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Fantasmagoria Shop Review

By now all of you know the shop called Fantasmagoria, but if you don’t know this they are a small family business based in Lithuanian, led by women only the provide the best brands of Dark fashion worldwide.

Fantasmagoria leads with the best quality brands you can find, they have fast delivery (with tracking delivery ) and the big plus goes to the amazing team that is always there to answer your questions and help you to get exactly what you want.

They aim to be the number one Alternative Fashion shop but from our experience they already are … maybe because they belong to the alternative community and they dress what they sell that makes them the best advisors you could ever get.

This time we give them a huge challenge, as you may know, we broth to live the character called X-Harvy  (follow the “Tales of X-Harvy on our Magazine, a new tale in every issue) and we asked them to dress her up based on our description.

And we couldn’t be happier with the outfits they picked out, 1st the most amazing corset,(the Shibari Doll corset from Punk Rave) this Goth Fetish overbust corset in synthetic (vegan) leather, looks amazing on our X-Harvy 1st because her colors are red and black, 2sd because X-Harvy is famous for being a heart breaker and the corset itself is decorated with two hearts on the breasts. (Note this corset comes in a wide range of sizes but do ask for help while choosing the size because is not a typical Punk Rave size, plus you can also find it in the color black).

What more to say, not only this corset looks amazing but it’s also very comfortable and practical, the closes with a zip in the front but is very adjustable with straps in the back. This corset will be from now on the official X-Harvy outfit so you will definitely see more photoshoots with her wearing it. (this is how much we love this piece)

They matched this beautiful corset with a super sexy (Astarte Skirt by Punk Rave) its black faux leather (vegan) shiny mini skirt, a sexy Asymmetric hemline, and decorated with straps and metal buckles. 

Note that we have to send out a big thank you to the fortheflycustoms for the amazing choker they sent, which just made this outfit complete.

And the last outfit of this set of photoshoots, they sent us the (X-Matrix Geisha Dress by Punk Rave ) this dress brings us to a more  Industrial and Clubwear look, it’s shiny in soft jersey fabric, making it elastic and easy to fit your body type, it has synthetic leather details like the mandarin style collar with frog fastenings.  It also has an impressive cyber print and a keyhole on the chest. This is for sure a dress made to make you shine and stand out from the crowd.

Note: it does come in a wide range of sizes so you will for sure be able to get yours.

(again you will for sure use this dress in a different kind of photoshoot showing you how versatile it can be )

In the end, we are super happy with the results of working with Fantasmagoria and we do wish that this can be only the 1st project we make together. Stay tuned because one more project is already in mind.

And has we always say DARE TO BE UNIQUE ….

Model : X-Harvy

Photos: Apov.visualartist

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    May 12, 2021 at 1:06 pm

    These photos are beautiful! I love the outfit.

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