Here are some of the frequently asked questions, we will update this section regularly with new questions and their answers.

Who are you?
We are a group of open minded people from all over the world who appreciate gothic in every aspect. We are here to support the gothic community in any way we can.

Can I submit an article/review for your website?
Yes of course! Contact us at gothicandamazing@gmail.com.

I have a shop and would like to send you some items to review. What is the process?
For reviews you can contact us at gothicandamazing@gmail.com. Please note that the items cannot be returned.

I am a model/photographer/artist/music band/shop. How can G&A help me show my work?
We can help you promote your work on our Facebook page and/or website. For more info click here. If you are interested in an interview or if you are looking to submit material for our posts, please contact us via email or through the contact form.

Can you post my photos on Instagram?
Currently there is no such option available, we only re-post our photo uploads from Facebook. You are welcome to submit for our Facebook and Tumblr stream though.

I want to be on the cover of your magazine. How do you choose the featured artist?
We select the artists according to the quality of their work and style. Please do not send us cover requests as covers are usually planned many months ahead.