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Gothic and Amazing started out as someone’s dream to show the world that Goth doesn’t have to be just dark and depressing. Like a black rose is dark but yet  beautiful so why not find beauty in the dark and be Gothic and Amazing. And with that, one day a facebook  page was born trying to show the beautiful part of Goth. The goal was to support everyone that fit that description  from  models to photographers, make-up artists, stylists, music bands, shop owners and all kinds of Goth form of art.

The idea was also to show that supporting each other, people could grow along with their pages. So from one person’s dream, a team of people with the same beliefs was born, the G&A team. Here we are now making our mark and showing how we all see the goth-subculture.

Be sure that we all will do our best to show support and to answer all messages so fell free to contact anyone of us.

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[infobox bg=”redlight” color=”white” opacity=”off” subtitle=”Founder of Gothic and Amazing and Interviewer”]Sil Costa[/infobox]

I am from Lisbon Portugal, I am 37 years old and I work in advertising as an event planner. I’m Goth and that is a very bad word here so I did and sometimes still do have to hide my Goth side to get work (and for that I mean the way I dress or the color of my hair simple things like that and clean up like they say).  So if I can’t change the world why not show them what I see, show that Goth is not bad. In fact Goth can even be Amazing and here I am supporting alternative life styles and all the good people in it and even  learning with them, making good friends.

More information about Sil Costa:

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[infobox bg=”redlight” color=”white” opacity=”off” subtitle=”Marketeer and Gothic and Amazing Magazine editor”]Kathy Fotiadi [/infobox]

Hi there! I’m Kathy, 24 years old and I live in Athens, Greece. I study Business Administration at the Athens University of Economics and Business and I am the owner and designer of Nocturne Jewellery.
Fascinated by gothic fashion and lifestyle, I have found my happy place at Gothic and Amazing. Besides social media and website management, I am also the curator of our quarterly publication. Always thrilled to discover new talented people and showcase their work to our fans. Feel free to contact me with your inquiries, I’m here to help in every way I can! 🙂

More information about Kathy Fotiadi:

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[infobox bg=”redlight” color=”white” opacity=”off” subtitle=”Music Columnist”]Ivan Díez[/infobox]

My name is Ivan, born in Madrid (Spain) in 1977. I’m a fan of music since childhood, especially of all derivatives of Metal, and I gradually entering the world of Gothic and dark art. I have the guitar as a hobby, which play a while, and also view web pages related to the Gothic art. My work is here to talk and report bands that have just come to light and want to be promoted, first telling his biography, then do a related track on albums and tours. If you want your band is in this section, you can contact in ivandiezcarrillo@gmail.com

More information about Ivan Díez:

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[infobox bg=”redlight” color=”white” opacity=”off” subtitle=”Music Journalist”]Gordana[/infobox]

My name is Gordana a.k.a Gaelira Gwaelon, I live in Novi Sad, Serbia, I’m 24 years old.
My first love is music, thanks to one of the greatest singers, Tarja Turunen, I fell in love with the singing, metal and opera when I was only 10 years old and since then my dream is to take professional singing lessons and to sing the best I can.
Beside music I also love books, movies, some TV shows, most of them are epic fantasy genre, in medieval time, that’s why my second greatest inspiration in life is Tolkien and his amazing Middle Earth.
I love promoting models, beause that is my way of helping them and supporting their amazing beauty and work and thanks to that I met a lot of amazing girls and now I’m richer for few amazing friends in my life.
I still don’t have a facebook page, but some friends are saying to me that I should make one and start modeling as well, so I will have to think about that 🙂

More information about Gordana:

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[infobox bg=”redlight” color=”white” opacity=”off” subtitle=”Video Maker”]Steve Murga[/infobox]

Born in Guatemala City, Freelance graphic designer, Autodidact, lover of Science and Art. Believe in discipline, and Honor, very cultured in Metal, I like to be near of the technology, researcher and curious like a cat.

More information about Steve Murga:

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