A Gothic Valentine’s Day

Article by Xul

It is that time of the year again, and who would have known – goths celebrate it as well! Leave out the generally more avanturistic fashion sense, dark and mysterious color pallet, and more than average emotional connection to life, we are all the same people, made to celebrate life, and love between us. To a big surprise to regular folk – we do love to love, despite the general idea that our lives are dedicated to death, nihilism, or unhappiness with our lives – but hey, guess again!

Going back to the roots of St. Valentine’s Day, we find a quite interesting lesson in history and life. A martyrdom story of Saint Valentine, a Christian priest of Rome, who performed weddings for Roman soldiers that were forbidden from marrying, and ministered for the persecuted, tells us a really lovely story and the fact which can be seen in a paralel today – love and emotional connection beats any and all impediments. It is a common misconception that goths prefer solitude, to be left alone, but that is completely false – goths actually prefer the non-watered-down version of Valentine’s Day. Being alone, or in solitude with your loved one is a much better, spiritual way of establishing and celebrating the connection to life, and those special people in it.

Spending the day with your significant others, gifting eachother, looking after your own well being – all are a wonderful concept, which everyone should nourish. Let us meet a few gothic couples and learn about gothic Valentine’s Day – in action!

„We usually wake up late and go to the movies later that day to watch something dramatic, but touching, like Deadpool! After that we go out for a bit in a restaurant, not too classy, yet not too cheap, after which we head home for a more intimate setting – nothing too fancy, just a regular Valentine’s Day!“

Necrinity and Sire Plague, Sweden

„In our line of work it’s important to show each other appreciation every day, and due to a busy schedule you might just miss a day or two there! That is why we, on Valentine’s Day, really focus on us and doing things as a couple. We go out to eat sushi, play video games, or just show each other love with simple gestures throughout the day.“

Eleine and Rikard, Sweden

„Since we don’t get to see each other every day, we really cherish the days that we can dedicate to each other and just giving in to love. A lazy day, with breakfast in bed and playing our favorite video games, we tend to go to a classy restaurant, followed by a hot bath home, with loads of little gifts in between, of course!“

Obsidian Kerttu and Xul, Croatia

Gothic people do not really have such different worldviews from everybody else, since the most important message of all is that we should love one another and show them how special you they are to you every day, especially on Valentine’s Day!

Happy day of Love!

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