that provide amazing clothes, accessories & shoes for Halloween but can also be worn in your night outs or every day!


Devilnight is an online alternative clothing store with a wide range of styles. They offer clothing for both men and women and their clothing would be great for a vampire costume or a witch. You will also find a great array of gothic jewellery that you can style as you like to achieve the desired effect in your costume.

Model & photo: Beatriz Mariano Photography, Necklace: Wonderlandmc, Dress: Devilnight

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Hysteria Machine

From bone necklaces and antler headbands to skull breastplates, Hysteria Machine is the place to go this Halloween. This independent UK based designer creates unique wearable works of art that will transform your costume.

Photography: Sheridan’s Art, Model/MUA: Kika von Macabre, Necklace: Madonnaenchanted, Corset: Holly Rafaela, Halo: Hysteria Machine

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Iron Fist Clothing

Iron Fist is for the adventurers, the rebels, the heart-breakers, the party girls and guys who DGAF. You will find footwear, apparel and accessories with bat wings and sugar skull & skeletal prints. Bat Royalty is a clothing line by goth rocker Ash Costello & Iron Fist for the bat queens, creepy & confident, the super sad but hella rad and includes some of the most favorite pieces of the goth community.

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Restyle is a clothing and accessories shop located in Poland. It is well known in the gothic community for the great selection of occult apparel they offer. With very reasonable price tags, Restyle is a great place to shop for bat themed jewelry, horned headdresses and witchy clothing to complete your Halloween costume.

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The brand is highly appreciated by fans as they offer Japanese fashion such as visual kei clothing, gothic lolita dresses and more underground western fashion such as punk style or gothic clothing in the same time. Their pieces are so unique and can be easily used to create a custom Halloween costume.

Model, MUA: Kali Noir Diamond, Photography: Vanic Photography, Dress: Punkrave, Jewlery: Alchemy Gothic available at The Gothic Shop

Phaze Clothing

Designed and made in the UK, Phaze Clothing is one of the most diverse online shops. Besides the clothing they offer in every imaginable style, they also carry essential Halloween accessories like fangs, fake blood, masks and colored contact lenses. Last but not least, you can find complete Halloween costumes like Witch and Demon.

Model: Rikard from Eleine, Outfit:

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If you’re looking to add a dose of haute couture to your costume, then look no further. Videnoir offers handmade corsetry and couture, unique accessories and hat pieces. Some of the accessories you can get from Videnoir for Halloween include batwings, majestic lace collars and horned headdress that you won’t find anywhere else.

Model: Mellifère, Photographer: Z. Vision, Outfit: Dark in love, Headdress: Videnoir

Black Candy Fashion

No Halloween costume is complete without a wig! At Black Candy you will discover high quality Alternative Wigs suitable for all styles from Steampunk to Lolita. Their beautiful wigs help you be whoever you want to be! If it’s a certain character you want to portray or just to express your own unique and personal style.

Model/Photo/Makeup: La Esmeralda, Wig: Black Candy Fashion

Online Shop specializes in high-quality colored lenses. They provide a wide array of choices that can be used both for everyday use and of course to enhance your costume. You will find white Zombie lenses, black sclera lenses and many other “crazy” lenses, just what you need for Halloween.

Model/Mua: Daedra, Photo: Unit Foto, Dress: The Gothic Shop, Lenses:

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An independent British company know for its independent and fearless creativity, Underground Berwick Street is a collective space that houses footwear and clothing. They make authentic British Creepers and shoes that include Winklepickers and Steel Caps. Winklepickers are beloved in the gothic ranks and they’re perfect for any Witch’s costume!

Model & photo: ReeRee Phillips, Shoes: Underground Shoes

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Isabella Batz

Isabelle Batz is a fashion designer who blends classic dark glamour and ultra futuristic elements into her clothing. Her fashion collections are influenced by a deep love of science fiction and artistic dreams. Edgy and very unique, Isabelle Batz designs clothing for stylish women who view self expression through shape, texture and color.

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Clothing company with a twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread. The place to go for all things occult, Killstar has a great variety of Wednesday Addam’s inspired dresses, occult prints, pentagrams and hoodies, all of which can be turned into a cool Halloween costume.

Model: Dayana Crunk, Wig: Donalovehair, Outfit: Killstar

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