Here are some of the frequently asked questions, we will update this section regularly with new questions and their answers.

Who are you?
We are a group of open-minded people from all over the world who appreciate gothic in every aspect. We are here to support the gothic community in any way we can.

Can I submit an article for your website?
Yes of course! You can go to SUBMIT on our website and get posted on the guest blog.

I have a shop and would like to send you some items to review. What is the process?
For reviews, you can contact us at gothicandamazing@gmail.com. Please note that the items cannot be returned.

I’m a designer, can I make a collaborate with G&A?

Yes, we can make a photoshoot collaboration, for more information contacts us at gothicandamazing@gmail.com.

I am a model/photographer/. How can G&A help me show my work?

You can make a submission on the website (on SUBMIT) or you can apply to be an official labeled G&A model or Photographer.

I want to be featured in G&A printed magazine, s it possible? 

Yes, sure you just have to make a submission on our website on Submit.

Remember that submissions are voted by the team and chosen by quality so submitting does not mean you will be featured.

I want to be on the cover of your magazine. How do you choose the featured artist?
We select the artists according to the quality of their work and style. Please do not send us cover requests as covers are usually planned for many months.