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Get the look: Warrior Queen

by Silky

You all know me by my smiling photos and my happy, bubbly personality. But there is a warrior side to my personality as well! This shoot came just in time I really needed to say to the world: I am strong! I’m here to stay! And these trying times made me realize with just how many amazing and awesome people I’m surrounded with. This realization made it all worth while!

Now, let’s talk about fashion!

This beautiful necklace from Equinox is one of my favorite pieces ever! The elegance, simplicity and dark vibes of this piece are what grabbed my attention in the first place. What makes any piece from Equinox special is the fact each one is handcrafted by an amazing artist.  You can notice the attention for details, love and care in every single one of her designs. Plus, necklace is so versatile that I use it for my evening outfits as well as my day to day looks! And sometimes, I have to confess, I wear it around the house, just to feel pretty!

If you’re looking for good quality and affordable corsets, look no further than this one out from True Corset! The fit is just amazing, giving an instant hourglass shape without being to extravagant and without losing any comfort and movement. Best part is that, no matter how much I tightened it around my waist, there was no extra, uncomfortable pressure on my hips.

And, have you noticed my awesome shoulder armour? I know you did! It is so fabulous, that it is impossible to miss! I always wanted something just like that! And guess what, True Corset made my dreams come true! The second I put this amazing armor on, I felt like I was ready to conquer the world! Forget feeling like a princess! I felt like a warrior queen, and that is just what every girl needs when faced with trying times! Silver studs, rings and intricately detailed faux leather are what makes this warrior look, while the panels and the adjustable buckles ( at the back and on the arm) are making sure that the armor fits perfectly!

Get the look:

Necklace: Equinox Jewelery & Accessories

Corset and Shoulder Armour: True Corset

Skirt: The Gothic Shop


A very special thank you to my lovely Make  Up Artist Mariana Ferrera 

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