Halloween is more romantic than you think

Halloween is more romantic than you think

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Usually, romance is not the first thing on our mind when we think about Halloween. We think about parties, costumes, scary stories, mystery and magic. Ancient Celts believed that on the night of the Samhain/ Calan Gaeaf, spirits of the ancestors came to visit our world and tell us what our future holds.

This fortune telling aspect was extremely important to the young girls of not so distant past. Why? To predict their future husbands of course!

In fact, up until the WWI, Halloween was regarded as one of the most romantic holidays, the whole night was like the huge matchmaking marathon in costumes. Hordes of young, unmarried people would set empty places at dinner table, lit candles in lanterns on their doorsteps or leave treats for spirits on windowsills, all in hope that spirits would show them their future spouse and that they to, would be married by the next Halloween.

In Ireland, matron of the house would bury a ring in a bowl of mashed potatoes in hopes that someone from her household would find the ring and true love on Halloween. Young girls would toss apple peels over their shoulders in hope that the peels would spell out the name or initials of their future husband or try to see their fortune by peering at egg yolks floating in a bowl of salt water.

In Scotland, girls would get bunch of hazelnuts, name each hazelnut for each of their suitors and toss them into fire one by one. Hazelnut that burnt to ashes instead of popping represented that girls future husband and love that would last forever. Sometimes, matron of the house would prepare a sugary treat out of hazelnut and nutmeg for unmarried girls in the household.

Girls would leave half of the treat on their windowsill as an offering to spirits, and eat other half before bed in order to dream of their husband to be.

In the U.S. unmarried girls would stand in a dark room, holding a candle with their back turned to a mirror and try to spot their future husband’s face in that mirror by looking over their shoulder. Unmarried guys would compete to be the first to find a burr during the chestnut-hunt or to be first one to successfully bob an apple in order to be first to go down the aisle.

All in all, romance and Halloween go hand in hand, it is sad that if a guy proposes a girl on Halloween night, they would have the love everlasting. It is also believed that couples who fell in love on Halloween could never be taken apart.

So this Halloween season, make a little room for romance and fortune telling in your busy schedule, it just might be worth it 😀

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