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Costume designs by Jolien-Rosanne

Fairytas is a place for dreamers. It’s a world created by costume designer Jolien-Rosanne.

About Jolien-Rosanne and Fairytas:

I started creating my own designs at a very young age. My biggest dream was to create exactly what was in my head.. or better.  My family have been and still are a tremendous support. They always encourage me to draw more, imagine more and they often took me to museums or fascinating places.

I’m an  Art Historian with a Bachelor Degree in the History in Costume. Those thousands of paintings I studied helped me to create a valuable image library for my designs.

Instead of studying old historical costume designs, I decided to become a costume designer myself, because I had the feeling that there was so much more I could tell with my own designs.

I think beauty is in the details, it doesn’t matter if those details are sleek lines or sequins or pearls in all kinds of fascinating patterns.

My goal is to make you to stop and stare for a minute. That one minute you become a visitor in my world, a world of fascinating items, beauty in darkness, tales of untold stories, a place of adventure. A place where dreaming is encouraged. Because those who dream, live.

You can contact me with for any costume piece: Dresses, accessories, wings, headpieces. I will be happy to let your costume dreams and wishes come true.

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